The Damned

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Two minutes


I laugh at her shocked face as I pull her into the room and close the door quickly behind her locking it. The guards are quick to bang on it shouting to ask if she's ok. Her hand connects with my cheek and with a sharp sting and a ringing in my ears I beam down at her.

"Nice little slap you have." Why is it I'm happy? Happy she can defend herself and how quickly her reaction was to do so. Maybe because I know she'll need it around Dustin. No she is not a victim.

"What are you doing?" She looks worried and excited all at the same time.

"I'd tell your guard dogs to stand down before they kick the door down." I lean in whispering in her ear. Flicking my tongue out and dragging it over her earlobe. "If you do maybe I'll reward you."

"I… I'm fine. Everything's fine. Just guard the door." She says loudly and the thumping and calling from outside comes to halt.

I reward her by putting one hand to her face and another snakes down her back to her ass, pinching it tightly between my hand. Her breath hitches and her mouth falls delightfully open into an o shape. Making me want to put my tongue inside the open invitation. Instead I pull her body to mine and enjoy the tiny tremor I feel of her body when she feels how hot and heavy I really am for her against her high stomach.

"Did you sleep at all last night?" I ask keeping my voice low as I lift her another inch with both hands to her ass now. Not ready to let her grind against me. For her or me I'm not sure. Her hands firmly on my shoulders, legs not quite wrapped around me.

"I think we both know I didn't but I can only assume you didn't either."

"Si, you are right I was kept awake and the few hours I did manage to sneak sleeping you plagued every second of it." My words are bluntly honest. She had been with me in my head and when I woke up already hard and stroking myself so close to release at the image of her that had been so vivid. Revenge was the furthest thing from my mind. But now the cold truth is. I will extract revenge and Emery will pay the price. Even if she is innocent. Whilst doing it though I am going to enjoy her, mostly because I am completely at her mercy when it comes to how much I want her. To everything she stirs awake for the very first time.

"Sounds like you need to sort that out." Her sarcastic remark makes me smile into her neck and I finally lift her that last inch. Pushing forwards my hips so the thick hard bulge in my jeans hits the warm silken centre of her. The material between us feels like too much but the quiet moan and the way her head lulls back has me leaking precome into my boxers.

"You know what I think pixie?"

I move my head from the crook of her neck to look at her flushed face, her hair flowing around it as she shakes her head. Unable to speak with the amount of need and frustration she is feeling. God I know because right now I could dry hump this woman into next week if it meant keeping her close. Feeling the things she brings alive in me. With that feeling brings guilt and anger but with each moment we are together it intensifies to something stronger, more needy and potent.

"I think you are loving this. That any lover you've had before hasn't made you this hot. This wet and needy. Ready to grind your needy little cunt into them just so you can come apart in your pretty little thong. You'd do it with me though wouldn't you? Right here against this door with your guards outside listening?" My breathing has turned rapid. My teeth have elongated and are burning in pain with the urge to sink into her neck and taste her as I plunge into her. How does it feel like an eternity when it's been a day? I feel like I've been waiting my whole life to get inside of her.

"Yes. I want it. I want you." Her quick response makes me jolt my hips forward and when she throws her head back again it hits the door with a thud. Yet she doesn't complain just wiggles her juicy ass in my hands, greedy for more friction than I am willing to give her. Able to give her more like. If she grinds that bit too much I am going to fucking come.

"Miss." A sharp knocking on the door has her pulling away from me. Not physically as her body still hums for mine, begs for it to stay close as mine does hers. Mentally though she is pulling back into reality finally taking in the small study we are in. The fact she is a princess of England currently dry humping a man she doesn't know against a door in a room she shouldn't be in.

"I… we can't keep doing this. More than once I've found myself in an indecent position with you."

"Si, indecent because it's not below me naked as my mouth…"

"Dimitri. I can't, you won't even tell me what issue you have with my family. My father would never allow me to be with you with or without an issue." She says even as her breathing is still heavy with lust.

"When you say my name in your sweet voice I want to hear it. Over and over. I want it to be loud and husky with need. I want you to try saying it as my tongue is deep in your mouth or my cock is down your throat." I begin kissing her neck again grazing my teeth along it with the promise of such delights if she'd just let me sink into her. Take everything she has to offer and more, but I'll never give back will I? The truth is I will only take from Emery. The dark thought shows its head but I push it away.

Hell I haven't even kissed this woman on the mouth yet and she has me wrapped around her fingers. In a sense and in the other I have her right where I need her for tomorrow night. Wanting me beyond reason. Enough to slip from her guards and right into my trap.

A pang of guilt I tell myself is towards Ali because I shouldn't feel any for Emery. She is Cadence's daughter. She deserves this by association. Yet why is it even as I try to convince myself as such the niggle of doubt keeps getting stronger?

"Miss.." another loud knock as a warning this time.

"I'm coming." She replies quickly but makes no attempt to push free from me. My hands are still holding her luscious ass. My cock still feeling the heat seeping through her trousers. I can smell the juices in her tiny lacy thong and damn if I don't want to dip my fingers into it and suck them clean tasting her.

"You could be. Just stay, I am not asking for your fathers permission. Do you usually ask before taking a convenient lover?" Lifting a brow and using almost a joking tone. Instead of relaxed she pushes at my shoulders and finally I let her lower to her feet.

"Please let us both just forget this stuff happened. After tomorrow night it could be centuries before I see you again."

Not likely. I'll be all you do see. I think but don't voice, allowing her this time to think she has some control on this situation. Fuck I have less control on this than I'd damn well like.

"You want this pixie you want me." I take her nape in one hand ready to bruise her mouth with my own. To finally kiss those lips and feel them against mine. Why is it I think I'll see stars when I do? Nothing will change having her. She is just so damn beautiful but this is all a part of the plan. Other than wanting her so badly my cock has never been so hard for so long. Never wanted anyone as much as I do her.

"Goodbye Mr Julius." She slips beneath my arm and when she opens the door closing it quietly behind her. I think about how small and innocent she looked last night. After being unable to take the silence, needing to know she was ok. Slipping into her room but it was how close I came to kissing those lips. Twice now and both times it has been taken from me. My lips tingle with a sensation. Is it anticipation? Or need? Both I decide.


Slipping into the black dress suitable for me to wear to this evening's secondary meeting. A deep v neckline showing off the curves of my breast's just a little, finishing just below my knees, with a lace skirt. I manage with great difficulty to keep my eyes off of Dimitri. I can't stop thinking that his is the only smell I can almost taste in the room. My underwear has dampened with him being so close and knowing he will be hard. It's horrible all of this but so damn exciting and as though i had never felt anything truly until i met him. Never turned on, never felt a tug towards someone like i was some cattle being lassoed. I can understand any of the damn feelings but all i know is every time i am around him everything intensifies that bit more. Maybe it's because it needs that peak. Like when you have an infection and the fever reaches such a high level you'd still be burning up standing on an iceberg. Once it reaches that point it sinks down it goes back to normal, your body fights the infection and then it's gone like you never had it.

Is that what it will be for me and Dimitri? Like some infection he would burn me up with need before finally satisfying it in a way no one ever has before. I have that little niggle in my mind that is slightly afraid that having sex i would give in to all the primal instincts of a vampire. I would sink my teeth and they would sink theirs. When they did, when he does. He would taste me and that would probably be enough to unravel everything.

"We know that for the heavens to turn red that hell and heaven may have issues. Earth is in between the argument." One workforce member speaks up.

"Other than the bleeding sky there has been no other reason to start over reacting." Another argues. Now everyone begins to speak over each other and argue. Dimitri sits arms crossed over his broad chest eyes on me. He doesn't even try to hide it.

Councilmen Rhys stands up and most fall silent or lower their voice. "This is all circumstantial arguments. All we can do now is take steps towards resolving the issues caused here, within our species. So we have already wiped out over a quarter of our kind in a week. The ball tomorrow of course is going to have many more guests but as expected keep your people under control. This is not a request but an expectation." He states and looks around the room. "Enough arguing. Tomorrow is the ball, I want a celebration of our kind. No, in fact we need one. Everyone needs to see us standing together, we all need something to be happy about. I expect everyone to drink and make happy within their clans and more."

Dimitri reaches for his glass and I can't help but watch as his glass meets his lips, as he tips it back and the fluid flows between his slightly open mouth. His eyes over the rim of his glass stay on mine. I don't even know I am doing it until his eyes move to my lips. My tongue has moved forwards and is trying to moisten them, even my mouth has suddenly ran dry. His pupils dilate and he puts his glass down running a large thick thumb over his bottom lip in almost slow motion. He then makes my panties get a hell lot wetter when that thumb goes into his mouth and he licks it clean. My god if i thought i couldn't breath before right now all the oxygen seems to have been sucked from the room. My temperature seems to have reached a fever pitch. My cheeks feel like they are burning and I know they'll be pink.

"Excuse me for a moment." I say leaning in towards father and he gives me a short nod as I stand. My guards are about to follow me as I try to silently make a quick quiet exit, as the discussions continue. I put my hand up with two fingers to say two minutes. They nod and check their watch, always so specific. I manage to slip from the room feeling his eyes burning into my back. Almost as though his hands are touching me.

I walk down the corridor towards the small library I saw earlier. I hear the door opening to the function room and my heartbeat picks up in anticipation but when the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. No. I turn round and see Dustin looking at me.

No guards. No father. Two minutes. All I need to do is not cause a scene and get back into that room. One minute fifty seconds. I count in my head but his evil eyes burn into me and the disgusting gut churning grin on his face says he is going to enjoy torturing me for that one minute fourty two seconds. Mostly mentally because who wants to be on edge all the time? Who wants to live a life as someone else's toy.

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