The Damned

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Dustin stepping in reminded me of exactly who she is. I had almost forgotten. Forgotten everything, including the fact that she is a ploy in a plot I will be fulfilling soon. She distracted me so well being in my arms. Stirring feelings I have no right or reason to feel. I watch her reaction as I dance with other partners. Each female vamp willing and wanting to join my bed tonight. I watch as Emery's eyes search me out in the crowd and she tries to hide her reaction. She does well, i'll give her that but if you watch closely enough for the tenth of a second she reacts. Jealousy surging through her like a flame on gasoline. Does my body even stir to life as I flirt and dance with these women? No, not even a slight throb of want but i will do this. I will prove a point to myself more than her.

Some point during the night she slips away and is gone. Dustin remains sat obviously drunk at a table of four vampires. Each woman flutters their eyelashes hoping to gain the attention of the English prince. Wanting to be the one to snag him. Not knowing how unlucky they would be to get it. Cadence still entertains the councilmen. The ones loyal to him of course. The others he dismisses almost as quickly as he would anyone from another class.

Slipping out I made sure I had booked a suite only a door down from theirs. I see the two guards who I have seen standing on the edge of the room all night. So they are her personal guards. Taking note of their appearances I slip into my room and walk out onto the balcony. Readying myself to climb over the rail and to the other side of the wall that keeps us apart. Stopping when I hear her heavy sigh.

"Can't sleep pixie." I say and as a few seconds pass I find myself leaning over the balcony hoping for a look at her. Needing to curb the interest I have in her.

"Why are you not entertaining one of the women you were dancing with?"

"Is that a hint of jealousy I hear in your voice pixie. Don't worry i have no interest in entertaining other women when i already have one so very interested in me." It's true I have no interest just as it is true she is interested in me. I wait for her denial but it doesn't come. "You do not like Dustin?"

Why am I asking her this? Why do I care? She is guilty by association. She is a part of that family. The way for me to extract revenge and also keep people safe.

"What made you think that?"

"The way you almost cringe at his voice. Is he always so…" Horrid? Torturous? Even though I've only seen the way he led her into the room and helped her sit down. The way he held her on the dance floor and could barely take his eyes off of her. "Is he kind to you? He calls you dear sister."

She scoffs. "Who is naive now? Sentimental words do not always hold true to what someones true intentions are. Dustin is my brother. Sired by my father for that I respect him as I should."

Why do I not believe it then? Why do I care? I don't, I remind myself.

"The dutiful princess. Tell me pixie did you leave early because you were jealous?"

"Are all forward men as arrogant as you?"

"Only those with massive dicks." I joke and grin as I speak. I know she is smiling. It's like I can still feel her. She is so close with just the thin wall between us, one i could knock down with one punch or kick. "Detearing from answering the question again pixie. Anyone would think you were afraid to admit the truth."

"I left because i was bored. I usually am though so I don't know why it is new. I should be used to being bored by now."

"O poor little pixie does the king not buy you enough toys? Enough new gowns for the parties you'll meet your lovers at." I grind out sarcastically feeling that pull of possessiveness again. Hating it all the more.

She laughs. A full belly laugh, I am confused even as my ears pricked with interest.

"My lovers and gowns are exquisite and to answer your earlier question Mr Julious I taste beyond sweet as I've been told. Goodnight now."

She really thinks she can say that and get away from me? As though I'll accept her speaking about a past lover in my presence without wiping their existence from her mind. I hear her quiet feet pat against the floor and I am immediately vaulting over the railing and swinging round before landing firmly on her side of the balcony.

"What are you doing? Are you out of your mind? My guards are just outside that door and father could be back any moment…."

I move towards her as she speaks even as she backs up and her back hits the far wall. I crowd her space. Looking down the foot and some between us. How anyone from behind wouldn't even see her, completely covered by me with how dainty she is. Ali had been tall and slender with black sleek hair, bronzed skin like my own, brown eyes and legs that were endless. This little pixie couldn't be further from her yet I cannot deny the attraction. The urge to possess her and fill her. To fuck her right now against this wall and hope Cadence walks in watching me take her. I wouldn't stop. No, I would bang in harder. Burying myself in the sweet, tight silken centre I know that awaits. Wanting him to see me take her. Claim her as mine with each thrust that would knock her into the wall and make her scream my name for all to hear.

"Well you'll have to be quiet then or they'll become suspicious." I lean forward intending to kiss her. Claim her but she moves her head to the side only allowing me her cheek. I growl as my lips meet it. The silky smooth texture of her perfect complexion.

"What is it between you and my family?" Even as she speaks her breathing is rapid. Her chest rising and falling in quick short bursts. Her nipples grazed against me and only hardened further beneath her dress.

"That isn't what you want to ask is it pixie? You want to ask how I'd take you? If I would be better than anyone you've had before. I can promise you this I would. I'd fuck you hear against this wall and make you scream until your guards thought I was hurting you. When they'd burst through that door I wouldn't stop though. I'd continue to fuck you to within an inch of your life and you would enjoy every second of it wouldn't you?"

I hover above her mouth now. So desperate to taste those delicious plump lips. Dying to feel them against mine to taste her to feel that smooth tongue glide against me. With how her body reacts and her eyes become heavy wanting to close. The way she slightly shifts I know she is burning for me. She wants this as desperately as I do.

Just as I am about to finally put us both out of our misery pressing my body firmly to hers as I lift her with two large hands on that round firm ass. Hiking her dress up giving her access to bring one leg out and wrap around me. I have never felt such burning desire. Such need to have someone. This is dangerous and the moment of hesitation is something I'll regret because my ears pick up the faint sound of someone coming. Heavy footsteps followed by two more in perfect unison. Either Dustin or Cadence is coming with guards following them.

"To be continued pixie." I say heavily hating as I let her back down to her feet and move to the balcony. Just before swinging back over to my side I see she is still standing leaning against the wall. Hands braced either side of her waist as she tried to calm herself down.

She won't be able to just as even as I stroke myself into oblivion at the thought of her it won't be enough. Nothing will. Not until I have her. Work this frustration away as I claim my revenge. As I take from them a degree of what they took from me.


What the hell was that? As he lifted me from the ground grasping my buttocks as though he had the right. As though picking me up and putting his thick arousal to mine was right. It felt damn right. It shouldn't have and nor should I have reacted by freeing my leg from my dress as though it's only true freedom was wrapped around him. Bringing him closer so I could grind against him and feel wanton. Be dirty like he makes me feel. I sag against the wall when the door opens and Dustin strides inside. Stumbling slightly as he does. My back immediately straightened. My eyes darted from him to the door to my room which has a lock. One I will always use. Though he breaks through them when he wants to.

"O look who is waiting for me to arrive back." His eyes roam over me. Sickening feeling stirs back in my stomach. Gone are the butterflies replaced now with the survival instincts I have become so used to. Glancing towards the balcony door praying Dimitri cannot hear Dustin's slurred words and the ones I know will follow. "Is this it Emery? Are you finally giving in to me?"

"Dustin you are drunk." Not that I am surprised but I can etleast act on it. "I'm going to bed now which is why I came up here. You should get some rest, we have another two days of functions."

I stand away from the wall and try to make a quick yet not to quick steps towards my bedroom. He enjoys the hunt. He enjoys thinking I am praying which I am not and time and time again I have shown him but one thing I'll give the sick bastard. He is persistent.

"O come on Emery I will even make it good for you. I'll be gentle as we both know this will be the fir…."

I keep moving but interrupt his speech. Feeling slightly embarrassed at the idea Dimitri could hear any of this. Lord knows why I should even care but for some reason I do.

"Good night Dustin, please let me sleep." I say opening my door. Why hadn't I gone straight to bed? Silly because the answer has a lot to do with the man who had swung himself onto my balcony with ease and poise you'd never expect him capable of, being the size and build he is.

Nearly safe closing the door with my fingers already at the lock Dustin surges towards the other size with force. Throwing me back from the door with a sharp pain to my shoulder. I don't react to it and ready myself for what has become all too familiar. The battle before defeat.

"Don't look at me with those doe eyes Emery. You knew I'd come up here after you. You stayed awake hoping so. Parading around in that navy dress all night. Your shoulders out and neck so deliciously on show for me."

"Dustin you know that isn't true so stop deluding yourself. You're drunk, as usual I'll forgive you for this for the sake of being siblings but father will be…"

"Cadence is too busy trying to get into someone's pants to be back for hours. Just you and me here now."

He will be messy and sloppy with his moves but as usual he'll catch me at some point. Why do I fight it? Some degree of knowing if I don't do the things he would do would make me want to sunbathe, not that it could kill me. One I'm far too young it would take hours. Two because I'm not normal and the sun does not even tickle my skin. One of the numerous experiments performed proved I am capable of being in the sun for days without a scratch much less burning to ash.

He comes at me and I dodge tripping him over and right into the wall which sounds almost like he would go through it. I pray Dimitri's room is not on the other side of this wall. Because we are only just getting started. He moves and I dodge. He swings I duck. Round and round we go. I am so sick of being a toy, a weapon, an experiment. That is why Dimitri excited me so much. Being attracted to someone is normal. Something I've never had or been. Sure I've noticed men but none brave enough to fight for my attention in such a brazen way. How long is it before I slip up and his hand grasps me? Is Dimitri listening to this and sickened by how weak I am?

That way my first mistake. Not concentrating on the fight instead letting someone get into my head. Dustin takes the opportunity and grabs me by my neck. His hand easily wrapped around it. His chubby small fingers and tiny nails digging in. Trying to crush down on my windpipe. Again it won't kill me but I still feel pain. I've learnt to handle it. I had to.

"D..dustin.." I say through the last small gap able to break free of my throat.

"You think I couldn't tell how you looked at him. Who the hell is he in comparison to me?"

Dustin rants on as he slams me into the wall. It shakes with the force and the back of my head hits hard enough when I feel a bump already forming. It will heal in a few minutes but still my hair will need washing probably now tangled which is an inconvenience I'd have liked to avoid. I don't even listen as he spits with rage in my face. His words slurring with a loud thunderous speech. All anger with no real reason to be. I think I hear a commotion in the hall as I stay still waiting for his anger to slightly fade. Feeling as all the oxygen leaves my body feeling slightly less strong. Not as ready to fight the next battle.

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