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HALF WIZARDS- The Treasure Hunt

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Have you imagined about the existence of wizards in the twenty first century? Do you know how they got their magical powers? Can you imagine why they always had some secrets hidden from the humans? Yes, this story is about the wizards who had to give up some of their powers and become half wizards, because of the new challenges they had to face in this century. All their secrets were safe with them, until a human sneaked in one of their university and made it a headline in all the newspaper. The half wizards who even though had foreseen this was unable to do anything to prevent this from happening. Cosmos was a famous university of Scotland, where the half wizards studied. It was for the first time some humans were allowed to this university. . Anna Reddy a girl from India was really excited when she heard she was going to be a part of this famous university. She learned a lot about this place from her uncle, who was a professor there. Her expectations about her college life were at its peak when she came to know everything about the half wizards with whom she was going to study. But things were not happening as she expected it would be. Read on and experience the magical moments life brought her. The beautiful and painful memories she had to have just because of an important decision she had to take in her life. There is friendship, comedy, adventure, romance and suspense!!!

Fantasy / Mystery
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Chapter 1


This is a story of the early twenty first century. It was during this time the stories related to magic and wizards became really famous all around the world. The idea of wizards, witches and magic became really popular that many people started to read more of such interesting stories. While everyone were interested reading the books, one man started to search if there was anything true about it.

He searched all possible ways he could. He travelled through different countries. He learned different languages. He talked to thousands of people. He read books about witches and wizards.

After searching for years he finally found what he was searching for. He found a University hidden in the mountains of Scotland where wizards were believed to be studying. He went there pretending to be one among them and found all the secrets hidden within the giant walls of that university. Soon someone there realised this and informed about this to the higher authorities of the University. But it was too late as he had already escaped from there with all the information he could collect.

Professor Alexander Corvus rushed towards the principal’s office. He was a tall well built handsome man, neatly dressed in his black suit. He had a really long and pointed nose which stood out on his face. His hair was also long and straight which was grown up to his shoulder level. He was gasping for breath, when he opened the office door and rushed in. “Sir, we are in great trouble.” he said.

“What is it Professor? What happened?” asked Mr. Thomas Aquarius, who was the principal of the University. He had a thick white moustache on his face. Many students called him snowman because he was fat, fair and always wore a white suit which gave an overall shape of a large fluffy snowball. He looked really surprised seeing Mr. Alexander who was then hurrying towards a small silver bowl of water which was kept at the corner of the room. He too followed him there very anxiously realising there was something really bad that had happened.

Professor Alexander took out his ring which had a small grape sized blue globe on it. He slowly put it into the bowl which made the water inside it dark black tar like in colour. Soon an image appeared on the water surface and it was showing a newspaper with the headlines, ‘Cosmos University; Unveiling secrets behind the giant walls.’

“Yes, The headlines of tomorrows daily. Our little secret will be out soon.” said Professor Alexander who saw the shocking look of Mr. Thomas.

“I knew this would happen someday. But I wasn’t expecting it so soon. Is there anything that I can do still to stop this?” asked Mr. Thomas who was still hopefully expecting that there was something he could do as he was the principal, the head of the institution.

“No sir, we are too late. Nothing to be done at all is it with magic or political influence. We still don’t have any clue about the human who had broken in here last week. There are rumours spreading among the staff that, someone within the University was helping that human. And I think they are right. Not even the very few humans who know about us, even if we convince them that we won’t harm them would dare to step inside Cosmos. There is certainly someone among us who is helping them. We must find the one behind this soon or else it may even affect our survival. Cosmos has already become a talk among the general public.” Professor Alexander replied.

“Anything about ‘SHIELD’? Does anyone know about it?” asked Mr. Thomas who was really worried about it.

“No sir, nothing about it has leaked until now. But we should be taking precautions to prevent any such incidents.” Professor Alexander seemed to be really worried when he said this.

“Yes, you are right. We can’t let anyone know about it too. We should be more careful that no humans should come here ever again. Humans may turn against us completely if all our secrets are out, especially about the ‘SHIELD’. We should never let anything happen like this again, at any cost. ” Mr. Thomas slowly walked towards his chair and sat on it as he said this.

“But sir......” Professor Alexander was about to say something, but suddenly stopped.

“What is it?” Mr. Thomas asked.

“There is a talk among the public that there is something suspicious going on in here. Especially because we are not keeping our admission process open to all. The humans, they want us to take new students from them too. And this was to prove that this University was anything normal to other Universities. Some people have also come up with the request to provide complete protection to the human students once they are in. And I think the Ministry has taken this matter really serious.”

“What are you saying? Take admission from humans. That is impossible. I hope you are aware of what will happen to us if humans are allowed here. No, I will never let it happen.” said Mr. Thomas.

“Excuse me, Sir” there was a female voice from the doorway of the office and a middle aged lady with short blonde hair was standing there in a grey formal outfit.

“You must be Professor Olivia. Am I right?” asked Mr. Thomas.

“Yes, Sir.” she said as she slowly walked inside the office. She was wearing high heeled black shoes, that was bought very recently, that she was not used to it and so she was struggling to walk on it. She was about to fall when she walked inside the room but Professor Alexander rushed to support her. And in the very next moment she was laying in his hands looking at his face, and of course more focussing on his long nose that was pointing at her.

“Thank you” she said and stood back upright on her feet. He took a step back and smiled at her.

Mr. Thomas who was watching all this turned towards Professor Alexander and said, “Meet Professor Olivia Andromeda. She has just joined here as our new Professor two days back. She will be in charge of everything related to our new admissions which will be opening next month.” He then slowly turned towards Professor Olivia and asked, “Have you been waiting outside for long? Is there something you want me to do for you, Professor?”

“Oh, I just came now. I just received a mail which was regarding a meeting held by the Ministry today evening. I was asked to accompany you for the meeting.” Professor Olivia replied.

“I am sure they are calling me to ask for an explanation about everything that happened here. But why did they mail you?” Mr. Thomas asked her who simply stood there silently.

“I think they are planning to take human students for the next academic year. I heard some faculties here talking about it too. And I think that can explain why they called Professor Olivia too.” replied Professor Alexander.

“Yes, because she was in charge of the admissions. Yes, that makes sense. But, why do they have to bring humans to this University? That never makes sense at all. I really don’t know what will happen now?” Mr. Thomas had such a habit of speaking out his thoughts which sometimes have even placed him in embarrassing situations.

As expected Cosmos University became head news for all the newspapers next day.

The news spread all around the world like a fire. Many people started to come in search of the University. A huge lot variety rumours spread about the University , each story which had its own unique explanation on why the University was kept all a secret and humans weren’t allowed to get admission there. Finally after all this conspiracy, the University had to allow permission for some humans to study there. And that was the beginning of everything. Everything that was to an extent expected, but mostly unexpected!

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