My Mischievous Mate Ethan [BL]

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Running, jumping and gliding in the wind is what he does best. After leaving his pack to be with his father's pack due to his mothers' death, Ethan struggles to get along with the Alpha all to find out that they are mated, especially he and his wolf's perverted desires. Cover art by: the_nerd.artist

Fantasy / Thriller
Vanessa Nicole
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

This is my first werewolf story so I hope you enjoy and since it’s my first, it’s a short story that will have only four chapters.

As I watched her beautiful violet orbs turn silver, her pale lips no longer moving and the hand holding mine loosened its grip, “Mamma,” I called but there was no reply.

“Mamma?” I chocked – I knew it was going to happen but it’s hard taking in this sight. My sweetheart, my mamma, will never call my name again, she will never kiss me again. She’ll never cuddle and sing to me with her beautiful voice – I’ll never see her again, never again.

My eyes glow silver as my wolf’s anger and heartache overtakes. I kick at the ground beneath me. Shifting, Reign, my wolf shakes his fur out and takes over.

Looking down at our mother the tears couldn’t stop as I, as we cry, knowing that our sweetheart won’t wake tomorrow, the day after, never again.

She looked peaceful with the smile on her face but she told us before that she wasn’t ready, she didn’t want to leave me. She said I wasn’t ready to live in this cruel world without her and she was right.

Reign howled as we cried looking up at the moon. That moon that looked like me, that we looked like. Shinning its mourning light on the bed of stone, where my sweetheart’s body lied on.

My heart tore apart as my pack members began the ritual to send her beautiful soul to the ancestors. The warriors held me back as I struggled, I didn’t want to not see her again.

I am weak! We are weak! I can’t stop them, we can’t stop them. Through Reigns eyes, we watched them burn her, the blue flames danced through the sky enchanting us, sending us into a trance.

The Northern Lights lit up the night sky accepting my mother, our sweetheart.

I stood there looking up as the Northern Lights dance all night; even after my pack left, I looked up wanting to fly up and look for her to bring her back to me.

Our whimpers sang through the night until morning when the lights left. The fatigue caught me and I fell asleep, we fell asleep. The morning breeze drifted through my beautiful silver fur that was covered in my scarlet robe, our robe that our sweetheart made us.

Opening my eyes as I felt the movement of the SUV stop. Looking at the handsome man beside me who had a domineering aura around him smile at me, “Ethan, we’ve reached the packhouse,” he said motioning to the front of the SUV. I looked between the seats at the estate before us.

The man got out along with the drivers and warriors leaving me in the SUV, well it’s just that I didn’t get out – I was nervous, we were scared.

Reign howled wanting to run away but I fought him – I’m not that strong like the Alpha’s and Beta’s but I can hold my ground against my crazy best friend Reign.

‘Calm down!’ I said trying to comfort us both.

>What do you mean calm down, why did we have to leave our pack to join this pack, I don’t care if he is our father! I look down on him and this pack! He made us Ethan but stayed away, what right does he have?< He yelled at the top of his lungs. His anger passing through me too.

Balling my hands I fought him… he was right but the pack sent us here, they abandoned us – they did.

Hearing my thoughts made Reign lash out as my fangs and claws grew.

“Pappa! Is he here… is my brother here?” the little voice from outside called out to that man.

I watched him through the tinted windows, pick up the girl calling him papa. He gave her a hug and kissed her cheeks lovingly, “Mn,” he hummed. “He’s sitting in the car, let’s give him a minute, you’ll see him soon.”

She looked at the SUV, seemly trying to find me. Reign calmed down seeing her curious gaze.

We could smell her, she smelt like him, not like us, we had no smell familiar to him or our sweetheart – why… I don’t know why.

Reign looked at me through the rear view mirror; his Jade coloured eyes dimmed returning to my while hollow eyes – I look blind but I am not.

That partnered with my silver hair and pale skin, I looked like something out of a story book, but it was only a birth defect and I was blind, my pack said to him lying to his face unafraid of the strongest pack in the world.

I sat in the SUV for thirty minutes watching as the Solver pack members that held down the River Night territory gathered waiting to meet me. I sighed sitting there – I don’t know what to do.

>Get out and ignore them, let’s run away Ethan< he encouraged.

I laughed, opening the door saying, “You better stay put or I’ll do something far worse than just that!”

I’m short so they couldn’t see me, just hearing my voice. I slowed down as I spoke to Reign while getting out reaching back inside the SUV.

>Do what kill us… you don’t have the balls, I’ll bite them off!< he threatened while stepping forward.

“Okay, okay, I give up, you win, hush now,” I said. A growl escaped my lips making me stiffen – I hated when he did that.

Turning back I looked at him, Alpha Theodore Kane. He looked at me oddly but I did not let it show, my curiosity that is…

“Your wolf?” he asked. I looked down nodding my head while tightening my grip on my sling bag. Looking down at my white sneakers standing on the green grass I frowned, will it leave stains?

He took my hand… my wrist, “This way,” he pulled me to the front, “The teenagers and pups are at school so you’ll meet them later, for now I’ll introduce you to the warriors, trackers Beta’s, Gamma’s, your grandparents, Omegas and our Luna,” I listened not answering.

We stopped in front of everyone, my head was still bowed. His Beta stepped forward, “Hello Ethan, I’m Michael, the one you spoke to over the phone,” he introduced himself.

I raised my head to have a look at him, he is handsome for an old man… opening my mouth I muttered an ‘oh’ making him and many frown.

Michael smiled introducing me to every one of the warriors, trackers and gamma’s. We headed into the pack house meeting the omega’s and the pups that stood a distance from me – afraid.

I smiled at the cuties and moved on. Theodore took me to his office where five people were waiting. Michael, the Luna, two old wolves that looked like him and a younger wolf that looked like him too. He frowned looking at me with his eyes switching from green to black.

I scanned them real quick not looking in a particular direction. Standing beside me, he placed his hand gently on my lower back turning me to face them. He introduced, “Ethan this is my father, David Kane, previous Alpha before me and your grandfather,” he said and I nodded stepping forward, I raised my hands making to touch his face for character’s sake. He stepped forward and lowered his head.

Feeling his features, I smiled then stepped back, ‘My personal space people!!’

“What do I call you?” I asked. He narrowed his eyes looking at me, “How… about granddad, like the other children?”

I nod my head knowingly. It was my grandmother’s turn, she looked beautiful, I wonder how she looks in her wolf form.

“What shall I call you?” I asked and she looked at me disapprovingly but fixed her frown as she was glared at by Theodore.

“Same like the other children, grandmamma,” she answered.

It was Luna’s turn, I touched her as she looked at me expressionlessly. Stepping back, I asked, “Will Luna be alright with you?”

She frowned, “My children call me mamma, you’ll be my child from today, Luna is too distant Ethan,” she said forcefully. I nodded. Smiling, I tried keeping my foul-mouthed friend from speaking.

Next was the last, “This young man is your eldest brother. Jason, he’s three years older than you and the packs current Alpha.”

I looked at him and he was staring at me. I could see the anger in his eyes while he kept a poker face. Bowing my head I greeted, “Hello Alpha Jason.”

I heard him huff. He got up and strode heavily over to me from around the desk. He stood right in front of me, right against me. I took a step back yelling at Reign to keep it cool, since he hated wolves that challenged him.

>Why?! Why the fuck is he acting so arrogantly before us? I don’t give a fuck if he’s the Alpha. Screw him and this shitty pack! LETS LEAVE!!<

‘NO!’ I gritted my teeth. I kept my head down not looking at him.

He huffed again. Saying in a deep commanding voice, “Hurry up and get it over with, you’re wasting my time!”

“Jason!” Our father yelled. I shook my head, “It’s not appropriate,” more like I don’t want my hands bitten off by an angry wolf.

“Why?” he questioned raising a brow.

Swallowing my saliva I answered, “You don’t want me here… I’ll just leave.”

I turned to leave but I was pulled back by the shoulders. Reign took over after he felt the grip pierce through our skin. He kicked back, jumping on the desk away from Jason who was looking at us in shock. The others in the room looked at us in shock too. We were still in human form looking down at them. My eyes glowed Jade Green.

“Ethan wait, he didn’t mean it. He still has to get used to you – we still need to, all of us do,” my father said making me and Reign roll our eyes.

He growled kicking against the desk, throwing us against the window breaking it. We jumped down landing on all fours in human form.

“Ethan!” My father yelled after us. The wolves looked at me in shock not expecting me to crash through the window right after meeting me.

We stood up looking back. I saw Jason jump up, perched on the windowsill ready to jump out with a worried look on his face. Seeing him move we turned and started running – I was fast, real fast and out of sight soon.

Running far away, we reached a river most probably still on the territory. I sat down then plopped down tired.

>I want to see mamma< he complained. I could feel the sadness he felt and we both ended up crying.

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