The Damned

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Kiss me


I am furious. Rage in a way i have only ever felt once before. When they took my Ali from me. Circulates around my body. I had stayed on my balcony and heard his slurred words. It wasn't completely what he had said to her that got me. More the way. This was normal for them. It hadn't been a surprise to her that much was blatantly obvious and yet she handled herself like a perfectly trained doll. When the noises had become more faint and I had to strain to listen I moved through the rooms until I found the one. The one closest to obviously her room. The bang and then numerous more had me pacing. Listening and wanting to do something. I cannot step out yet. I risk everything. Not just my own revenge but this is for the sake of everyone. I cannot risk going in there and tearing Dustin apart limb by limb. Which before this night I have dreamed about for just under a hundred years.

Unable to listen anymore when a final bang hits the wall and I hear her faint words. Not pleading with him, too proud to do so i imagine. I left my suite and stalked towards the four guards now standing outside. Walking directly towards the one who stands holding himself with the most authority.

"I can hear a commotion inside. Are you not here to protect the prince and princess?"

"Sir everything is fine. It will quieten down in a moment." He responds by meeting my eye. At six six this man is my height and built just smaller than me. He could take on Dustin but he obviously never does. Is this the thing now? Let the sick bastard do what he likes to absolutely anyone? Is history repeating itself again? Whilst i stand feeling as hopeless as i had back then.

"I believe someone should go inside and check before I find myself going and ask king Cadence to do so. I doubt he would be too happy with being disturbed right now. When i left he had a pretty redhead on his arm eager to please him." Am I full of shit? Yes but if it makes them intervene and me be able to continue with the plan that has been thrown together in a week but been needed since they took my Ali. Then this is what i can do. All i can do.

The guard nods to two others who open the door and walk inside. Dustin's loud angry screaming is heard as they do. His high pitched voice makes me want to break each tooth and then to fall down his throat damaging everything inside. A moment later when the doors open again they nod to the man before me but don't speak.

"All should be quieter now sir."

Is that it? They tell Dustin to be quiet as he beats Emery?

"Since when did Rangers become afraid of some fat sick and twisted prince?" I ask glaring at each of them but mostly the two meant to be guarding Emery. They don't meet my eye and I know I have hit a nerve.

"You should stay out of these affairs if you know what is good for you sir. I will say we do as much as we can." He meets my eye but gone is the authority his look held a moment ago. Have guards been dismissed for protecting her? I doubt it. Dustin would have them killed or tortured by another ranger just to prove his control. Money talks after all.

I stormed back towards my room and put my ear to the wall. Desperate to hear her. To hear anything. But i don't. After an hour of silence I cannot take it anymore. I swing back over the balcony and slide within their door. It will be dawn soon and with that the automatic sliders will go down. I cannot risk being locked in here but i needed to see for myself. Knowing which room will be hers from the positioning of my own I quietly walked within it. The door is locked but I break the handle off as silently as possible. Slipping inside only to be hit over the head with something very wooden and hard.

"Mother fucker." I say moving quickly and rubbing the back of my head. She looks at me a little shocked before lowering what turns out to be a bedpost to the ground. She stands in a tiny thin strapped pajama set. Gray in colour dipping into her cleavage with shorts that show pale legs from high thigh to tiny red painted toes. "Here I thought you needed saving."

"What from people barging into my room in the middle of the night?"

"Bit over dramatic I did not barge. I quietly…"

"Broke my door and let yourself in. Yeah because I was going to react to that so well wasn't i? What are you even doing here Dimitri?" My name on her lips made me hard and forget what I was doing here. She will be completely healed by now with no evidence of anything he did to her. Why did I come? Did I really need to know if she was ok? I tell myself it's because at the ball I finally get to put my plan into motion. I get to begin. But I know that isn't the truth, deep down, buried away behind such anger and sorrow.

"How often does it happen?"

She bites her lip and moves to her bed putting the post at the side of it. She doesn't speak but I see the slight slump of her shoulders.

"Why do the guards not intervene?"

"Some have tried. The noble ones even as I have begged them not to, but of course it is their word against Dustin's so when it comes to the wire my father will have them removed or Dustin finds other means to do that. If i've gotten close to some. Suddenly one morning they'll be gone and replaced with a new one."

I want to pick her up and haul her away from here. I can't of course. I need to show my presence. I need to make my plans slightly clear to Cadence so that when I do it. He will have no doubt who has taken her.

"What can i do?" Why do these words leave my mouth as I round and crouch before her. Taking her dainty little hands in my own. "To make you feel better i mean?"

"I'm fine. I don't know what you heard but it truly isn't…"

I cut her denial off. "I know what i heard probably wasn't the worst. Silence is usually at its worst. Like a scolding parent. The angry screaming mother is less scary than the one who gives a glare as though she will sort you out when home."

She half smiles looking up her eyes meet mine and the punch to my gut isn't missed but the tightness in my chest almost knocks me off my feet.

"Is that why you dislike Dustin? Because he can be an ass hole?"

I shake my head. "No. An asshole is someone who still deserves to live until their time is up. Dustin has immortality unless the sun or someone finally sick of him takes that away."


I cannot answer her. Do I want to kill him for what he did to me? To my Ali? To what i know he has done to her so many times? Yes but this is not only for me and killing felt too quick. To be painless I wanted to do more. I wanted to drag it out to prolong the pain.

"Tell me this then, why are you so interested in me?" She asks and I can answer with mostly the truth.

"Because the attraction I felt for you was more intense than it ever has been for someone before. Because from the minute you walked into that room I knew I had to be buried inside of you. I had to fuck you until my name was the only one you could even imagine shouting out in pleasure again."

"Then kiss me." Her eyes don't leave mine as she speaks and by god i so want to. I want to finally taste those damn luscious lips.

But I know I cannot. For one thing I need to get out of here before the sliders close, protecting everyone from daylight. I won't stop at just a kiss and fuck am i taking her when her father or Dustin could come in any moment and stop me. Well try but even i know my limits and with six guards between them it is unlikely i could keep going.

"Pixie i'm going to kiss you. I'm going to kiss and lick and suck at every inch of you but not right now. Not when I have to leave before I get stuck in here." She looks disappointed and doesn't seem to have it in her to hide the reaction. Is it because she thinks I am rejecting her? "Remember this though whilst you lay here awake. I am going to be on the other side of that wall. Hand wrapped around my throbbing cock that has been hard since I saw you. I am going to stroke from base to tip over and over thinking about your pretty mouth. Your tight cunt and your full breasts."

Her eyes widen at my words again and I stand up looking around the room. I find her down with a small thong on the top. Moving towards it I cannot help but see the tear on her gown's leg. Splitting it from the floor to above knee. I hold it up for her as she looks back to my face.

"He didn't... He has never and will never touch me like that."

"Will he continue to try?" I ask dropping the dress and show her the thong before putting it to my nose and sniffing. She seems to look even more shocked. Her cheeks redden. "I'm going to wrap these in my hand and come inside of it."


Frustration is not the word. I don't sleep and not in anticipation of Dustin trying to be a sick motherfucker again but because Dimitri was invading my every thought. Hell my every cell and fibre of my being. It was like I could feel him, hear him as he took his pleasure. So wrong and I know i obviously couldn't but it's like we have a connection. Something strong pulling us together.

It's late lunch when I finally leave me room dressed in a black bodysuit tucked into my high waisted jeans that make my bum look great. The two bodyguards that follow me down the hall to the large function room being used for the ball tomorrow night loom guilty.

"Guys please stop with the face. Even if you had tried to stop it last night it makes no difference. You'd either be replaced already and no longer welcome as a ranger. Shunned to be a part of the workforce or a rogue vamp. Or you'd be dead. " I say turning on them both. So big yet feeling so guilty about something so small. So normal for my life now I barely even notice it shouldn't happen. Neither answer but give me a slight nod. "So just forget about it. I handle it the best way anyway."

Ignorance is bliss and all that but I get many more punches and kicks landed before he eventually wins out. I'm faster and smoother with my moves and I don't know if that winds him up more. Me being better of course. Not surprising if it did because I am. I have wondered what would happen if I did it. Gave in and acted as though I wanted him. I have the theory he wouldn't be able to get it up. He likes the fight, the idea he is so much stronger and undefeatable but it's a theory I never plan on testing.

They open the large double doors for me and I thank them as I walk in. The room is beautiful and large. Father is standing on the stage checking and watching as everyone decorates the room and tables. I move towards him, my guards standing by the door close to fathers.

"Morning father." I say walking into the stage and kissing both of his cheeks as he does the same to me.

"Good morning Emery. Did you sleep well?"

"Well Dustin came back drunk and behaved indecently again. I really would rather my own room father. Just a room not a suite. One which Dustin doesn't know." I ask but he barely stops watching the staff move rapidly around the room. "I'm serious this time father. I'd like some privacy."

"Two more nights Emery and I promise to make sure that I return to the room with or before him. You do understand he just adores you?"

I scoff earning me a sideways glance. "Adores is the wrong word. Infatuated psychotic even but adores is definitely not the word I would use."

"Emery I explained on my visits as you grew up that Dustin was going to be difficult. He was going to find it difficult to understand and hate me not being completely honest with him."

"If you cannot trust him to know that I am created by your DNA and…."

He silences me by speaking and a hand in the air. "My decision is final and everything I do is for our family Emery, you should always remember that." His tone is final and with a polite incline of my head I accept my fate.

I left the ballroom nearly as quickly as I entered. Hating the fact Cadence wouldn't listen to me. He wouldn't even hear the things Dustin does. I shouldn't be surprised because this is how he is. This is what he does. Buries his head beneath his love for us both and his desire to protect me. The two guards walk a few feet behind. When a hand suddenly comes from one of the doors pulling me inside just as quickly. So quickly in fact I scream in shock and reach up slapping the mystery person directly across the face.

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