My Mischievous Mate Wolfram [BL]

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Part Two

Kenneth looked between the Uber driver who looked like he wanted to jump out and listen to the conversation and Wolfram. He also thought the name Wolfram was odd for a woman. He looked at Rhegal and felt conflicted. After a moment of deliberation, he spoke to Jasper the Beta through the mind link and ordered the guards to open the gate.

Wolfram walked in and handed Rhegal to Kenneth saying, “Look after this piece of shit for me and arrange a place for me to sleep. He already slept so he’ll need someone to babysit him while I sleep.”

The warriors looked at Wolfram and Rhegal feeling slightly overwhelmed by his demands. After the bags were taken out of the car and driver were sent off, Kenneth leads Wolfram to the packhouse where they passed many who stopped and stared at them.

Just as he was about to lead the two to a room, Catherina, their Luna walked down the steps. She looked at Wolfram then at Kenneth and asked, “Kenneth, I wasn’t aware that we were having guests, who is this?”

Kenneth bowed and hesitated to speak. Catherina raised a brow at him which made him sigh. “Luna, my apologies, this is Wolfram Melklovavich and her son Rhegal, they are here to meet with Alpha Cedric.”

Wolfram looked between Kenneth and this Luna and frowned. His wolf inside was clawing at him to come out and kill this human before them.

Catherina looked at Wolfram and smiled, “Wolfram Melklovavich, this is an odd name for a female no? I’m Catherina Dimitri, it’s a pleasure to meet you, might I ask, what is the reason behind you visiting my husband?”

Wolfram’s eyes widened at the sudden shock of news and his rage blew, “YOUR HUSBAND?” He asked with his voice raised. Catherina felt frightened hearing Wolframs voice.

“Y-y-yes he i-i-is,” she said as she stepped back almost tripping.

Wolfram took each step forward to Catherina heavily and asked while his wolf Sylva stepped forward taking over, “So are you telling me that my mate is married to you?”

Kenneth and everyone around them including Catherina, eyes widened in disbelief they were left completely dumbfounded. Wolfram’s hand crept up her neck and squeezed, “Answer me!” Wolfram ordered.

“I-I’m h-his m-m-mate, how c-could y-you b-be?” Catherina answered. A mocking smile tugged at Wolfram’s lips and he swung his hand throwing her across the room to Kenneth’s feet.

Rhegal started whimpering again, seeing his mama angry, made him scared. Wolfram turned his body around slowly and the hazel eyes he had before were now light blue and bright. He stared down at all the omega’s and other wolves gathered around helping Catherina and asked, “So you are telling me that that Alpha of yours is my mate and yours?”

The mocking smile on his face grew wide and he pointed to his neck, “Here’s my mark, where’s yours?”

He scoffed when he saw how Catherina held onto her neck but didn’t say anything and was just looking at him with tears in her eyes. He walked up to her and grabbed her by her hair, pulling her by it she pointed at Rhegal and asked, “There’s another reason that proves that Cedric Demitri is my mate and not yours! You weren’t the one who had to deal with pregnancy hormones, giving birth to a huge baby and you weren’t the one who raised him nor are you raising him. I have to deal with his demon spawn shit every fuckin day since he mated with me so DON’T YOU DARE CLAIM THAT HE IS YOUR HUSBAND! You weren’t the one who fought against the soul pull and you aren’t the one that almost died!”

He looked up at Kenneth after letting her go and said, “Where’s the room?” As if nothing happened.

Kenneth quickly got out of his stunned state and looked at Catherina who was on the floor. It’s true that she is married to his Alpha but with Wolfram here and Rhegal as proof not to mention that all the wolves beside him could tell that Wolfram was telling the truth.

Catherina was still family so he couldn’t neglect her and motioned for the head Omega to take care of Catherina while he attended to Wolfram and Rhegal. Seeing that Wolfram could be his Luna, he took her up to their Alpha’s floor into the spare room at the end of the hallway. He also instructed that Catherina wasn’t allowed to be here but suddenly he heard sobs coming from behind him.

Turning around, he looked down at Wolfram who was wiping his tears away that were trailing down his cheeks. They were upstairs and alone so no one else but he was witnessing this scene. Wolfram didn’t know that Kenneth stopped walking and bumped into him but was caught just in time before he fell back.

“W-Wolfram, what…” he started but was cut off by a glaring Wolfram. “This place reeks of that fucker, isn’t there a room where I can sleep in peace without feeling shit?” he asked Kenneth who looked down at him with a strange gaze.

Kenneth could understand where Wolfram came from but what he couldn’t understand is why his Alpha was being referred to as a ‘fucker’. Sighing, Kenneth nodded his head and walked past Wolfram leading them down the stairs and out the back door.

They passed the pack warriors training in the backyard and the pups playing in the nursery outside running in wolf form who all stopped to look at Wolfram and Rhegal. The male and some female warriors complimented Wolfram on his beautiful looks in the pack-link which he couldn’t hear but Kenneth and Catherina could while some kept their silence and just stared on.

Seeing that they were walking between the pack members Wolfram lowered his head because he knew that he couldn’t hide his tears. He couldn’t believe that Cedrick, his mate was married to someone else. They were mates through the moon goddess so how could he mess with fate like this.

He admitted to himself that they had issues but never in his life did he imagine that he would be betrayed by his soulmate like this.

“We’re here,” said Kenneth gaining his attention. Wolfram looked up and found that they were deep into the woods on the Solver Riviera lands and there was no one in sight. Kenneth had brought him to a beautiful cabin that wasn’t too big nor too small.

Stepping forward, Kenneth opened the door and motioned for Wolfram to step in. Rhegal in his arms stretched out his hands and clenched his right hand into a fist and stuffed it into his mouth while his left hand clenched onto Kenneth’s necklace trying to rip it off.

Closing the door behind him after stepping in, he showed Wolfram the different rooms and put down Rhegal’s baby bag on the kitchen table, “This cabin belongs to Alpha Demitri’s family and no one uses it anymore… I don’t think anyone will have a problem with you staying here for the time being. I mind-linked our Beta Jasper notifying him that Alpha Cedric has a visitor. Alpha Cedric is still in a meeting two towns over and will most likely be home latest tonight but he was supposed to return only tomorrow… I’m sure that Alpha Cedric won’t have you waiting Ms Wolfram.”

Wolfram looked at Kenneth with his burning eyes and decided not to correct him on his gender. He didn’t care what people called him since his gender is fucked up in so many ways. Raising his hands, he took Rhegal from Kenneth who started babbling. Kissing his son’s forehead he smelt his bum then got up to clean him.

All while he was doing this, Kenneth stood to the side feeling conflicted. He lost his mate in battle and never got a chance to spend time with her properly and here Wolfram is who was experiencing hurt from being mated to someone who was already married.

Thinking back to that day when his Alpha returned, his Alpha was quiet the whole flight home and when they reached the packhouse his Alpha locked himself away for a week and had the most terrible mood swings after that. When they fought rogues he didn’t let a single one of them live which even scared the pack members witnessing this, he and Jasper included.

Cedric was known as a powerful wolf and the pack he ran has been the leading pack of the world for over a century. All of those events date back to two years ago… if his guessing is correct, Rhegal should be six months old.

Looking at Wolfram’s back as he changed Rhegal he asked, “If I may, how old is your son?” Wolfram paused then continued, “He’ll be six months and a week on Friday.”

Kenneth nodded his head although Wolfram couldn’t see him. After changing his big baby into a jumper he handed him to Kenneth along with the baby bag, “He only drinks breast milk but he won’t drink until it’s time for his naptime which is in three hours. If he starts crying just entertain him but no yelling, he has a bad temper when he isn’t in a good mood so be careful. If he does shit he isn’t supposed to like eating dog food or drinking poison, just let him be, he needs to learn from his mistakes,” he says leaving Kenneth speechless.

“If he really is too much to handle you can throw him away, I need to sleep so don’t disturb me until it’s his nap time,” he ends and shoos them away after kissing Rhegal again on the forehead and whispering an ‘I love you’ to him which makes him giggle.

Rhegal bounces while still in Kenneth’s arms making both his mama and Kenneth smile. Leaving the cabin, Kenneth headed down to the packhouse with Rhegal awing at all the trees and nature they pass.

After closing the door, Wolfram sighed and walked to the bedroom in the cabin which Kenneth showed him. He sat down on the bed dejectedly. His eyes burned and the tears poured out of his eyes. Raising his hands to his face he cried into his hands.

The pain both he and his wolf felt was heart wrecking and painful like bolts of lightning striking at their hearts.

“Wolfee, please don’t cry. I’m sure that Cedric and King have their reasons, they are the Alpha’s of this pack and need a Luna to be by their side,” Sylva whimpered trying to convince both his human and himself.

Shaking his head Wolfram didn’t want to be convinced. Pulling his hands down, he got up and took off his shirt and jeans while saying, “No! In no way can any of this be within reason. You know as well as I do that that mother fucker shouldn’t be married to anyone else but us!”

“Please stop calling our mate that Wolfram, I know you don’t like what happened in the past but he is our mate. King loves me as much as Cedric loves you even though he doesn’t want to admit it. You too Wolfee, you love Cedric and King so please stop disrespecting our mate and listen to reason,” he begs.

Sylva knew as well as anyone that his human was a stubborn mess but King and Cedric were wrong this time and he wanted to know why they would marry someone other than them.

“Stop playing stupid Sylva, there’s no way we can make up after this,” Wolfram commented and shut the connection between him and Sylva.

He hated arguing with his wolf but Cedric and King was a topic they both had issues with. King and Sylva love one another mostly because of the bond that draws them together. Wolfram fell in love with both Cedric and King but the way they treated him was out of the question.

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