The Secret Life of the Supernatural

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We live in a world where there is close to nothing that doesnt exist. From wolves to fairies. From goblins and trolls to unicorns. Light to dark. There is only one thing that divides us. Light and dark. Past and present. Good and bad... Hell forbid if they one day clash together.

Fantasy / Romance
Trisha Colleen
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Chapter one: The unclaimed

Words can't describe my shock. My joy but sorrow. My little sister has found her animal. She is a wolf. I guess I should explain a little bit about each animal and what they mean.

A wolf: Ruled by an alpha, shifts. Quite unpredictable. And need a mate to compete their life.

A bird: shifts. Kind of a lone flyer. Independent. Can have mate but not needed.

A cat: shifters. Are mysterious. Yet gentle. Looks a lot meaner then they are. They need a mate to compete their life.

A fairy: Wise. Patient. Kind of a tiny Fae. Does not shift. Does not need a mate

Human: Does not shift. No special powers. The negotiators of the world. And do not need a mate though most prefer. Reason for all kinds existing.

A dragon: Shifters. They breathe fire. Deadly when on their bad side. Lead by leader. And they need a mate.

A Vampire: Sorce of food is blood. Surprisingly friendly. Do not need a mate. And have no leadership roles unless they make one

A Witch: The worlds spell source. Mixes light and dark sides together. Does not need a mate but prefers one

My mother and father are human. Humans can procreate any species. They spent a lot of their lives and most of mine trying to figure out what went wrong with me.

Hi. I'm Colleen Hathaway. The outcast. They call me the unclaimed. Which means I am one of the few who have not found out what they are.


At first we thought I was human. But I have powers. Visions. Fire and ice. We dont know what I am. Kind of scary not gonna lie. It sucks not knowing what you are. People look at me different. Like I'm a freak of nature. Out of place. And they're right. I mean. Who doesn't know what they are?

No one but me. And it sucks ass.

Stuck in senior year and my 15 year old sister has her powers before I do. That's fucked. You know how much shit I get

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