Mystic Nights

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Even In Death


A grin spread across my face as I watched my plan unravel right in front of me. Emersyn got a peek into the veil and everything was lining up perfectly. However, I didn’t expect to find that old prick sitting out on his porch watching her every move. I don’t have a clue who he is but he has to go.

I sat in my car along the curb in front of Emersyn’s house, rolling her necklace between my fingers. I could feel all of her energy radiating off of it, mixing right into mine. Yes, she was a pure soul, and one I’m going to love destroying.

The brothers were nowhere to be found and I’m pretty sure I took care of that Briar woman at The Mystic. If they all stay away from Emersyn, I won’t have any trouble getting her wrapped around my little finger. She was a gullible little girl and that weakness was my advantage.

Now that she has seen a bit of her past through the veil, perhaps she’ll have more questions about the paranormal world and seek guidance. And when she does, I’ll be waiting.

I pulled away from the curb and headed out of the city to head to my home away from home to set some things in motion. Emersyn would no doubt seek out answers soon and I’d be ready.

Once I pulled off onto the abandoned road, covered in trees and brush, I pushed through until the foliage opened. Slave houses lined the old driveway, heading to the main house, and I remembered all the fond memories I had living here. This was my favorite time to live, it’s just too bad that it’s all over now.

As I drove, I watched several slaves peek out from behind their tiny shacks but as soon as they saw it was me coming, they ducked back out of sight. They were always afraid of me, for good reason, and even in death, they feared me. Just the way I liked it. I ruled these lands when they were alive and it was only natural that they feared me in death. Not to mention, I’ve held their spirits captive here all these years, only because I’d need them soon. Once I got my use out of them, I’d send them off into the abyss, wherever that was.

I stopped the car in front of the main house, a huge antebellum-style plantation with towering pillars, and stepped out. The darkness of night blanketed the land and house and only a single lantern could be seen inside. But with a wave of my hand, the entire home came to life. Stone by stone, the home went from looking abandoned and decrepit back to its glorious former condition. All the candles were lit inside, casting a beautiful glow from the windows in all the rooms. The front door no longer creaked when I opened it and the fallen tree lying in the front hall was now gone.

Familiar sounds and smells greeted me as I stepped farther inside, closing the main door behind me.

“Sir,” Sylvester, one of my house slaves bowed when I entered, “May I take your coat?”

“I’m not wearing a coat, you lunatic. It’s hotter than Satan’s ass out there.” Rolling my eyes, I walked past Sylvester and stepped into the parlor room to the right of the front door. I walked over and grabbed a cigar, lighting it after several puffs and sat in my favorite armchair, looking out the window at the views the plantation offered to the west. I sat in this particular armchair many times before, being one of my favorite past-times and loved it even now. The views were a bit different now, but the land was still mine.

“My apologies, sir,” Sylvester mumbled as he stepped into the room behind me. “May I pour you a brandy?”

His presence was annoying me already and I had just conjured him up a few hours before. Not having him around for the last one-hundred and seventy-three-years wasn’t long enough for me to forget his suffocating presence.

But then an idea struck me.

“Sylvester, come have a seat with me.” I motioned to the open armchair in front of me as I noticed him look between me and the chair with trepidation. “I’m not going to bite. Sit.”

With shaking legs, he sat in the chair, looking frightened that he had agreed to do so. Back in the actual slavery days, if I caught him sitting in one of my chairs, I would have given him several lashings before I took his meals from him. A grin spread across my face at the lovely memories, but for now, I’d squash them so I could get to business. I could get back to throwing my wrath at people later.

“I’m going to be bringing a friend by tomorrow. Do you understand what that means?” I puffed on my cigar, watching him intently, hoping he knew exactly what I wanted to hear.

His brows turned up in confusion as he stared down at his feet. “I would assume that means I should be on my best behavior, sir.”

I chuckled. Good man. “Very good, Sylvester, but you also know that we’re no longer in 1847, right?”

The look of confusion swept over his face once more as he looked up at me. “Sir?”

I leaned forward, ashing my cigar onto the floor before I stared up at him. “The year is 2020, Sylvester. You’ve been dead for well over a hundred years, until last night when I summoned you from the grave.”

A cold chill seemed to sweep over him as he shivered in his chair before he shook his head. “That’s impossible, sir. Voodoo was banned from your property in 1837.”

I groaned, leaning back in my chair. “I banned the slaves from doing voodoo, Sylvester, not myself. However, this is much more powerful than any voodoo spell. If it weren’t, how would you be here in body and not just in spirit?”

The realization of my question must have made sense to him as he glared over at me.

“If I was dead, why did you bring me back?” I could tell that he didn’t want to be here, for obvious reasons, but that was out of his control.

“Because you’re my favorite house slave, Sylvester.” I grinned over at him, not at all caring that this man was terrified to be here. He was here to serve a certain purpose and once that was completed I might let him rest in death again. Maybe.

“Sir,” he began but I cut him off.

“Enough talk. I need you to know that I’m bringing a friend by tomorrow and you will serve us dinner. As I’ve said, the year is 2020 and the woman you are going to meet tomorrow will look nothing like the women you’re accustomed to seeing. Be on your best behavior and say nothing of who you are or where you come from. Do I make myself clear?”

He physically flinched as I watched him swallow, nodding his head vigorously.

“Yes, sir,” he whispered, staring back down to his feet.

Then I remembered seeing all of the slaves poking their heads out from the shacks as I drove up and wondered how I was going to take care of them. I didn’t need Emersyn running off with her tail between her legs, frightened by the spirits of the plantation. But then again, it might be a good idea to keep them around to see if she was really as powerful as I had heard she was. Only time will tell.

I stood from my armchair, stubbing out the cigar on the side table before I turned back to Sylvester. “It’s good to have you back, Sylvester.” I slapped his arm in a friendly gesture as he stood up, but he cowered in fear.

A grin spread across my face as I turned and left the parlor room, feeling the power I once held in this house all those years ago.

Once I was upstairs in my old bedroom, I sat on the edge of my bed and rolled Emersyn’s necklace between my fingers once again. I didn’t know the full history of this necklace; I just knew that it was a key factor in how she keeps reincarnating time after time. And now that I have it, I need to find out how to stop that from happening again. Emersyn must die for good this time.

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