The Damned

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"I will obey your rules pixie. I will only kiss you until you ask for more. But I do not play fair in things I want." I lean almost speaking against her lips and though her eyes are wanting to close in anticipation she looks at me.  "I already know that, I am your captive after all."  With that I close the last gap between us. My lips meeting hers. If I thought the build up might have led to disappointment I was wrong. Her small hands snaking round my shoulders and into the hair at the back of my head. Our lips opened in unison, unable to wait another moment to taste one another and by god when her tongue met mine halfway demanding and gliding against my own. I swallowed the moan from her. Her taste was sweeter than I imagined it could be. My eyes fall closed even as I want to force then open. Afraid if i don't watch her she'll simply disappear.  _ Emery is taken for a revenge against her family. A vampire with a dark secret and faith in her father. A man betrayed by her family and torn between feelings of guilt and emotions he doesn't understand. What happens when the sky turns red and moves forward his revenge? Does anyone come out of this unscathed?

Fantasy / Erotica
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If I Could Just See You


"Father i don't understand…" I say politely, biting my tongue at the impolite words that want to fall from between my lips.

"Emery you are my daughter. You are more so than even Dustin who I sired over a hundred years ago." Cadence responded with his authority held voice. "The next few evenings you understand are important. Last week's events have set in motion things that you are not involved in, yet having you at my side. Showing how our royal family holds themselves is important."

I nod in agreement. Cadence has been a vampire for over 300 years. They can reproduce, some of them. It's as though only some are blessed with the ability and for two a male vamp and female to find each other and be able to is rare. So siring by producing a vampire from a human is usually the way they continue their legacy. Not my sire, father. He found another way. It only worked once, me.

"Lovely I will enter first and Dustin will bring you along in a moment." He says kissing my cheek. I hold steady accepting his affection.

He walks out of the hotel suite's living room. Large with sofas symmetrical and perfectly placed to match the room. A glass coffee table elegantly glimmering reflecting the lights from the hanging chandelier. I don't have to wait long and when the hairs on my arms stand up before I can even hear him. I know Dustin is in the room looking at me, looming over me as he does.

Dustin like father has black hair though his eyes match his hair in a deep black hole full of nothing but evil. Father's are a warm brown that show his affection towards me even when I know what I am to him. A weapon. A daughter not to live but be kept. Dustin slightly taller than father at 6 foot he uses every inch of that height to intimidate. Broad and thick with strong shoulders and an extra bit of weight around his gut.

"Dear sister aren't you a sight to behold." His voice was almost too high pitched for a man of his size. The only similarity between me and Dustin is our pale ivory skin. "Navy has always been your colour. Every inch of the gown fits as though I could see what it holds beneath." He doesn't mean to compliment me. He wants to stir the feeling of anticipation of his next move.

He wants me to fidget mostly, he likes me to beg. Beg him to stop or leave me alone, he enjoys that more than even the torture he has done. I fight him and he likes it but eventually when I grow tired. Not physically but mentally of battling him that is when he enjoys it most. He moves close. His breath comes down against my bare shoulder and I can feel the coolness from his hand that doesn't touch me but hovers around the roundness of my backside.

"Father is waiting." I turn and tilt my chin to look up the distance between us. Even with heels many inches seperate my head from his.

He responds by putting his arm out and I reluctantly but of course as trained slip my much smaller slender arms through. He pulls my elbow into him and puts his other hand over mine. Squeezing that little bit too hard. Enjoying when he feels the light pop of a finger. A usual sensation that I still cannot get used to. I heal of course as any vampire would. Dustin is most annoyed at the secrecy behind me. He hates that father does not trust him enough to know. One day bringing me home to our London gated property with security that watches my every move. To protect me? Or hold me against my will? Even after ten years I have not decided which.

We arrive at the function room after a silent walk down the corridor and elevator. Two large vampires even taller and broader than Dustin open the double doors.

Walking into the room a large table fit for fifty people is in the centre. I get a smell of something musky, woody almost. Like fresh grass after a long rain in the woods. My eyes roam the room whilst I hold a polite smile on my lips. I have done this so many times before that it should be easy. But last week's events have set panic throughout vampires. These meetings are usually less formal. More drinking and orgy parties afterwards. Not that of course i would be allowed to join the after party. I can only assume father is overprotective of my young age. Or saving me as a prize gift for someone.

I see many faces that I already know who they are. My studies are vast and vampire society is not so different from humans. There is a hierarchy Royals standing firmly at the top, council just below that, regent clan holders are next being those who have a large clan and area. Rangers I never understand being so close to the bottom. The assassins of vampires used by all above them. They become our security including my own two guards. Those here now and used by the council and their family. Workforce is really our army, those afraid to be rogues and beyond even a level in our society so they join the workforce. They do the scut work everyone in this room is far too proud to be seen doing.

I meet his eyes and instantly I feel my body's reaction, even as Dustin leads me towards the top. He stands gripping his chair with large thick calloused fingers. As though those hands have seen some work. His face and hands are bronze, his eyes a green that would remind me of a freshly cut Christmas tree. His height would intimidate even Dustin at six foot six. The span of his shoulders seem to go on forever as well as his chest hidden beneath his white dress shirt being pulled tight. Thighs and hips so wide I could dig my pointed nails into them and not even touch the sides. Blinking rapidly at the shocking thought, I turned away from those green endless eyes. His hair was brown longer than is fashionable and almost giving off the persona he didn't make much of an effort. Yet from the stern chin and wide masculine jaw I imagine he didn't care what others thought.

"Your seat dear sister." Dustin's voice and expensive wine breath close to my cheek take me from my thoughts of the mystery man again.

With a smile he holds out my chair and I politely incline my head as I take a seat. He pushes the chair into the back of my knees roughly knowing I'll catch myself and never make a scene. The sharp knock would have knocked me back into the chair if I had not been prepared. Once seated he moves and takes the place on the other side of our father. Seated at the head of the table. Everyone else now sits down. Including the delicious mystery man making me cross my legs below the table to stop the hum that seems to have come to life between them.

"As we all know the function will happen in two days. This and tomorrow's meeting is so that we can all have things in order beforehand." Father says standing and speaking to mostly the gentlemen in the room but the few female vampires that have a stand. Hold their backs straight and focus on his strong voice. "I know the panic that has been spread because of the bleeding sky. More rogues have been killed in the week that has followed then any other time. The workforce and rangers have been working tirelessly around the clock. Council women Eloise has been handling the cities and surrounding areas wolves."

She stands giving me a slightly wide smile before speaking. "They obviously had cause for concern. Many vampires took the sky raining red as a blessing from the angels to our kind. The humans wiped throughout the world has been a tragedy explained with a virus they cannot understand as of yet. The wolves are not so easily convinced. They wanted action and with each vampire killed we have given them that. They have come around and seem to be enjoying themselves as we hunt our own kind."

She continues the speech for a few minutes more but my eyes keep drifting to the mystery man. Each time ours connect it's like a punch low to my belly. If i was to believe that every species has a soulmate, mate, other half… Whatever they are called. I would say this instant awareness was that. Luckily I don't believe in such things for a creature such as me. How can i? I wasn't born in a sense nor was I sired in another. A creation. A weapon. A toy. I am many things but still cannot help watching him. Wanting him in a way my head does not understand but my body does.


I sit alone. No sired vampires next to me, though I have one, I won't have these people know every detail of my life. Especially not those sat at the head of the table. I have waited nearly a hundred years to extract my revenge for what Cadence king of England in the vampire world and his sired son Dustin did to me. I had plans but was patient with them. All until the red sky. Everything has had to be pushed forwards. He is no longer just a risk to me but to many others and they just are not aware of it. Did I expect the reaction of my groin hardening to a painful ache in my trousers? Having to almost brake the chair in my large hands to hold back from moving around the room and grabbing her? No. I had seen a photo. Distant as it was and even then a gut punch of lust hit me but now. The vanilla scent mixed with honey from her arousal. That damn well had better been for me.

Why was she causing such a stir within me? One I've never experienced before? Not even with Ali who was my mate. The fuel of jealousy, arousal and anger. At her for making me want her in a way I shouldn't. In making me betray the women I loved before her eyes had even connected with mine. The plan was to destroy them in a way they did me but looking at Emery and her innocent beauty, makes me doubt my choices. But I'll stay firm, I'll avenge my Ali at any cost. Including hers.

She is tiny, at five foot two. A small waist that my arms could wrap around and some. Her ass is round and the gown is not hiding the plumpness of that nor her handful of breasts. Her golden white hair flowing with curls making her look like a mermaid. Her pale skin looks smoother than silk making my hands itch to run across the bare shoulders and pointed collarbone. A small slender neck leading towards her heart shaped face with a small button nose covered in tiny specs of light brown freckles. Her eyes with a thick amount of lashes that are a dark brown. The colour could make a man lose himself in them. Such a pale blue they are closer to gray. Her lips are deliciously round missing the usual cupids bow so full and plump, dark pink in colour. She looks more fairy than vampire. The idea of her seeming intimidating is laughable. She looks more as though she needs protecting.

I saw the way Dustin pushed the chair in. I noticed how his forearms tensed up to do so with force in a way that made me want to growl. A protective instinct taking over me in a way I've only ever felt towards Ali and my sired vampire Riley.

Cadence has done well to hide Emery from the world and seeing her now for the first time. Entering back into society now for the first time in nearly a hundred years i can see why he hides her. The eyes of hungry vampires roam over her delicate form. Only fueling the desire for her running through my veins like molten lava. A bitterness that follows it keeping the anger towards her and her family simmering at the surface of me.

The speeches and meals drag on. Drinks flowing as freely. Difficult for us to get drunk but possible when enough is drank. I don't as I am here with a purpose and on the night of the ball I will commit to it. I will take from them what they took from me. Something precious. Unreplaceable. Though nothing can be found on Emery other than her arrival and appearance in the English royal family as of ten years ago. I already can tell Cadence adores her. She is his pride and joy. Dustin is jealous, enraged and probably infatuated with the beauty as most of us in the room are.

She moves around the room with elegance and poise staying close to her fathers side. The ache in my groin has turned into a full throb now as her hips sway slightly with each step. Her eyes meeting mine threw the thong of people occasionally as her cheeks grow a shade pinker before she looks away. Time to meet the little pixie.

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