The Damned

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Coming home


When i had seen her with Rhys i wanted to rip him away from her. She looks beyond stunning. No vision I had conjured in my mind on the flight over here had done her justice.

Her dark navy gown is floor length. She has heels on underneath making her legs look longer. The gown hugs her thighs, ass and waist. Tight over her ample breasts that seem to have remained on the larger side since birth. The dress leaves her shoulders bare with material wrapping around her neck with a thick band and buttons at the back.

Her pale blonde hair is pulled from her face except the few strands giving more shape to her face. Up into a sleek tidy and neat bun. Her face is natural. Some mascara I see and a shiny gloss to her lips but her cheeks hold a blush that I know all too well is natural.

"I've been a fool again Emery and i don't know how you continue to forgive me. I thought I was doing right by you. Giving you a chance to learn to love me again. To earn your forgiveness for the unjust things I have done to you. Instead I have left you waiting to know how I feel." I say putting my forehead to hers feeling as though I have failed again.

She unsettles me. Makes me nervous. I have never failed yet and I continue too over and over with her. Not knowing what to do or how to make things right between us.

"Dimitri. It isn't just you. I am new to all this and yes you have done wrong. You have hurt me but I understand your reasons for finding Ali. I only wanted you to be happy and couldn't help but be bitter thinking it was with her." She says softly. "I don't expect either of us to be perfect but i think we need to work on communication." She chuckles her hands moving to my hips and I lean back putting both hands to her cheeks now. Shaking my head as I looked down at her.

"That i can do. But what I really want. No need to kiss you Emery. If you'll let me?"

"When have you ever asked permission before?" She smiles with a cheek to her that I find reassures the nerves in me.

I close the distance kissing her. Feeling her lips beneath mine finally feeling whole again. I kiss her lips branding her as mine. Letting the world of elite vampires know exactly who she belongs to. Exactly who I belong to. They don't need to know anything or understand but she is mine, as I am hers. Our tongues collide. Her hands move around my nape and she practically purrs as my hands move down to her ass. Hauling her body into mine so she can feel exactly what she does to me. Our mouths continue to collide and tongues dance. Her taste is so intoxicating. Her sweet smell suffocates me in every way I have missed.

"Dimitri." She gasps as our lips part. "We can't here but we could leave."

I want to. The caveman in me wants to throw her over my shoulder as I roar mine. I want to take her to the nearest hard surface and rip her dress. Throw her legs over my shoulders and take her. Consume her as she does me.

"We will leave." I say kissing her welcoming lips again. "But for now. Will you honor me with every single dance? Because you won't be dancing with another."

She smiles. "So possessive. Every dance is yours. Now and always."

Her hands stay around my neck, mine on her ass. We rock to the music and after some time of just looking into one another's eyes she lowers her head. She places it on my chest and I put mine against the side of hers.

"I love you Emery. I knew I did before you left. I wish I had told you then. I should have."

"I love you too Dimitri. Everything that has happened has led us to this point. The moment you hold me knowing I am yours. Always have been and will be. We have a beautiful future ahead of us."

She says it so sure. I understand because I feel it too. I feel it bone deep that every morning I'll wake up to this woman. Every night I'll sleep next to her. I'll kiss her lips like it is the first and last time every time. She will be my home as I am hers. I take her hands in mine and show my woman exactly what I have. Every seductive move I can make. Twirling her out and bringing her back against me. Her soft swollen breast against my hard chest. Lowering my mouth to just a breath away from hers before suddenly spinning her beneath my arm. Her back to my chest now. I lower my lips to her neck. She sighs heavily even as her breathing becomes more erratic. I know she is as turned on as I am now. That her body hums with need. But I put my needs aside and right now I want to woo her. Like I should have before. Though I will never regret kidnapping her. Twice. I will kidnap her a thousand more times if it means she is mine forever.

"Dimitri." His voice brings me from the trance of lust I was in. Emery is still safely within my arms and I remove my lips from her throat.


Is this where he becomes the protective father? I wronged him. I stole from him though she doesn't belong to him. I believed he had something to do with my past. I thought he was behind the councilmen plot. I believed many things because I lived a path of darkness of rage. Now I cannot see that life. Now all I see is the light. I see the future. For me, Emery, Mia and Junior. Even Riley. The sired shit who has everyone calling my son Rj.

"You've finally seen sense then?" He says almost smirking. It is the softest i have seen his face. Emery goes to speak but he holds up a hand. "Please. If i am anything it is an overbearing father. So imagine my disappointment whenever i was to visit … you." Not mentioning our children. Wise. He is so attentive with Mia and Junior. So protective that he wants them away from his life. For as long as possible. "I am no fool. I saw the way you looked at each other. The longing. As though living together was nothing. Being around each other constantly. Yet you longed for each other. Does this mean I can expect you to make an honest woman of my daughter?"

"Dad …" Emery gasps.

"Yes." I say and Emery's wide eyes turn on me. Looking large like a saucer. I smile, placing a large hand to her cheek. "You deserve that and more my love. For you I will give everything I have and more. I want to marry you. I want to have you in every sense of the word."

"Some things I do not need to hear." Cadence mumbles.

"Maybe a step at a time." She gives me a cheeky smile. All I can do is bite my lip hiding the menacing grin.

"Does that mean you need further convincing?"

"And this is where I leave. Emery I will see you next week." Cadence kisses Emery's cheek and puts a hand out to me. I take it and he gives me a slight nod. It isn't words but between men. A truce. Knowing that I have every intention of keeping her safe. Of being everything she needs and more.

"So what was that about convincing me?" She whispers into my ear seductively and I practically growl at the tightening in my groin.

Grabbing her wrist I pulled her along with me through the crowd. She is moving too slowly. Pushing my restraint. I lift her. An arm hooking beneath her knees. Holding her bridal style she chuckles throwing her hands around my shoulders. Pressing the button for the lift. It seems to take too long. Even longer as her soft swollen lips begin teasing the sensitive skin of my neck.

The lift finally arrived with a ding. I stride inside pressing the floor. I hope it is my own. Lowering her to the floor. I slam my fist against the emergency stop button.

"What are you doing?"

"The room is too far." I growl.

Taking her wrists in my hands I force them against the cold wall above her head. Possessing her lips with my own as she rocks her body forwards. Hoping for more. I use my free hand to roam over her body. To squeeze at her swollen breasts. Loving the new heaviness they hold since pregnancy. How her hips swell out further giving me something to grasp hard between my hands. Her perky ass is so soft beneath my rough touch.

"Dimitri please." She pleads.

"You wish is my command."

I lower myself tearing at the side of her dress. Making a large slit. Moving my hand from her ankle to thigh before I throw it over my shoulder. Ripping at the thin material hiding where I need her most. Throwing it to the floor. Knowing i will pick it up later not wanting anyone to see anything of hers. I hear her gasps of surprise. I know her shyness may make her want to ask me to stop. So I move quickly burying my face between her legs and moving my tongue against her sensitive nub, over her wet folds and swirling at her entrance.

"O my … Fuck." Such a sweet voice. Her hoarse curse egged me on. Her hand ripping at the strands of my hair between each of her dainty fingers.

I eat her like a starved man. Grazing my elongated teeth against her sensitive flesh making sure not to pierce her skin. When she comes against my tongue I lap everything she has up. She holds the rail in one hand barely standing on her other leg. I pick her up, wrapping both legs around me.

"Now i can make it to my room." I press the emergency stop again. The lift begins to move. Emery's head resting against my shoulder, her arms sagged over my shoulders. I feel great. Her orgasm took forever to end and I know her thigh over my shoulder trembled as she came. This is what I want.

This is how it will always be. I will give her pleasure until she cannot walk. Then I will carry her as she deserves. When the lift stops I hold her with ease walking to my room. Shifting her weight with one arm to get my key card out. Luckily before I arrived Riley had been in contact with her guards. One trusted with a scar on his face. He had smiled when I walked in. Been given the heads up that Emery would have all the protection she needs for tonight. Opening the door and closing it with my foot. I walk with her still sagged in my arms to my bedroom. Laying her down on the bed. I look at her. She is a goddess that i do not deserve but plan on making sure i do. I will be the best man I can be. She smiles warmly up at me. Her lips are so full her hair is messy and wild. Her eyes burned with desire for me.

"I love you." I say laying over her fully dressed. Unable to take another second without kissing her. WIthout consuming those beautiful lips again. Dragging her soft moans from her. Watching as her body arches into my touch. Her nipples harden for me. But I will take it slow. I will drag out the night. Making sure I have her completely. Giving her everything I can. Showing her exactly how much I mean my words.

"I love you Dimitri. Not for some bond that says we are made for one another. For you. The man you were. The man you are. The father you are. I love you."

Does she know how much her words hurt but in all ways i hadn't expected. All the right ways. When I take her. Much later. Our bodies naked and feeling almost as one. Our fingers are linked as our bodies come together. She kisses my chest or throws her head back calling out my name. I kiss her neck or lips. Whispering each time she calls my name. That i am here. That i always will be.

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