Lap of the gods

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The Maker, the protector of Adonis and it's people. She is also their god, it was she that brought an end to the war that claimed the world. As she slept, however, the people grew restless, angry and resentful. When the Maker awakens years later after her people no longer trust her, what will she find?

Fantasy / Scifi
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The world is unfair. The world is cruel. The world devoured us, the people of Adonis. The races fragmented and without allies. But then the Maker appeared to us, like a god where our own had abandoned us. The Maker gave us gifts and gave our leaders children of strong magical blood. Their familiars helped build our empires.

That was before our world looked like this. Before the destruction, the war. Before the Maker left us amongst ourselves, weak once again and hungry, with nothing but poison and traitors in front of us.

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