Beasts of Men

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All through history man has sought to destroy what is different. When a species that has lived in peace beside humans for thousands of years is revealed. The result is their destruction, but one survives and as the government hunts him he is saved by someone unexpected. Two broken souls come together to save themselves and a race from extinction.

Fantasy / Romance
Claire Booth
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Chapter One

Beasts of Men

Pulling the white stick into the light, sapphire blue eyes narrow as they study it. A gasp echo’s around the room followed by the clatter as nerveless fingers release the white stick.

‘Baby, please open the door,’ his pleading voice muffled by the door. Glancing up her eyes gazed at the locked door before dropping down to the white stick in her hand her bottom lip caught between her teeth. Finally reaching up, sliding the bolt across, and opening the door enough to thrust the stick out into his hands, before shutting and locking the door.

She couldn’t stop the smile that pulled at her lips at the sound of his gasp and then the delighted chuckle. Rising gingerly to her feet she unlocked the door and peered out. His arms wrapping around her waist, his mouth at her ear, inhaling the scent of her hair, his warm breath caressing her ear.

‘I love you so much,’ his hold tightening a fraction.

‘I love you too; this will be a new start for us,’ her smile encapsulating her face, the months of uncertainty and loneliness evaporating as a future stretched out before her.


The sunlight danced around the little clearing as the wind played with the leaves making them tumble about in its teasing grip. Below the boy lay on his stomach his head on her belly as he kissed her exposed skin her eyes closed as a smile played with her mouth. Her hand in his hair twirling the golden blonde strands around her fingers the remains of the picnic scattered around them.

The sound of engines ripped the tranquillity apart heralding the disaster that was about to take place. Climbing to his feet he held out his hand to her a frown creasing his brow. Without saying a word, they stepped cautiously to the edge of the wood to see dozens of black vehicles drive into the centre of the hamlet. Spewing out the soldiers as the people stopped what they were doing to watch the spectacle.

The boy peered around the edge of the building behind him the girl stood clutching her belly pressed against his back.

‘What’s going on who are these people Ben,’ her hand now resting on his arm as she spoke quietly.

‘I don’t know, go inside stay hidden, pack, I think we have to leave,’ Ben whispered in her ear as he ushered her into the house by a side door.

‘Are they humans?’

‘Yes, they can’t find you,’ he turned to her and she could see the fear in his eyes. They broke the treaty she knew that, but she loved him, sacrificed everything to be with him would they really send all these soldiers for her!

‘Where are you going,’ panic clear in Mary’s voice.

‘I just need to talk to my dad and then I will be straight back, and we can leave,’ he searched her face taking in the fear that shone from her eyes her bottom lip quivering. ‘Go get the bags and anything else we might need.’

‘What about the pack we can’t abandon them,’ her voice barely above a whisper.

‘The pack is safer if we aren’t here, we have to keep the baby safe, that’s our priority now understand,’ with a nod she turns away heading to the kitchen. Ben takes one last glance at Mary’s retreating back before running to his dad’s office.

‘Dad what’s going on?’ Ben glanced around at all the men rounding up the pack.

‘Ben you can’t be here, get Mary and go,’ running a hand through his greying hair Stephen surveyed his son and not for the first time wondered what he had done.

‘But why?’ Bens face contorted in confusion.

‘When was the last time you saw a baby, a pure bred,’ Stephen watched as his son understood.

‘I don’t know,’ he stuttered as fear replaced his confusion.

‘You were the last in this pack and now Mary, the government want us gone not breeding,’ Stephen slumped into his chair.

‘Why did you let them in,’ anger growled in Bens voice.

‘I had to let them in, they want to catalogue us,’ Stephen turned away from the accusation in his sons’ eyes.

‘They are frightened that we will mate with the general population dilute them and create monsters. You saw the footage you saw what they did. Now it is happening here, the treaty was a rouse just a way of finding us. I am so sorry they have betrayed us, all of us.’

‘No, they can’t do that, its genocide,’ Bens face contorting into an expression of frustration. Stephen smiled at Ben he was so like his mother it hurt Stephen sometimes just looking at Ben.

‘Yes, except technically we don’t exist only in their fairy tales they can wipe out our race and no one will know. Our isolation and way of life is causing our extinction.’

‘They will take them, won’t they?’


‘What do I do?’ Ben hung his head before mumbling. ‘I won’t let them take my family,’ he glanced at his dad his lip between his teeth.

‘You have to go hide, don’t worry about me, they can’t kill me even in their world I am known,’ Stephen glanced around and then stepped closer to Ben. ‘Use the passage under the house, go to England, there is a pack they will protect you the madness hasn’t reached there. Uncle Callum is there already I will send a message to him.’

‘Thanks dad but what about you?’ Ben searched his father’s eyes.

‘I am still CEO of one of the biggest corporations, they will have to tread carefully,’ Stephen pulled his son into a hug. ‘Now go you don’t have much time,’ Stephen pushed Ben toward the door of his office. ‘Use the chaos to slip away,’ here take this, Ben looked at the bag his dad had pushed into his hands.

‘Thanks dad, love you,’ Ben let a faint smile touch his lips as he hurried along the hall to where Mary was waiting. He had to look upbeat so she wouldn’t worry, she couldn’t know what was really happening or she wouldn’t go with him he knew that.

‘Where are we going?’


‘Why, why are they doing this,’ a small sob escaped her lips making Ben stop turning he pulled her into his arms, did she know, he had shielded her from most of the pack and its workings.

‘I don’t know,’ he lied he knew exactly why, and it didn’t make it better knowing. Cupping her face with his hands he kissed her. ‘I love you,’ glad when a quivery smile pulled at her lips. ‘Now let’s go on this adventure I thought you wanted to go to England.’

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