The Damned

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A Real Introduction


Nodding at another one of my father's friends I find these situations of very little interest to me but I know my duty. I keep looking around the room for the mysterious man and whenever I spot him pure hot lust hits me again in a shocking wave. Yet I cannot stop myself from looking.

"King Cadence, I don't believe I have formally met your newest child." His voice is like velvet washing over my skin but so deep dark and musky all at once. It holds a tone that my brain screams danger even as my body hums with delight, that his voice is as manly as his physique and looks.

Father turns taking me with him and finally within close quarters of the man that I've felt drawn to from the moment I entered the room. I can feel a fire burning inside of me from the tips of my toes to the ends of my long hair. It curls at my stomach making it feel as though butterflies are about to take flight and preparing their wings. I look up at the foot between us and having been around Dustin for so long, the height should feel intimidating yet with this man it feels. What Emery? You don't even know him…

"Dimitri it has been a long time." The way my father speaks isn't in his usual manner. Hard without hesitation or doubt, this is different. Even as i feel him pull my elbow slightly closer to him, or do i imagine that protective instinct from him because of this man? I look up between them both before sinking back into the green eyes that will haunt my every dream. "Emery this is Dimitri Julious. He holds a regent in northern Wales though he doesn't welcome many there he does take care of a few clans that like to stay within the mountains."

"Pleased to meet you Mr Julious." I rolled his surname off my tongue almost tasting it. His eyes bore into mine, his lips staying in a firm line. The thick overgrown hair on his cheeks, chin and upper lip give him an almost unkempt look. Yet I can still smell the clean musky woody scent of him.

"Please call me Dimitri. How have you been kept so well hidden Emery?"


Father interrupts my response that I was too quick to want to freely give. "It still remains rude to ask a woman her age and them details even to us Dimitri. If you'll…." Father goes to shut him down and tear me away but Dimitri, the very intriguing man he is, seems to have other ideas.

"I would be honoured if you would allow me to take your beautiful daughter here for her first dance of the evening? I assume you wouldn't deny me of that?" His tone is colder now and laced with something more sinister.

Turning and looking up to meet my father's gaze, my eyes almost pleading even though my brain tries to remain rational. He is tense and the tightening of his jaw indicates that these two have history, not the good type. He seems to try to think of a reasonable excuse to deny him the courtesy even after a polite introduction.

"Of course. It would be good for her to get a moment away from these conversations I am sure bore her." Even as my father speaks his tone holds a slight bitterness to it. Turning and looking down at me with a warm smile that doesn't meet his eyes. His head lowers towards mine, his skin a slightly darker tone and the small faint lines around his eyes from aging before he became a vampire are apparent. "Be careful."

His lips barely finish touching my cheek when a large calloused palm takes my other elbow. Long thick fingers wrap around my much slender arm and Dimitri is moving me away from him. Walking with purpose and almost pulling me with him, I have to almost skip in my small but pencil thin heels. Once reaching the edge of the small area designed for dancers he lets go of my elbow and rather than take my hand. As any decent well bred would he moves behind me taking my waist either side.

"Ooh." I squeak in shock as he steps forward and his front makes contact with my back. My bottom against his thigh. Something harder than the wall of his chest and abs against my back.

Instantly my breathing quickens and my body feels heavier, as do my breasts and between my legs becomes more damp than before. An awareness of him being so close. So different from what I am used to. Not that i have much experience even the few balls we attend each month i dance but with older gentlemen in vampire years i am practically just out the suckling stage still unable to run.

"Don't worry pixie i am just moving us through the crowd safely." His breath mint and chocolate from the desert feathers over my face. His beard grazed against my ear. Is that why a shiver ran down my spine or because of him being so close?

True to his word he moves me forwards. My body is not fighting being guided by him. With each step forward he took I obeyed moving my own feet even as the humming of need was deafening in my ears. Overpowering any noise of the low music.

"You called me pixie?" I say when finally we are between all the dancers and he turns me. One hand remaining on my hip as the other takes my small, slender pale hand in his. I cannot help but look at it for a moment. Chalk and cheese does not describe our differences. When I finally look away from how his hand engulfs mine as though it isn't even there. I crane my neck back to look up into his handsome face to find him staring at me. His green seems darker and though I feel his body's reaction to me. Even now against my stomach something in his eyes is off?

"You remind me almost of a fairy I once met. You would be better suited to those do you not think? Delicate in frame, hair almost mermaid. Your height and weight, light enough for the thin concealed wings of a fairy to carry." He speaks and his voice has an effect on me. I cannot answer any questions that pop into my head. What is going on? Why do I feel so drawn to him? So safe as though he was made to protect me? As though I was made to be his?

"Mr Julious my name is Emery Smith as you well know."

"Si as i do but forgive me until you call me by my name don't expect me to call you yours."

The nerve of him. Even as my body continues to flush all over, the heat rising with each steady perfected step he takes to the music moving me around as though a puppet to his tune.

"So your italian?"

"Once upon a time though now the language is something I don't use, si is a habit I never seemed to grow out of." He leans forward with a smile that is more menacing than happy. "Why pixie does my Italian accent have as much of an effect on you as just the sight of me does?"

I threw my head away from him in shock, mostly because of how easily he caught on to me. How he has read me like an open book when no one has ever before. I pride myself on being able to hide a reaction, feeling or behaviour from people. This man i have only just been introduced to has already worked out more in such a short time than Dustin or my father Cadence.

"Mr Julious…."

"Dimitri. Say it pixie. You will be soon anyway, screaming it into the air even." He speaks low enough for only me to hear but it's almost a growl as he does. A command in which my body so eagerly obeys a reaction too.

"Are you always so forward?"

"Do you always deflect questions rather than answer. No matter your body and smell tells me everything I need to know."

"For example?" I quirk a brow challenging him. I don't challenge those of authority often. What am I thinking? I am a royal, he is a regent, he has no authority over me.

"Your cheeks have turned a shade darker each time you have looked at me. Your pupils dilate with your arousal. Your nipples have been pressing into my ribs since I put you into my arms. That and the fact I can smell your needy ...."

"Dimitri." I said sharply holting his next words that I already knew were coming.

"Fine, i will hold my tongue. For the moment. So tell me Emery how old are you?" He still smiles that menacing look at me as his eyes move slowly from mine to my lips. I on instinct dart my tongue out to moisten the suddenly dry feeling of them. His pupils dilated and gone is Christmas green to a deeper colour. "I wouldn't do that unless you are prepared for what i would then do." His hand on my waist moves to run across my lower lip and my breath catches in my lungs. Luckily we do not require oxygen to survive but breath more on instinct, because I would die. This man's large thumb tracing my lip and slightly moving within my open o shaped mouth before moving back to my waist. To others they may have just seen a quick movement of his hand. For me time just slowed down as if the world had suddenly become still. "So your age?"

"I have been in the London home for ten years now." That is true.

"And you were turned at what age?"

"18." To the day. I had watched my appearance over the years. The subtle changes to my body as i became more femine growing curves that made me more rounded in certain areas. As though i was jolted awake on my 18th birthday i remember sitting up breathing heavy and already knowing i would never change again. Within a week Cadence finally took me on as his official daughter and brought me to our home, introduced me as his daughter and a part of his royal line. That is when my life changed when I had to hold back but also protect myself against Dustin.

"That makes sense to not a line on your face. Your complexion could be compared to perfect. So tell me pixie where were you from before you were turned?"

I have been asked this question before but usually my brain works better. A response comes easier but with his body so close. The hand at my waist now sliding up and down my spine in a manner that would make us appear a lot better acquainted than we are. My eyes feel heavy and I want to lean against him and wrap my legs around him all at the same time.

"So confused and turned on aren't you pixie. The feeling is mutual, you stir a reaction …." He seems to catch himself as he speaks. "We are obviously very attracted to one another."

"As are many people. Say him for example, handsome, tall, well built." I say turning my head and let my eyes meet a half decent man. Probably turned in his late twenties he is handsome enough. Not as tall or broad as Dimitri but i am only five foot two so most people tower over me.

"Have none of your previous lovers taught you not to taunt a man on the edge." He growls between gritted teeth. I turn and look up at him once more, confused, a deep ridge forming between my brows. "Don't act naive pixie. I already want to fuck you the act is unneccessary."

He wants to fuck me felt obvious but then did men not become hard over simple things usually? I cannot imagine that Dimitri is not a man of the world. He would be experienced in everything including women so maybe his reaction to me is strong for what he is used to. Why does that bring such a possessive joy to me? A new throbbing ache to where I've eased many times before but this time I know nothing I can do will relieve it. How many songs have we even danced to? It's like time becomes nonexistent whilst this man's raw need presses against me. Whilst the same need flows heavily through my body landing at the apex between my legs.

"One of your many bodyguards is coming to take you away from me pixie. Answer me this before they do. Do you taste sweet?" He leans so close to my ear, it still sounds such a whisper but his words. So dirty and raw send a quiver through me that makes my knee weaken and his hand splay on my back to hold me even tighter against him. Only causing my nipples to get the friction they have been begging for.

"Dear sister, I believe it is time for us to dance. You have already had an indecent amount of songs with Dimitri isn't it?" Dustin's high pitched voice grates through me like I've rubbed my hand on a cheese grater. Dimitri's body immediately tenses before just as quickly he has stepped back and removed himself from me. My body cries for him to be close again. To hold me and whisper dirty words that are so obscene I wouldn't have even imagined someone saying them.

It's like Dimitri is looking through me and Dustin now, shielding himself from a reaction of some sort. A blank canvas as he politely inclines his head to me before taking long strides to get away. Dustin takes no time in taking my hand in his usual to hard manner. The one on my back sitting dangerously close to the top of my round ass.

"What was that about? Do you know Mr Julious?" I ask as we begin to move and Dustin has his usual grin for appearances only. I know his true evil.

"We've crossed paths before. Nothing to concern your pretty head over. Though tell me why is it the way you looked at him you've never looked at me?"

Because you're a sick bastard I want to scream. Because you are sired by the man whose DNA runs through my veins and also yours. Of course I bite my tongue as usual and don't cause a scene.

"Dustin you are my brother."

"Yes you've said this before but i know we are not the same. Why not prove me wrong and let me have a little taste."

His words make me want to gag. To re taste the dinner and each course with a bile from my stomach as they revisit. He means taste me in two senses. He has tried to bite me numerous times and I always win, until I beg him to stop and go away. The guards intended to protect me and did nothing. Father is away whenever these incidents occur so i have nowhere to run or hide. Believe me i have tried.

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