Spectrum: -of prism and light-

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Ch 4 - The Colors' Waking

The wind started to blow with unbelievable timing.

As I stood up, Els just stayed there for a few seconds. It's as if the depression was extended by his arrival. Jana looks at him, but she grunted after it looked like he wasn't going to say anything at all. She walks past him, towards the crowded school grounds.

"Were you two looking for me?" He whispers.


"I'm sorry for taking so long," he politely bows. This turned to be really awkward since he's the same age as us. "I really shouldn't hinder you guys too much since you're all working for the fate of the world."

"No," I immediately oppose his idea. "We used to work for the fate of the world."

After all, the end of the Spectrum declared that it won't happen again. Ever.

I hope.

"You don't really know that, do you...?" He whispers. I'm pretty sure that isn't something I was supposed to hear, so I feigned ignorance. "The Spectrum sure was something, huh?" He adds.

I don't know if he's saying that because he feels sympathetic, or that he had a hand in it. Or maybe both. Either way, the conversation isn't turning well, and Jana's already wandered towards the festival booths. I gesture at him to get moving, not uttering a word as we keep a strict air around us.

The three four-storey buildings that surrounded the festival and serve as the main school buildings are now littered with all sorts of festive adornments. The place has gone lively as a hundred balloons flew and mysteriously glowed in the colors of the Spectrum.

This is a day to celebrate.

To remember what happened.

To celebrate that we conquered it.

Although, we didn't gain nor wished to gain wealth and fame. We never did it for that, after all.

To think about how a phenomenon that changed the world in a few moments, happening so suddenly...

I should be content, knowing that it ended.

We left Jana in the festival, and moved on. But we also decided to wait for her in front of the old school building.

Ten minutes have passed by. The urgency that was demanded had never weakened nor faded. Here she comes, carrying all sorts of different sweets with her.

Maybe she wasn't angry, but hungry... Huh. She proceeds to offer us some of the stuff that she has.

"Sorry for earlier," she hands a lollipop to Els. "I guess I'm the one who shouldn't be angry for nothing in particular."

"It's okay. I was at fault too," he replies as he happily nibbles on the lollipop. He doesn't seem to be actually trying to bite some off though. "This is nice and all. I hope it doesn't end so soon," he adds.

Jana goes ahead of us.

"I hope so too." I reply.

"It's too bad that we can only hope."


"Really, none can tell what's going to happen next." He says in a carefree tone.

He's now licking the lollipop.

"I see your point."

Those are the lines which one would expect from someone foreboding... something. Words to come from someone Jana would truly dislike.

We're at the rooftop, and they don't look that busy. Only Cath is, though. Everyone's having so much fun that I almost forgot about her call from earlier.

"Hey, Jake," I call him. "How'd it go?"

He seems really preoccupied as he talks with Jana, Stella, and Keith. Els just looks around and stares at the skyscrapers in the distance.

So... ignored. Just like that.

I had no choice but to turn to Cath. I immediately approach her with the laptop connected to her device which looks like a lamp with a satellite dish that amplifies her Shard's detection strength.

"So, what's happened?"

"The readings spiked earlier, although, for a moment," she pauses.

"Seven thousand Lumia."

Lumia, the term we use for the measure of Essence. It is only exclusive to our group's knowledge. Others who hear this are either befuddled by what it may be or just ignore it. Not even the Foundation knows about this. They shouldn't. And if they should, they'd have to be using a different term.

"Wow, it exceeded the three-thousand mark, just like that." I sarcastically reply. Bespectacled beauty here just glares at me.

"Anyway, this isn't normal, so I suggest--"

As I get interrupted, all of our attention hovers over towards Cath's Shard, which is emitting a really bright light. The light doesn't hurt our eyes, but it's rivaling the brightness of the sun itself.

"This isn't good, the counters can no longer measure Lumia levels."


With everyone slacking off and Cath and I turning to the charts, a tear in the sky suddenly opens up, spewing forth solid Essence. Of course, tinted with mankind's emotions, becoming Colors. Vivid ones. Those who have Color Marks have their Colors up and running. And streaks and rays of those Colors then reached out towards that very rift, which pretty much looks like a portal, to be honest.

That's strange. Some of the people don't have their attention towards the sky, as if nothing like the Spectrum is happening at all. Then again, only those who have been imbued with a Color Mark are able to interact with the Spectrum.

And this is the Spectrum, happening before us.

And... the Lumia levels don't even matter anymore. Now, all we have to do is figure out what's causing this to happen again.

An orange light envelops Jake-- to Stella, a yellow one-- to Cath, blue-- to Jana, green-- to Keith, violet. My Color, Indigo, is not popping up. That's disappointing and a bit terrifying. Els shows it, however. But, I have to be able to join them in the Spectrum, right after this Mix.

I have to be in on the fun.

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