The Mountain King

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Legend is all fine and dandy but what happens when your part of it? Will Chrystal Moon pack rise to the legend, or fall into darkness forever.

Fantasy / Romance
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Vial info

So yes I do know the first chapter is author notes. You’ll understand why in a bit.

This is basically a rough draft. It might evolve into an edited well thought out glorious novel or it could be one day published. It all depends on the fans. This being said, you may not use any part of this story. Without consent.

I’m dyslexic, live in a chaotic house hold, and writing using a phone. There are bound to be mistakes, and goofs. All though I’ll do my best.

I plan on posting often.

Now the story, doesn’t use ” real wolf science” which only a non related group of wolves is going to go past alpha position in a pack, unless two groups join up ( rare in the wild)

Rouge wolves are not loan wolves. But evil bastards cast out of the pack eons ago.

The world will be slowly revealed through story telling. So you might get a bit confused. But dont worry it will be short lived.

As for the point of view it’s written in third person.

Will there be a sequel idk. Will I finish this, have no idea. Lastly, all of my author notes will be listed at the top of the page.


There is violence, character brutality, and other disturbing adult themes. Its vital to the story, no neutering of bad guys. No sugar coating or beating around the Bush. I am cruel to my characters, while others I’m not so much. If anything disturbs you, you were warned. Clearly so, please regard it as a little trip in an r rated movie that doesn’t have deadpool in it. Now for fear if I said his name three times that hell break the forth wall....

I humbly introduce my greatest evil.....

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