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Oliver and The Magic Wand BOOK-1

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On a dark and cold night, Oliver discovers a hidden secret. A wand belonging to his father! He is then told by his mother the entire story that how she and his father used be wizards and then in a war he was killed by Lord Venrad Darvin But did he really died in that battle? This novel is full of fiction, adventure, love and much more As we further proceed into the story we get to know about a dark secret about Oliver's father and will Oliver be able to know about his father's another dark secret that his mother hid? What will be his reaction?

Fantasy / Adventure
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Beginning of the Journey


“The Magic Wand”


t was a dark and mystifying cold night in the late 1980s. The moon was sheltered by murky looming clouds. The roofs were covered with snow and smoke was coming out of the chimneys. Brick Lane, London. House no 20, Loughty house. An old double storey house with a green door and two windows on the side of the door were the gaping holes for wind to rush in and out. Upon opening the door one could see a longue with a table in the center. Fire place was to left of the table. To the right was a kitchen and two bedrooms. Upon reaching at the end of the longue one could see the stairs on the left going towards the second floor and in front of the stairs was big wooden door which opened in the basement.

Green-eyed Mrs. Emma Loughty in her black dress, sitting on one side of the table. 11-year-old Oliver Loughty, her son sitting beside her. He had light blue eyes just like an ocean shinning in summer. He had smooth and fair white skin and his slightly long black hair was covering his forehead.

A glaring bulb hanging above the table was enlightening the whole place. The table was covered with a red cloth and on it were two bowls of oat soup and some salt and pepper. Mrs. Emma dipped the spoon in the bowl and as she was about to bring the spoon near her light pink and reddish lips to drink it, mother! said Oliver. She put the spoon down and said, yes, dear. Mom I wanted to ask you he said in an innocent voice, “will my father ever return?” Oh! Dear said Emma and She took a pause. “Charles passed away when you were only 1 month old. I have told you this many times.” Mother! (in a low voice), “I know this, I was just asking”, replied Oliver. Silence filled up the whole place. Both of them than had their soup quietly. Unnoticed tears filled the eyes of Oliver and his face expressions turned sad.

Meow! A voice came from under the table. It was a white Persian cat with blue eyes named Bella. She was Oliver’s pet. Oliver picked her up in his lap.

Ok, mom, I have finished. I am going to sleep said Oliver, speaking with courage to hide his feelings. Good night! “Good night dear” replied Emma. Oliver placed Bella down and said, “Come Bella let’s go.”

Oliver tried his best but how couldn’t a mother feel her child’s emotions. Oliver got up straight from the chair and slowly took each step in despair while going towards his room. It wasn’t Oliver’s fault either he was a child deprived of father’s love. Despite everything Emma has done for him, she couldn’t take the place of his father.

Oliver! said Emma in her usual low voice. Oliver looked back with the same face. Please come here, said Emma. He went there followed by Bella and Emma got up and hugged him and kissed him on his forehead. Oliver closed his eyes in relief and a layer of pleasure ran through his whole body. My son, “Always remember you are not alone. I will always be with you. And if I am not my prayers will always be with you.” Oliver looked at her with wide open eyes.

“Whenever you feel alone or devastated just close your eyes and feel the wind around you and look at the sky. You will always find me there. My son, in life you will face many problems and it is not necessary that I will always be with you. You have to face the challenges and muster up courage to overcome them. If you run away from the challenges, life is difficult to live but if you stay rooted and overcome the obstacles then life becomes a beautiful thing to live. Sometimes we have to lose our most precious things in order to gain anything” Emma took a pause and said “you are very special my child”. But there was one thing this time there was a confidence and hope in her voice.

Oliver put his head on Emma’s shoulder and hugged her with full strength just like this was the last time he was seeing her. Mom, said Oliver with a quivering voice, “Mom please never ever leave me, I have already lost my father and I cannot lose you, please”. Emma lifted his head from her shoulder and placed it in her palm and while maintaining eye contact with him she said, “Son, sometimes life is so unpredictable. You have to be prepared for it.”

Oliver’s eyes were full of tears. He lifted his head and wiped his tears with both of his hands. He gave his mother a small smile and so smiled back Emma. “Ok, mom I am going to sleep” said Oliver in a low voice. Good night. “Good night” replied Emma.

Oliver was walking towards the stairs to his room but then he noticed something strange. The basement’s opened slightly of its own with a creaking sound. He became suspicious. As he was about to take another step towards the stairs, Bella Meowed! As Oliver looked back he saw Bella rushing towards the basement. He ran behind her but then immediately stopped at the door.

He remembered his mother’s advice of not going to the basement until he was 12. But Bella was his pet with whom he had spent years. He changed his mind and planed of going inside. He took the lantern hung at the side of the stairs.

A layer of shiver went through his whole body. Sweat was visible on his face and curiosity in his eyes. His mind was overflowing with different thoughts. As he completely opened the door, Dusty stairs were in front of him which went down were in front of him, like they had never been cleaned for years. He slowly took down his first step and clomped down the stairs.

With each step he took, his curiosity grew. Upon reaching the basement, he could see different things cluttered around. On the side was a cupboard with broken glass. There were many dusty utensils in it. To the other side were some broken chairs, a sofa covered with a white cloth which was covered completely in dust and a portrait of a man wearing a black hat was hanging on the wall.

As he walked he could see a small wooden chair in front of him in lantern’s light. There was a big black wooden box on the table. He approached the chest slowly and put the lantern aside on the table. He looked at the box with narrowed eyes.

The chest was covered entirely in dust and spider’s web like it had never been touched in years. The box was shining in green light at the sides. He took out a handkerchief from his pocket and cleaned the chest. Beside the chest was a golden decoration piece with which three keys were hung.

As he was about to open the chest he felt something behind him. He immediately looked back but there was no one. He cleaned the sweat on his forehead with the side of his hand.

As he was about to open the chest again a heard something peculiar rushing towards him. He peeked backwards in horror and as he looked down, he saw Bella sitting in his feet. He took a breath of relief.

He then slowly tried to open the chest but unfortunately the chest didn’t open. He tried again with all his might but the box was not willing to open. Oliver wondered that how he could open the chest. Just then his eyes went towards the keys hung on the decoration piece. He wondered why they were there. He quietly observed them. The first key was golden in color and had a heart on the top, the second one was silver in color and had a green start at the top and the third one was bronze in color and had a circle shape on top.

Oliver picked up the first key. He then looked at the chest but couldn’t find any key hole. He was shocked that what a strange chest it was. He picked up the box and looked at all sides but still couldn’t find the key hole. But then as he locked under the chest he saw three holes. One was heart shaped, the other was star shaped and the last was circle shaped.

He immediately got the idea that what he had to do now. He picked up all the three key and inserted them one by one into the key hole and rotated them. As he finished rotating the third key, all of them starting fading away in golden dust like particles and then disappeared at once.

He was shocked and it seemed that his eyes would be soon out of the eye sockets. With the disappearance of the keys the chest started to quiver as there was something jumping inside it. Oliver jumped back in horror. Within no time the box opened with a loud screeching sound. After few moments Oliver came forward and craned his neck to see what was in the chest.

Inside the chest was a small black box and a brown leather diary under it. Oliver was surprised and suspicious at the same time.

He took out the black box and opened it slowly. Inside the box was a black wand about 12 inches long. It was thicker on one end. There was a white shiny diamond fitted inside the wand on the thicker end. Oliver picked up the wand and brought it near the lantern. As he brought the wand near the lantern he saw the name Charles Loughty written on the back of the wand in golden color. He was surprised to see his father’s name on the wand. He put the wand back in the small box. He then took out the diary from the chest and opened it.

As he opened the diary, strong rays of white light beamed from the diary and lighted the whole basement. Everything was covered entirely in the bright light. The light was so bright that Oliver had to close his eyes. The light lasted for a few moments and then suddenly disappeared. He was amused and as well as afraid after seeing this. He closed the diary and put it in the chest. He then also put the wand in the chest and closed it, took his lantern, and immediately ran to his room.


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