The Dragon's Jewel

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In the kingdom of Acilia drought and faminie plagued the people. A rebellion starts and declaration of war from the neighboring kingdom. When the king is murdered, Acilia falls into complete chaos. Now on the run from her uncle the princess Areytea must find out the truth of this chaos in her kingdom

Fantasy / Adventure
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One moonless night, dark shadows jumped through the trees, bright white eyes illuminating from them. They stop, ahead of them a person with their back to them clutching something close to their chest. In one quick movement, one shadow launched itself it’s claws out. The spot where they once stood was now decorated in blood. In their hand a journal, their misery, Picking it up the shadows continued on their journey.

As they went further on, they split into two groups. One went west while the other north. As the west group continued on their journey, a town was in their sight. At the entrance, a small girl was looking around, calling out for her mother. The shadows stopped in front of her holding out their hands. The child walked closer to them and reached out to touch them. As soon as they touched hands, a white light engulfed the area.

Bells rung across the palace, staff ran across the castle looking for the lost royal children. Hiding in the secret passages hidden in the walls, a few of the missing children were giggling at the mischief they caused. Crawling, twisting, and turning, along the secret passages in the castle. Very few knew about them, and even a fewer could navigate, the young princess was one of those few.

“Follow me.” Areytea said, leading everyone through the twist and turns, and avoiding traps.

“How do you even know where we are going?” a blond girl in a green dress said.

“She just does Ramyra, it’s like magic like the walls are telling her when to go.” A boy answered.

“Don’t go on talking about magic Ashion, you know it is forbidden.” a brunette girl in a blue dress responded.

“No one can here us in here your highness.” Ashion said in a snarky response.

They stopped in the middle of a fork in the passageway.

“ Be quiet, we’re here.” Areytea said.

“No we aren’t we are in the middle of a fork there is no doorway at all cousin Areytea,” the girl in blue said out loud.

“Just watch Rimyra,” Fares said in the back of the group.

Areytea whistles loudly, it echoed across the tunnels. Suddenly the ceiling opened, and Areytea was lifted up.

“Areytea what where you doing here?” Shi, the grand mage in training said.

“ we wanted to go on an adventure!” Areytea said.

“ Not all of us.” Rimyra and Ramyra spoke up.

Slowly one by one, the group of kids came out the passageway.

“ Areytea, Rimyra, Ramyra, Rithel, Ashion, and Fares. The whole staff is looking for you guys.”

“Can you tell us they legend again Shi.” Ashion said.

Shi stood there looking at the group of kids.

“You snuck past your caregivers, went through the secret passages, which you could have gotten lost or hurt, for a story?”

“Yes!” Areytea and her brother, Rithel, spoke up.

“ Fares and Ashion, you where in on this to?” he spoke to the two other boys, who nodded in agreement. He then turned his head to the twin regent princesses, Rimyra and Rmayra.

“ We were dragged onto this adventure.” Rimyra said.

Shi sat down, pulling a rope near the window to summon a servant.

“ You will be the death of me one day. Well you all wanted a story, and went through a lot to get one. Sit down and listen.” Shi sighed

Long ago, the land was ruled by the fearsome dragon king. He controlled the people with an iron fist. None were safe from his wrath. Then out of the darken came a light of hope. The warrior Rizal, he mastered the art of magic, traveling across the land, asking for help from the greatest warriors in the land. Six warriors from six clans, together formed the Brotherhood of seven and fought the dragon king and his army for 5 years. After the five year battle, The Brotherhood of seven faced off against the dragon king. Though they were barely a match for the dragon king. In the end, it was Rizal who landed the final blow using the last of his strength combined with the magic of all the warriors. Only Rizal survived, with the land in complete chaos he united the people and created the great kingdom of Acillia. Bringing peace throughout the land.

“I want to be like Rizal the greatest warrior in all the land” Areytea said

“And I shall untie the lands together.” Rithel said

“ How will you manage that? Areytea you don’t even have Lord Rizal’s name. The people know you as the stained princess. Rithel you’ve been sick your whole life, seeing demons, if it wasn’t for your royal status you’d been sent to Dionir.” Rimayra interrupted them

“Rimyra Ramyra!” a woman at the doorway yelled, “ What are you doing?”

“ Mother, we are, it was, well...” Rimayra stuttered

“Enough! You two are better than this Rimayra you should set an example instead of following in stupidity,” Damyra said, she went to grabbed both Rimyra and Ramyra by the wrist and walked out the room.

“Don’t listen to them your highnesses. Me and Fares will help you” Ashion said

A maid was now in the doorway “ Pardon me, but you called”

“Yes please escort Ashion and Fares to where they need to be”

She bowed at took the boys by the hand walking out the room.

As the boys were taken off Areytea and Rithel stayed behind. Areytea pulling on her sleeve and Rithel looking down to the ground

“ Don’t listen to your cousin, i’m sure you two will bring peace to the land like Lord Rizal”

Shi went to grab a potion from the shelves “Your highness this is for your mother, it should help her with her new symptoms.”

Rithel nodded and ran off to see his mother. Shi looked at Areytea, who was looking at a mirror rubbing her skin.

“Can you fix these white marks shi.”

“You know I can only temporary change your appearance. How are your lessons going?”

“ I’m not sure, I’m only taught conversation, art, keeping household with the other girls. I don’t understand it”

“What if I taught you instead?”

“Taught me what”

“Politics, fighting, battle strategy, maybe some magic.”

“Really?” she look at Shi with wide eyes. They smiled back at her

“Well run along princesses, catch up with your brother.”

“ Wait.” Shi said holding up a stick.

Slowly it started to morph, first becoming larger, then shiny. What was one a stick was now a beautiful sword

“This is for you your highness.”

As soon as it touched her palm it shrunk to fit her. Her smile widen and she ram out of the room, excited to tell her brother and friends the good news.

“Bye Shi!”

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