The Beautiful and the Damned

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She was a gift He was the owner. And the Ancient angel was going to stop at nothing to get what was rightfully his. ___________________________________ "Are you willing to go against my Father beside me Amica Mae?" I looked up at him, at 'my' angel. I still find it unfair that he looked this beautiful without any effort. I smiled. "With you meùs rex, Anytime" He chuckled a little, after that gave me a full blown smile. Then he rose his head looking up to the heavens, with his very dark brown almost black silky hair looking as ravishing as ever he gave an intense sinister smile as if sending a very radiant 'Fuck you' to his Daddy upstairs. Damn I love this man. NOTE: This book contains strong words and matured language, if you don't mind those two things please do carry on. And also please know that this book is purely fictional!!

Fantasy / Romance
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"OH my God he's gonna jump!"

"Someone do something!"

"Call the police damn it!!!"

The young man lurking in the shadows rolled his eyes in intense exasperation observing the plain stupidity the crowd of humans were exhibiting. They should have done something themselves instead of screaming their God given lungs out.

"God I'm so sorry but I can't continue to live this life anymore. I just can't" meanwhile the man that was about to commit suicide mumbled to himself all sorts of gibberish.

Seker rolled his eyes yet again and then snorted.

"This is worse than what they show on 'their' crappy tv"

Being he wasn't getting any form of entertainment he decided to teleport himself closer to the man that was infact trying to commit suicide.

'Why not have some fun?' he thought to himself.

"And what do we have here ladies and gentlemen another suicider this week..they just keep coming and coming Never gets old" seker laughed to himself as the man looked at him with a very much visible fear.

"W-hh-o are you an-d how did you get up here?" the man shuttered out.

"Now wouldn't you want to know buddy"

"What?" The man asked clearly confused

"Whatever, moving on..Name, Jace Peter's, Age 38, reason for losing interest in life, Annoying Boss..Now don't we all have that" Seker interjected on his speech.

Seker wasn't getting anywhere and he knew it, because Jace kept looking at him scared and confused. He sighed

"Okay let me make it easier for you, Hi I'm the Angel of death ,here to carry your soul..blah blah blah.. you know the drill, Now stand still so I can imprint your face on my book jacey boy"

"What the hell" Jace mumbled

"See dude either you want to jump and die or you don't. I don't have all day to aid you on your life choices buddy" Seker was getting very annoyed now, that's why he hated humans to the very end, they couldn't always decide on what they wanted in life.

"Am I speaking Greek?I said jump you weasel or don't, decide it's now or never. I don't have all day to babysit"Seker repeated

"Wait you're the grim reaper?" Judging from Jace's question it was obvious that Seker was going to have to push the man himself.

"Don't you see the sycthe and the hoodie, Hello???"

Seker decided he has, had enough from him, with his eyes shining a very vibrant deadly silver he glared at Jace. His glare was so intense that Jace flinched back, almost tripping off the edge of the building.

"Okay I have decided, I have decided..I don't want to die, please I'm sorry, really sorry don't kill me Mr death" Seker looked intensely at the poor man and snorted 'Mr death' really he has heard better names.

"Really? Are you kidding, you're no fun Jacey boy, I was looking forward to some blood at least" Seker licked his lips deadly although Jace couldn't see this because of the shadow Seker casted on his face from his nose down to his lips.

"Well anyways you get to live another day Jacey boy but I'll have to take away your memory of me, we won't want a disorder in the universe now would we" Before Jace could even utter another statement, Seker flicked his fingers removing Jace memories.

"Huh, what happened? Who are you? Why am I up here?" The now confused human rambled on.

"Let's just say you missed your way. Now chop chop leave this place. Now!" Seker commanded using his powers to control Jace's mind and body.

When Jace finally left, Seker blew out a breath already tired, he was lucky that this was the last job for the tonight, for him that is. He was already worn out from the day, and he could care less if his father thought he was neglecting his job.

He hated how his father gave him two jobs. The first was to collect souls and record them, and the second was for him to convince humans to not give up on life. I mean it's not like he took a degree in counseling in the third heavens. And for this he thought his father hated him the most out of him and his brothers.

As he was about to teleport out of there, Seker spotted a particular human out of the crowd that had formed below.

The green eyed human looked like she was looking directly at him, which was impossible because. One, human beings weren't able to see him in this form when he was the angel of death except he wanted them to, and two, judging from this height it was very much impossible for any human to even make out his features.

Seker squinted his eyes disbelieved that a human could actually see him. He felt like he was being drawn in by those big green eyes.

Then it finally clicked. He knew exactly what was going on, He knew there was only one creature in the whole miserable universe that could make things play out this way.

He Chuckled to himself, to any person it would sound like he was somewhat amused, but it was very far from that, because the storm forming in his eyes wasn't any normal anger, it was beyond any form of rage. Like they say 'the storm comes before the rain'.

Looking up he smirked to the heavens.

"You want to play a game old man, well I'm all set. I hope you choose your next moves wisely oh dear Father"

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