The Damned

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The Fairy Tale


For the next year Dimitri finds different ways to propose to me. I struggle each time to tell him not yet. Only because I love the effort he puts into the proposal and each time he steps it up another level. I finally caved when I walked into our living room to find Mia, Junior, Riley and Dimitri all standing with t-shirts. Spelling out, will you marry me. It hadn't been fancy like in an expensive restaurant. Or when a plane had flown over spelling it out. Or like when he had candles spelling it out on the lawn. But it had been cheesy almost and I loved it. Everyone I care about is in one room apart from my father.

Dimitri wanted a high society wedding. Surprising me even more. I on the other hand had convinced him two days later that it should just be us, the kids, Riley and my father. With around ten guards of course. It had been so intimate and everything I had never imagined. Yet everything I had truly wanted and more.

Mia and Junior have grown. Now around the height and weight of a six year old human. The growth seems to be slowing which I am so glad about. Appreciating every moment. They also have the ability to walk in daylight. Riley who is still injected with my blood daily has a high tolerance to sunlight. Dimitri can spend some time but not as much. Him drinking from me every night as we make love gives him some.

Me, Mia and Junior have been playing on the large playset in the garden since late evening. We try to sleep most of the day but enjoy the evening light in summer. It keeps us to the same routine as others.

The large wooden pirate ship. A slide either end with fake cannons. Fake because I had to convince Dimitri it did not need real ones. Of course not loaded but he had been searching for actual pirate ships to dump in our garden. Only the best for his kids he said. I smile as Mia pushes Junior just before going down the slide head first and on her stomach. Junior with a huff and a shout follows quickly behind landing on top of her. Luckily the soft durable mat at the bottom protects the brutes. Add vampiric speed to what should be a year and three month olds. Instead genius weight and height of six year olds.

My hairs on the back of my neck stand up. The wind drifts in. Shaking the light bulb fairy lights hovering all over the pirate ship.

"Mia. Junior. To me." I demand. They hear it, look at each other and look at me in confusion. "Now."

Their eyes go wide before they come round to me. I put my arms around both of them and walk backwards. When the smell becomes stronger and I feel his eyes on me. Just before he comes past the tree line.

"Kids. Run inside. Find Riley and do not come out." I hate it. I feel the anxiety rolling off of them. I know they can feel how tense I am even as I fake a smile. "Go. Now."

So they do and when they run he comes speeding out of the trees. Not today Dustin. You can bully me but my children. You'll die.

I throw a ball of light that lands in front of him. He only just manages to dodge. Bringing him to a stop and i know by now the kids have safely made it inside.

"So special aren't you Emery." He saunters a step when I form another ball halting his movements. "You took everything from me. My father the minute he brought you home. Then my title. Then my mate."

"Your mate was scum she deserved to die." When Riley had admitted to getting rid of Ali on a permanent basis. I had looked to Dimitri expecting some form of hurt. He had spent so long with her. So long then looking for her and ready to avenge her. Nothing. He had been blank and then said Riley had done the right thing. "You are also scum but I am willing to give you the opportunity to live. For our fathers sake."

"He isn't my father. Not anymore. Neither are you a vampire."

"I'm more of a vampire then you'll ever be." I smirk at him. I really am. I will never doubt myself. Not when I have the strength of a husband like Dimitri. Not physically but mentally. He gives me every bit of confidence I could ever need and more.

"What are you?"

"Is this where I beg or plead Dustin? Because I think you will find that Emery died long ago. In fact she was gone the minute i found Dimitri."

"Your a fucking bitch."

"Name calling. I am so glad you have a way with words still. Your isolation hasn't lessened your shitty attitude. I must say i wonder if you have small man syndrome. Obviously your height is fine." Narrowing my eyes at his lower region. He snarls. His fangs become more visible. His nostrils flare.

A few years ago maybe not even two. I never would have imagined speaking to him like this. Now I am biding my time and waiting for his next move. Ready to take mine. Fueling myself up for what won't be a fight. It will be an execution. Swift, quick and precise.

"What are you?"

"Get on with it Dustin. Why did you come here?"

"I came here to end you. Imagine my surprise when I saw two small people who look almost the perfect in between of you and Dimitri." He smirks now. "I wonder. I've never managed to best you. Never managed to taste your blood but those …"

"You'll die before you make it ten feet."

"So sure? You don't think over the years I haven't done my research. You were never a human. So father managed to find someone to have a child with. Your abilities would make me believe something. Not another vampire."

"So smart Dimitri it only took you years to work it all out."

"You've become a smug bitch. Whatever happened to the weak princess?"

"She is long gone but i welcome you to test the new and improved version." I fake smiled at him to send the comment home.

"I think i'd rather test one of those kids."

Enough talk. He takes another step and that is it for me. Not only does my hand light up but every cell in my body does as I run towards him. I tackle him to the floor with ease. Moving at a speed. He has to block his eyes as the light that isn't coming from me but is me. Comes towards him straddling his middle and putting my hands to his face.

"Ahhh." His screams of agony do not bring me joy. Nor do they make me recoil. To regret the decision I am about to kill him.

"You thought you could come and threaten my family. I will never fear you Dustin. I actually never did. I just feared the fact you'd manage to taste me and die at your hands so I couldn't think of anything worse." I lean forwards as the smell of his torched skin. His hands melted away beneath mine now. My hands make contact with the skin of his face. "Now you'll die at my hands."

I push forwards and feel the pop. I feel the wet mess beneath my hands. I don't look but nor do I look away. All I see is the brightness. Protecting me from the memory that would try to torment me. Protecting me as it has always been ready to do. I just needed to find someone worth protecting to find it.

Standing up I wiped my hands on his torso. The blood and tissue is mostly removed. I stand up walking towards the house. A smile on my lips of knowing it's over. That Dustin can never touch me again. Ali can never come back to haunt us.

I breathe out. I feel myself calm and my light retreating back to inside of me. Riley stands at the doorway.

"You saw?"

"I did but as you have always intended. If the kids came running I stayed with them. Are you ok?" He looks at me with a worried expression.

"I am."

It's early hours of the morning. The kids are playing in the ensuite bath when Dimitri strides into our bedroom. He grabs me almost aggressively and checks me over from head to toe.

"Baby i am fine. He didn't touch me."

"I should have been here."

"You cannot be with us all the time. The kids were with Riley and he did exactly as I asked. He protected them."

"Leaving you unprotected."

I smile putting my hands on either side of his face.

"If I needed protection I would completely understand but I don't. I met you and found a strength I hadn't known about."

"I promised I would never let anything …"

"Dimitri, I swear to god if you act like I need some protecting when we both know who is the badass in this relationship." I take a step back trying to force my lips to stay in a flat line. Placing my hands on my hips and giving him the eye.

He wipes his hand down his face in frustration before shaking his head and smiling.

"My badass wife now?"

"Your badass wife always."

He picks me up kissing my lips and then all over my face. I am laughing when Mia shouts from the ensuite.


"Yep." Junior replied with a popping p at the end.

Dimitri chuckles kicking off his shoes and rolling up his sleeves. He sticks his arms out upfront and starts making drawn out scary zombie noises.

"I'm going to eat your brains." He says trying to scare the kids. Earning a chuckle from Junior and an all to serious response from Mia.

"Daddy. Vampire, fairy, and zombies are weak and ugly."

I laugh leaning against the doorway. After playing he washes their hair and helps them dry it after they are finished. Watching him with our children I smile and once they are in bed I turn to my husband with a seductive glint.

"I want another one."

"You're ready?" His head snaps to me as he speaks.

Dimitri has been ready to try for another from the minute we had these. I wasn't so instead we've been using condoms. We may be supernatural but some barriers seem to work for even his super sperm.

"Yeah I am ready."


Thank you for reading. I wanted to end it with the fact both Dustin and Ali will not be playing a part ever again. But it was still time to bring it to an end. No more rubbish for Dimitri and Emery. It is happy ever after.

Again thank you for reading and I really appreciate all the comments. Filza, Marilynhobson, Meryl Rain, honeytoastbunny and Daisy (desireevank… I loved your productive input, won't say criticism because you put it too kindly to be that.) You're all amazing and everyone else thank you.

I'm terrible for writing more than one book at once and have over ten chapters of another, so watch this space. The next is not supernatural. Back to what I am used to for this one.

Much love.



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