The Damned

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How is it that I feel so many things? Unsettled. A loss. Guilt. Rage. Passion. Everything is too much to handle. I couldn't sleep, so I took the blood bag left by the housekeeping this morning and drained it. Waiting all evening before I finally slip within a suit. Not a tux as the other vampires will be wearing today. Gray suit pants fit snuggly at my thighs and ass. A white shirt tight over my shoulders, biceps, forearms and chest looser at the waist and abdomen that slightly dips in. Pulling on my matching gray blazer and brown loafers I look in the mirror. Swiping my hair to the side and rubbing my hand across my beard giving it a light tug.

The man in the mirror isn't someone I recognise. Ali was not sweet, soft or pliant. She was a nuisance constantly keeping me on my toes. The sex was fantastic. Wild. She even showed me things I hadn't experienced. I did this for her. I spent nearly a hundred years away from society waiting for the perfect moment to take revenge. That has been taken from me in a sense when everything became so urgent. After the raining and skies turning red. Cadence making plans to gain even more control pushes my decision. If he gains control he will harm those I care about. The rangers and workforce. The backbone of our kind even if the royals and councilmen are not willing to acknowledge it.

I walk to the ballroom. The speeches telling us to celebrate and trying to settle any worries are quick and direct. The food is delightful and the drinks flow though I only allow myself one. I need to be on top form. If she does not come willingly to meet me up on the roof. I will have to take her by force. Guilt, shame… No this is what needs to be done. What I should do to avenge Ali.


Stop. I am not going. Even as the first few dances happen and I steal side long glances at his handsome form. What could he possibly have to say I need to hear? Why is it just before the waltz I begin to move around the room. I lie to my guards saying I am going to the toilet. I find myself slipping through the door that gives access to the emergency steps that lead to the roof. The ones that I searched out the location of this morning.

Fresh air hits me first as I step out onto the roof. The stars shining so bright in the dark sky above. I close my eyes feeling almost weightless. The few clouds in the sky the off white colour as they should be. To think all of this is because the clouds ran red, the sky rained what looked to be blood. Thicker than water and red in colour.

"You came." His voice carries itself in the wind and seems to wrap itself around me. Yes I came, why? I have no clue but if this is to be the last time i see this man for centuries i was to finally kiss him.

That is why I came isn't it. Wanting to finally kiss this man. Feel his lips against mine with the promise of his dirty words running true. Giving me pleasure beyond what my fingers have managed. My imagination has never had so many images to work from as they have since I saw him.

Taking that knowledge I step towards him with a confidence I didn't know I had. His eyes widen and his pupils dilate as i do. I don't stop until our shoes at the very tip are touching. His musky fresh woody scent infiltrates my nose and seeps into my body sending warmth between my legs.

"Emery, i am sorry. Truly." His voice is thick with need and i can almost taste his arousal in the air but his face looks guilt ridden. My overloaded senses from being around him put me at a disadvantage. Completely so when four men move rapidly towards me. I manage to kick one and punch another but the latter two grab me and then there is a sting in my neck seeping cold fluid into my veins.

I look up into Dimitri's green eyes as my head becomes too heavy for my neck to handle. He reaches out putting a strong thick arm beneath it before his other goes behind my knees. At some point they became dead weight and were about to let my body tumble to the ground. My body hums in such close proximity even in its numb state. My eyes feel heavy but i refuse to let them sink closed. Trying and praying the glare i intend he sees.

"Leave us." He says looking over me towards the men that I never even got a good look at. He walks us up the few steps that lead to the helipad. The same one I arrived on with my father and Dustin. I want to speak. I am furious but nothing works. "I… Emery this…"

He looks down at me and I can see pain as he tries to find words to excuse his behaviour. For what he has done and is about to do. I am not foolish enough to believe that he has drugged me to rape me up on the rooftop beneath the stars. He could have had me if we didn't get disturbed anyway. He had my body craving him, my chest feeling tight whenever I was not around him from the very first moment I saw him. Smelt him. I am sick. Dustin's abuse has damaged me enough to still want this man as he drugs me and waits for what I can only assume is the loud noise of the helicopter coming. Not that i can look around to see it. Nor can i any longer keep my eyes open. With a final hatred in them I meet his eyes before everything goes peacefully dark.


I did it. Yet why does revenge not taste bitter sweet? After all this time i finally have the one thing King Cadence cares about most. The person Dustin is so obviously obsessed with. Me having her will drive them insane. Her being here is like torture. She hates me, I saw it in her eyes before she could no longer fight the sedative. She is strong, I'll give her that. She shouldn't have been able to fight it at all. Yet her mind stayed fully conscious for a few minutes. When she did I felt like I needed to apologise again. I saw the way she walked towards me, I knew that moment she was going to finally kiss me and I would have completely lost myself in it. Fuck the plan thrown together in a week. Fuck the revenge that i've waited so long for.

The flight takes some time but I hold her to me like a prized gift rather than the prisoner she is. Striding out as we arrive onto the large clearing outside of my home. A castle, a fortress. Somewhere I could hide away from everything and plot. Build an empire of loyal people. Carrying her through and into the room adjoining mine I put her down on the bed.

Only now do I take in the beautiful gown she has on. Mauve pink silk, thin straps at her shoulders one that has fallen down. A deep v at her breasts and i can see she has no bra as one seems to be trying to escape the low cut. Tight at her narrow waist and then free falling with a high slit from floor to thigh exposing her smooth leg.

"Fuck sake." I mumble as I reach out gently taking the delicate material of her thin strap. Moving it back into place. I move the stray hairs from her face taking my time as my palm and fingers move over her forehead. It's as though I am enchanted by her. My palm finds a place on her smooth cheek as my thumb moves to her lower lip.

To my absolute shock her mouth opens and then tiny perfectly straight white teeth bite down on my thumb. She would have ripped it clean off if i hadn't pulled the bugger out tearing at some skin as i do. In response she sits up with a force I wouldn't have thought her capable of and her forehead connects with my nose.


"You fucking sick psycho." She shouts as she jumps up and off the bed stumbling back down to her knees as her legs haven't recovered.

I stand pushing my nose back into its usual position with a firm click wiping the blood across the back of my hand. I look down at her scrunched face as she glares and moves using her hands pulling her numb legs towards the door. How the hell is she awake? I measured them myself. It should have been able to knock me out for a 12 hour period.

"How are you awake?"

"O i don't know maybe my adrenaline burns sedatives out of my system quicker when i've been kidnapped. Not sure though because it happens to be the first damn time." She scoffs furious and I take a few steps closer to her but she glares again. "Your nose and finger have healed but if i cut something off it will be missing permanently."

"With what pixie?"

"Don't fucking call me that. When you did you were just some guy trying to get in my pants. Now you are some psycho I assume trying to get back at my family?" She stops moving and sits still long enough to look up into my face. To watch my reaction that I cannot seem to hide from her. "Exactly the same as everyone else. I am a toy, a princess to be allowed no freedom or a damn weapon."

"A weapon?" I quirk a brow at her choice of words. How is it even after being kidnapped and sedated, this women looks ready to enter any bar and make a man beg her to marry him. Just for the chance to get in her pants.

"As if i'll explain anything to you."

I bend down elbows to my knees and her nostrils flare in anger but I can still smell the faintness of her arousal. She hates me. She probably always will now and that hurts a hell of a lot more than it should, but her body wants mine. That is something I can work with. Something to make the torture of being around her and not touching her ease surely.

"You are no longer in London. You are in the very dense hills of wales. My home. A castle more fortress than anything and with that I still had a witch enchant it. Making it impossible for anyone to find their way around it. Unless formally given permission via me with certain words. You can run but you'll find yourself running around in circles and when finally you get bored, hungry or lost you'll need my help."

She goes to spit in my face so I lean back and she swallows it instead. Looking even more furious at the fact i can read her so well.

"I apologised for the actions before doing them but it is a necessary evil Emery and i hope in time you will begin to understand that." She scoffs again and looks away so i continue. "I will not hurt you. I will not take anything you are unwilling to give. That being said i will also not deny the attraction between us and that taking you has given me opportunity to burn it off."

"Shall i open my legs now or later? Do you really think i am going to take kindly to your words of the past tense of attraction we had after you just kidnapped me?"

I grin. "It's not past tense. We are attracted to one another and it's intense with such close proximity and you'll be bored. I give it two days before we are fucking each others brains out. Don't worry pixie it will be just as amazing as you think, and more. I'll give you pleasure like you've never even dreamt about."

"The only pleasure i would like from you is to fuck off. That would give me more pleasure than any orgasm I could fake."

Her cheeks and neck flush red with anger and i know that right now i am going to get no where. She is furious and i cannot blame her. Being taken against her will used as a weapon against her family. This is necessary there was no other way. Why do i feel like i should have found one then?

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