Amber Woods

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A old fox loses his mate after a car hits her soon after he gets visions of the impending danger to his home and life

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Chapter 1 the blood rivers

"say that once more and you shall lose more than a eye!" barked gray back as I lay before him holding a paw over my bloodied eye "this one has been tainted by the one's who ride within the death bringers

we are tree kin as we came from the leafs of the tree of life look at our Amber fur and say that I am wrong ?" i think you will find it hard to say that I am wrong "

"on the other this one says that we are fox only the hairhairless name us this there for i say that ren is corrupted and must be punished!" i regent that ren lost his eye today but remember that I did it for the good of the den !"

I couldn't keep my mind on gray back's ranting as the tunnels filled with darkness I stood still as blood filled the tunnels the faces of my kin melted before me and with a flash of white i was outoutside the den looking at the life tree in flames.

I couldn't move or even yelp as I looked upon the hills of dead tree kin kits female's

and males all laying on top of one another the blood running into the den.

then a sound like thunder and i awoke . with a yap hitting my head on the tunnel roof much to the amusement of the kit next to me " you okay old one? he said.

i simply snorted back at him and rubbed my head one of gray back's pack looked down at me from her upper tunnel " idiotic fool" i heard her mumble

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