Mystic Nights

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Past Life Regression


Thirty minutes later and the taxi driver was finally dropping me off at my front steps. Nothing was adding up here and now I was more confused than ever. I was just glad that my best friend was waiting for me inside.

Which reminds me!

I took off running up the front steps, nearly knocking my door from its hinges as I ran inside, finding Brad sitting on the couch watching TV.

“Brad!” I threw my things down on the floor and ran to him, jumping on top of him as I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his face all over. “I’m so glad to see you!”

He was laughing, trying to hold me off. “I’m glad to see you, too, Em, but you’re covering me in your saliva.”

Leaning back, I grinned down at my best friend. “You have no idea how glad I am to see you.” I got off of him, heading for the front door to shut and lock it behind me. There were creepy things out there and I didn’t want them coming inside. That’s when I turned and stared at Brad once more, wondering if this was the right time to tell him about everything or not. I decided that it was. “Brad,” I started, moving closer to the couch to sit next to him, “I have some things to tell you.”

His brows rose in curiosity as he smiled at me. “I’m all ears. I want to know everything you’ve been up to, especially since you’ve been ignoring me for the last week. You never go more than a few hours without calling or texting me. What gives, Emmy?”

Sighing, I shook my head. I honestly felt bad for not contacting him sooner, but what I was about to tell him, I think he’ll understand. As I stewed on what has happened to me, I wondered where I should start. There was so much to tell him and I didn’t want to completely freak him out.

Extending my arm, I pulled my sleeve up and showed him the leaf imprinted into my skin. It had long since healed, resembling a tattoo now.

“Emmy! You got a tattoo?! Your mom is going to freak!” He laughed, grabbing my arm to pull it closer for him to inspect. “I can’t believe you got a tattoo! And of a leaf? What does it mean?”

I shrugged, staring down at it as well. “I have no idea what it means because I didn’t pick it out.”

“Ew, you let some sleazy tattoo artist put whatever he wanted on you? Come on, Em, you’re smarter than that.” He was scolding me with his eyes as well as with his words.

“Brad, you’re not listening to me. I didn’t pick it out. That night you threw that party for me in the woods?” He nodded, listening intently. “Well, while you were telling your famous ghost stories, I went for a little walk, needing some fresh air,” I paused, remembering that night so vividly, “Well, I took a break, resting against this huge oak tree. And… and…” I squeezed my eyes shut. Just tell him!

“What is it, Em?” He urged.

“The tree lifted me into the air, shoving a branch down my throat as the moonlight put its beam on me. I was terrified and then felt completely relaxed. When the tree put me back down, this leaf burned itself into my skin.” I was nearly out of breath from speaking straight through that mess as fast as my tongue would allow.

Brad blinked at me a few times, trying to decipher what I had just told him when he burst out laughing. “Oh, Em! I thought I was a good storyteller, but you’ve really got something there. You should write a book about that one.” He grabbed his stomach, still laughing at me.

I smacked at him. “This isn’t funny, Brad! I’m telling you the truth!”

He continued to laugh and it only irritated me further. Here I was, trying to tell him what has been going on and he laughs in my face! How dare he?!

“You don’t believe me?”

He shook his head, still laughing, so I got up and went to my bedroom. The mysterious letters were still sitting on my bedside table as I scooped them up and carried them back out to Brad. I threw them in his lap.

“Read those. I got one at my birthday party, another one that night after this,” I pointed to the leaf, “was left and the last one the other day when I was in the bathroom telling you about the full bathtub.” I excitedly waved my hands. “Yes! The bathtub!! You were on the phone with me when I told you about what was happening. I told you everything was fine and I was just tired. I wasn’t. Those things really happened!”

Brad had stopped laughing, looking down at the letters in his hands as he read them carefully. “So, who is Atticus?”

I shrugged. “Your guess is as good as mine! But apparently I’m supposed to find him before the next full moon.” I laughed like a crazy person, feeling the stress from everything weighing heavily on my shoulders. “I don’t even know where to begin, Brad. Since the moment I got here things have been crazy. I met this like psychic lady, Bayou Briar, who owns this weird shop downtown. I took a class there and then the candles went out. Something was there that shouldn’t have been, calling my name in the darkness. There was a hovering candelabrum without a table below it. Ghosts, I think, at a plantation. Oh! And then there’s this extremely hot guy that brought me to his house and creepier things happened there. I saw a creature under his pool table and a woman’s face in the window. And then he took me upstairs and touched my leaf, but he burned me, and now I’m here.”

His eyes twitched as he stared at me and I was out of breath, pacing back and forth from all the excitement of finally telling him everything. But one look at his eyes and I could tell this was all very difficult for him to grasp.

I slumped down on the couch next to him, taking his hand in mine. “Have I ever lied to you before, Brad?”

Shaking his head, he looked at me with frightened eyes. “No, Emmy, never. And that’s what’s scary right now. That you’re telling the truth.” He stood up then, pacing himself as he turned to look down at me. “Well, let’s go find this Atticus person! We have a few more days before the full moon. He must be important.” He waved the letters in the air. “This guy must be like your… your…”

His words were cut short when an eruption sound exploded around us. The house began to shake and I screamed, pulling my knees up to my chest.

“Not again!” I cried out. I didn’t want to go back to wherever I had been during the last eruption. Brad was here now and maybe if I stay seated on the couch I won’t hit my head again.

“What the hell is going on?!” Brad shouted, jumping onto the couch with me as he wrapped his arms around me.

“It shouldn’t last much longer,” I yelled over the loud groans of the house shaking to its core. Strange sounds of growling and groans surrounded us and I squeezed my eyes shut, too afraid to see what those sounds were.

Brad buried his face next to mine and held on tightly. I waited for it to end but it wasn’t easing up at all. What the hell is this?!

The front door whipped open and I screamed, praying that it wasn’t Sebastian. Brad screamed with me as we trembled in each other’s arms.

But it wasn’t Sebastian.

Is that my creepy neighbor from next door? It is!

He spun to stare at us before he whipped the door shut again, raising his arms up until his palms faced the door. Words I hadn’t ever heard before began swirling around us, coming from the neighbor, as I sat frozen to my spot.

“Spirit Warriors, I call to thee. Protect us in battle as we fight against the wickedness of this earth!” The man was screaming these words over and over between two different languages. His palms still faced the front door and I wondered what that meant.

Brad was still screaming, shaking like a leaf, as a calmness came over me. I peeled myself from Brad’s prying arms and slowly stood to my feet. I couldn’t help but feel as if I could help this man. There was something very familiar about his words and his stance.

The door whipped open once more and I let out a scream, half expecting it to be Sebastian for real this time, but when I saw Bayou Briar and… is that the guy from the fair?!

“Emersyn!” Bayou Briar shouted, running over to me.

The guy from the fair was watching me with a protective eye as if he was restraining himself from coming to me. It was strange, but I was glad he was here, whoever he is. I watched as he stood next to my neighbor and lifted his hands up, reciting the exact same words as him.

I’m losing my mind. This is all a dream.

Bayou Briar snapped her fingers in front of my face, pulling me back to the here and now.

“Listen very carefully, Emersyn. I’m going to need you to lie down and try to relax as best as you can. You need to see who you really are and this is the only way I know how to do that. Your life depends on it.”

I was sick of hearing these words. My life was perfectly normal before all these weird people came into my life and why is my life always threatened? And by what?

She shook me, grabbing my attention again. “Atticus and this man can only protect us for so long, Emersyn. I need you to trust me!”

At the mention of the name Atticus, I stared into her eyes, knowing right then and there that I could actually trust her. I couldn’t explain why, I just knew that I could.

“Tell me where to lay.”

She breathed out in relief, pointing to the couch behind me. “Emersyn’s friend,” she nodded at Brad, “Stay by her side.”

Brad vigorously nodded his head, moving over to allow me to lay down. Once I was as comfortable as I could get, Bayou Briar placed her hands over my eyes and spoke loudly, “Relax each bone in your body, inhaling and exhaling the fears and stresses around you. Open the veil.”

It was nearly impossible to do as she asked, the house still shook so violently that I couldn’t relax for the life of me. How in the world am I supposed to relax and open the veil? And, what does she mean by that? I have no idea what the veil even is, so how am I supposed to open it?

My entire body began to vibrate and I felt like I was lifting up from the couch and out of my body. I saw that the neighbor guy and Atticus were still facing the front door, holding their hands out, but everything was silent. The house no longer felt like it was shaking to me, but one look at them, and I knew it still was.

When I turned to look at Brad and Briar, I saw my body still laying on the couch and I inhaled a breath. What in the hell am I looking at? Am I dead?

Briar’s head turned to me, the spirit me, and said very clearly, “Go into the veil. Find your truth, Emersyn. I’ll be right here when you’re done.” I noted that her voice was the only thing I could hear over all the commotion around me. The house still shook and rattled by an unseen force, Atticus and the neighbor were still chanting some kind of protection, and Brad was still wailing in fear.

A bright light began to illuminate from my closed bedroom door and I froze to stare at it. I didn’t know much about death or the afterlife, but I did know that a bright light meant crossing over and I wasn’t ready to die just yet.

“Go, Emersyn!” Briar’s voice erupted from behind me, causing me to jump.

The unexplainable love and trust for this woman pushed me further, unafraid of the white light, as I pushed my bedroom door open and saw two people sitting under a tree in a field of flowers. They were laughing and kissing, but at a closer look, they were washing stones in a small bowl before laying them out in the moonlight. I felt like I was invading a personal moment as their kissing began again and I tried to walk away.

“Emersyn, I love you…”

I whipped back around and really stared at the couple under the tree, trying to see their faces in the darkness. And when I did, my heart sank into my stomach and my hands began to shake.

Their physical bodies were a bit different, but I knew in my heart that I was seeing Atticus and… me.

Stepping closer, I leaned down to look into her eyes, needing to know for sure, and that’s when I saw her throw her head back laughing. She had one green eye and one blue.

Backstepping in fear, I tripped over a tree root and fell hard, making an oomph sound as I fell. Cursing under my breath, I stood to my feet and wiped myself off but as I turned to look at myself, I was no longer standing in the field of flowers beneath the large tree. No, I somehow stood up and was now standing in someone’s apartment.

My head whipped back and forth, taking in the sights around me as I noticed all the decor and furniture was not that of the 21st century. I felt like I had stepped into a museum exhibit from the 1920s.

Giggles from the back of the apartment pulled my attention away from their belongings as I made my way towards the sounds.

I walked down a long hallway, pushing open the last door and stepped in. My eyes instantly found the source of the noise as I watched Atticus and me make love in their bed. What made this weird was that I couldn’t pull my eyes away. It felt as if I was meant to see this, the feeling of pure love and bliss consumed me, making a sob tear from my lips. I can’t explain the feelings I’m experiencing right now and I wasn’t about to try.

Turning, I had to leave, knowing this was a private moment; a moment I somehow knew I had been a part of.

When I left the bedroom, I noticed I wasn’t standing in the apartment hallway again. Instead, I was standing in what looked like a barn. Horses were in their stalls lining the side of the barn and two people hovered over a small boy in the middle. My feet automatically carried me over to them as I stared down at a boy of about nine-years-old, holding his stomach and sweating profusely. He was sick, that much I could tell.

I recognized the two people and my heart sank. Atticus and I were hovering over the small boy, telling him he would be just fine. Atticus looked up at her, I mean me, and told her to heal him. Even my spirit self laughed at that one. I didn’t look like a doctor and wondered what that meant.

But then I watched her, or me, lift her hand up and place it on the boy’s forehead. She squeezed her eyes shut tightly and her lips began to move, but no words came out. What was she saying?

As if magic itself just occurred, I watched the young boy look up into her eyes, a small smile stretching over his face instead of the pain-filled scowl, and then he was standing to his feet. I open-mouth gawked at what I had just watched, but that wasn’t entirely what surprised me. A leaf began burning itself into her shoulder and I watched it happen right in front of me.

Atticus pointed it out as she turned to watch it herself, a smile tugging at her lips. She, or I, was not afraid of this at all, pursing her lips to lightly blow on it. And that’s when I watched her breath completely heal the freshly burned leaf right in front of my eyes. My hand instinctively went down to my own leaf on the inside of my wrist and fear gripped my chest.

The bright light was back, flashing like lightning and momentarily blinding me before I blinked and saw I was no longer in the barn. I was no longer in the 1920s either. At least I didn’t think I was.

When I spun around, I noticed I was back outside, but the nature here seemed so much different than the first vision. However, this place felt more familiar to me. Moss hung from the trees and my clothes stuck to me, telling me I was back in the south. Voices could be heard off in the distance and I instinctively walked over towards them, finding a small gathering.

Several people I didn’t recognize were seated in perfectly white chairs, set up in rows as I saw two people standing in front of them. I was at a wedding - but whose?

I began walking straight down the aisle, noting how nobody was watching me, as I came face to face with Atticus and… me! They both looked a bit different once again, but my one green eye and one blue were evident. Atticus always seemed to look the same and was easy to pick out. We were getting married and as I heard the pastor speak the wedding sermon out, I noticed their clothing. I was wearing a large antebellum-style dress and he was in a stiff suit with long coattails. I knew instantly that we were in the deep south around the early 1800s.

“You may now kiss your bride.”

When I watched Atticus and her, or me, kiss, I could feel the emotion and felt my hand fly up to cover my mouth. The emotions I continued to feel between these two felt like they were mine, causing my chest to tighten as a sob gripped my throat. I swallowed back the sob and watched them kiss, wishing it were actually me kissing Atticus. There was something about him that made me feel so much love for him but I hardly knew him. I mean, I don’t think I know him, do I?

The scenes in front of me seemed to melt away and I was now forced to watch Atticus and Emersyn walk hand in hand towards a few slave houses. Several slaves stood up, watching them intently and I had a bad feeling about this. However, when one of them jumped from the porch and wrapped her, or me, in a huge hug, I knew that they were friends. They all laughed and enjoyed each other’s company before I noticed things got serious.

Before I know it, the scene is changing once more in front of me. It was night time now and Atticus and Emersyn were assisting some of the slaves into the back of wagons, covering their heads with a large drape. Were they helping them escape? You go, girl, I thought to myself.

When the scene changed once more, I began to feel dizzy. I couldn’t control myself in this foreign place and it was taking its toll on me. But when I looked up, I saw Atticus and Emersyn holding hands, being walked down the center of town by several lawmen. Emersyn had a rope tied around her neck and I instinctively reached up and touched my own neck, almost as if I remembered how it felt.

The lawmen pulled the two apart, their hands holding on until they no longer could. When their hands broke apart, I actually screamed out, “No!”

The bright light flashed once more, pulling me from this period of time and I was thankful. My heart felt like it had just shattered, knowing that was the last time I’d see Atticus in that life, but how did I know that? This is all so freaky.

When my eyes blinked and fully adjusted from the bright light flashing again, I saw that I was back inside a bedroom. The bedroom wasn’t one I was normally used to seeing. The floors were dirt and the walls and ceilings seemed to be held together by wood and mud. Now what time period am I in?!

Spinning around, I found Atticus and Emersyn naked in bed, holding each other passionately as they talked about the family they’d never have. I sighed in relief, happy to see that they were still alive, but realizing this life was much earlier than the one I had just left. It was then that I realized the pattern of these visions. I was going backward in time, seeing her, well technically my past lives. But for what purpose? Was I really her all these times? And how did she and Atticus always find each other?

The room spun and I held onto the bed frame to steady myself; but when the room stopped, I saw I was holding onto an entirely different bed frame. Emersyn was sitting on the edge of a completely different bed, looking down at a sick man in bed. Atticus was in the room as well, standing on his other side, waving some kind of smoke into the air around the sick man.

They connected eyes before Emersyn lifted her hand and placed it on the man’s head, much the same way she had with that sick boy in the barn, and I basically watched the same thing happen. A leaf was burned into her skin, at the back of her neck, and I noted she had many more leaves on her skin this time. How did I miss those until now? Atticus walked over and ran his thumb over the burned in leaf, healing it in an instant. He bent down and kissed the top of her shoulder and I swear I was the one who felt it instead of her. This is freaking me out.

“Witch! Witch! Witch!”

I was no longer in the bedroom, looking down the streets of an old village. It was clear that we were somewhere in London as the architecture was evident and the English accent of their screams told me so.

Atticus and Emersyn were being walked down the street much like the last vision, except she didn’t have a rope around her neck this time. Several people were throwing stones at them, still calling them witches, and that’s when I saw it. At the end of the road ahead of them, I could see two poles sticking up from a pile of rocks and a small wooden platform. A man stood to the side, holding a flaming torch.

Anxiety filled me so much that I ran forward, trying to grab at Atticus and myself, but my hands went right through them. I cursed under my breath and felt the tears begin to pool in my eyes. They can’t die! They haven’t done anything wrong!

I lunged at them once more, hoping I could save them, but I tripped on a loose cobblestone and barreled right through them. When I landed, expecting to have cut up knees from the stone road, I found I had landed on soft green moss, the wind blowing my hair about.

My head whipped up and I was no longer in London but in the rolling plush green Scottish Highlands. It was the most breathtaking view I had ever seen. The mountains roamed for miles, the wind brushing against my face and somehow I felt complete. It was as if I knew this place better than anywhere else, even though I’ve never been to Scotland. I’ve always wanted to come here, but it was an expensive trip.

A fit of giggles interrupted my sightseeing as I turned and saw a younger version of Atticus and myself kissing and hugging like a couple of teenagers that they were. What amazed me, though, was that they looked exactly like we did in our current lives. It was as if I was seeing myself from my current life back in this century, whichever one that was. Atticus, too, looked exactly the same, just much younger.

It was obvious that they were hiding from someone in the hills outside of a village, kissing and loving on each other. A laugh came from my chest as I watched them, somehow remembering this as if they were my own memories. But that was impossible, wasn’t it?

“Hey, you two…”

I whipped back around and saw Briar walking towards us. A huge grin spread across my face as she approached, looking exactly the same, just in completely different attire. She pulled them from their hiding spot and brought them back towards the village. I began to follow but watched as they disappeared into a fog right in front of my eyes, leaving me alone in the highlands again.

Loud bells echoed around me from the village down below and I took off running. Something told me that I didn’t want to miss this. As I ran through the village, I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw Atticus and Emersyn standing at a wedding altar. Tears of joy swam through my eyes as I blinked them away and noticed how they looked the same age as we currently did - they were no longer teenagers.

This moment felt like it was my own memory as if it had just happened yesterday, but it was clear we weren’t in 2020. The wedding pursued in front of me, ending with their kiss and loud cheers erupting around them.

The amount of love and joy I felt at this moment made me cheer and clap with the rest of the villagers. It was silly, I know, but it felt right.

I seemed to float around for the next several scenes with Atticus and Emersyn, watching them consummate their wedding and get to really know each other. This time when they made love, I didn’t look away or feel ashamed for watching. I couldn’t explain it, but it felt like I was the one in that bed with Atticus, not standing here. The feelings I felt for him were indescribable but I knew they were pure. He was my soul mate, wasn’t he?

The scene swirled around me and now I was standing in the village again, except people were running around screaming, looking ill and terrified.

I spun this way and that, trying to find a familiar face, and that’s when I saw Briars. She was trying to heal those affected by the illness but she was failing to do so. The entire village was on the brink of mass infection.

A whirlwind of events happened so quickly that every time I blinked, a new scene was occurring in front of me. And then it all changed and I was back in the highlands, watching a familiar scene.

I recognized this scene, knowing it was something I had seen not only in this time but recently in my own life.

Three robed figures were walking in a single file line and two people followed them with a lantern in their hand. It was Briar and a man and I instantly knew what I was looking at. I remember watching her hover over three necklaces, making weird symbols with her hands before she went to the three robed figures on their knees.

I followed them, watching it all play out just like I had seen the first time, except now I was much closer, watching everything as if it were in real-time. The feeling of fear gripped my chest as I looked over at one of the robed figures, feeling as if I were one of them.

Briar stood in front of them, taking something from each of them: A tooth, blood, and hair. Briar set them over the talismans, cutting her own palm as she squeezed out her own blood on the top of them. When she began saying something in a different language, I felt my body begin to tingle.

The winds picked up dramatically and one by one, she grabbed a necklace and walked it over to the robed figures. She placed one after another around their neck and each time that happened they seemed to buck in pain, groaning out. When Briar got to the last robed figure and placed the talisman around their neck, I felt a heavy pressure around my own neck and then all of a sudden an excruciating pain ripped through me. I dropped to my knees at the same time me and the robed figure screamed. The hood had fallen off and I saw who was beneath it: me.

But before I had time to try and decipher what was happening, I felt myself being pulled back through time. Everything I had just seen flashed through my mind in a whirlwind of events, one after another, until my spirit was standing back in my living room in New Orleans. I tried to ground myself, not ready to stop seeing my past lives, but the pull was far too strong. I was sucked back into my current body as I shot straight up and inhaled a deep breath, staring right into Briar’s familiar eyes.
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