Dies Irae

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"The Day of Wrath, our ancestors sang. And we never listened to what they had to say."

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It was cold inside The Wolf.

Blood poured out of his wounds and burned a trail down his legs. Exhaustion threatened to throw him off his feet as darkness inched closer in his eyes. His vision was failing him again. "Shit. Shit! Not now!"

His hands trembled as they reached for the keys jingling in his pocket. His lungs burned and his muscles screamed when his feet kept pushing forward.

It was dark inside the Wolf.

His fast, cold breathes echoed around the empty, endless cavern walls, taunting him. They seemed to have a voice of their own, sweet, vengeful, tantalizing.

An exit. He needed an exit out of this place. Or else it would kill him.

Just like it had done to Her.

They were dead inside The Wolf.

Figures brushed past his shoulders, forcing him to sway, pushing his body into the wet stone threatening to tear into his skin. He clenched his teeth, blindly stumbling forward, keys secure in his tight fist.

The path before him looked blurry, unrecognizable. He couldn't see further than a few steps ahead of him.

He let out a frustrated shout, the sound sending a shockwave through the empty cave. It rattled the very walls, increasing in volume the further it got away.

Matthias stopped short, his eyes widening. He wasn't alone.

"Help! Someone! Please! If you can hear me-" He wouldn't get out of there. Not without help.

He was stuck within The Wolf.

"What a puny little thing," the voice echoed back to him. Matthias's blood went cold.

His sentence had been set.

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