My Mischievous Mate Wolfram [BL]

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Part Three

Being treated like shit wasn’t something he wanted in their relationship so he had to let Cedric go even though it killed him inside. The two of them were from different worlds and he didn’t belong in Cedric’s.

After dressing in a nightdress he climbed into bed and laid his head down. Just as he thought he could though it out, he remembered the pain he felt through the separation two years ago and cried into his pillow.

It was excruciating pain and he felt it once again. Turning his head, he cried into his pillow and eventually fell asleep.

Outside by the nursery, Kenneth sat in the middle while the pups surrounded him in a circle also sitting on the floor. Some had their mothers beside them while others had the Omega’s looking after them. The pups who were now in their human form and fully dressed were singing nursery rhymes and clapping their hands while Kenneth was trying, the main word trying to get the stubborn Rhegal to clap his hands by forcing them together but the little bugger was just glaring at him and trying to eat his hands.

After struggling for who knows how long, Kenneth gave up and just sat there listening to the pups sing. His back faced the doorway of the pack house while he was watching the pups and after a while the scent of their Luna drifted into his nose.

Immediately she mind-linked him, “Come see me in Cedric’s office.”

Kenneth frowned but got up with Rhegal in his arms and when he turned around she wasn’t there. He stepped into the pack house with the babbling baby who made many aww and coo as they passed them.

Arriving at the office on the first floor he knocked, “Come in,” came from the other side. He looked down at Rhegal who stopped babbling and whimpered while he looked up at him.

He patted Rhegal on the back then opened the door and closed it behind him. Staring ahead, he saw that Catherina was facing the picture frame of her and Cedric together in it on their wedding day. She turned around slowly looking at him and her eyes fell to the baby in his arms.

Her eyes narrowed on Rhegal and he could feel Rhegal stiffen in his arms. “I think its best that you wait for Alpha Cedric to arrive before you do anything, Luna,” he said and saw her eyes snap to him. She took a book off the shelf and threw it at him. He didn’t move but turned and let the book hit him while he protected Rhegal who stared up at him in disbelief.

Kenneth slowly turned while his eyes quickly swept over the camera’s in the corner of the office on the roof noticing that the red lights were off meaning that the security cameras were switched off. Kenneth felt disgusted by the fact that someone like this is his Luna.

“Forgive me if I have angered you, Luna,” he said with a bow while minding Rhegal in his arms.

“Oh, you’ve pissed me off alright! Believe me when I say that I will make sure you lose your position in this pack for thinking that that slut is higher than me! She could be lying and here you decided to do as she says instead of listening to me, YOUR LUNA!!” she yelled at him.

Rhegal’s eyes widened at the piercing scream and started whimpering with tears swimming in his eyes. Kenneth looked down at him who had his eyes closed and saw that his breathing had picked up along with his heart rate speeding up. He suddenly remembered the warning Wolfram gave him about yelling but something didn’t seem right.

Catherina grew annoyed at Rhegal’s whimpering since it was a tad bit too loud and picked up another book throwing it and purposely aiming the book at Rhegal’s head, “SHUT UP YOU BASTARD!” she yelled as the book flew and missed his head hitting his head due to Kenneth moving out of the way.

Rhegal’s eyes shot open meeting Kenneth’s terrified gaze. His mouth trembled and opened; releasing and ear-piercing scream. The sound of his cry sounded like that of one being tortured. The moment the book hit Rhegal’s leg Kenneth’s enhanced hearing picked up the cracking sound it made. His eyes snapped to the book that landed on the floor and saw that it was one of his Alpha’s locket books that held secrets in them like a secret chamber that he kept locked.

His eyes snapped to his Luna, growling at her he asked as his eyes turned to that of his wolf’s, “What in the hell is wrong with you? How dare you hurt him!”

Catherina looked at the book she threw at him. She felt instant dread take over her body. The book she threw at him was blunt, heavy and sharp. She looked back at Rhegal and his leg already started turning purple.

She snapped back to reality when she saw the door rip open and Kenneth speeding away with the noise machine in his hands. She wanted to go after him and stop him and maybe try to convince him that she didn’t mean it but then she remembered that she turned off the cameras and sighed in relief.

She sat down in her husband’s chair and looked down at the hands that caused this mess. Her mind raced trying to think up an excuse – she finally came up with one then quickly picked up the book and placed it back on the shelf and went up to the floor where here and her husband’s apartment was.

Bellow, Kenneth ran to the pack clink and mind-linked the pack doctor who was on his way down. They arrived at the same time and Doctor Rowan took Rhegal from Kenneth and placed him on the bed while his wife Angella, his nurse quickly got the events taken place to this point from Kenneth. When they heard his words the husband and wife pair looked at each other and sucked in a cold breath.

They heard that Wolfram was here and know of their Luna’s personality so it made sense but they all knew that she’d be scheming once again trying to get herself out of this mess as she always does; Dr Rowan examined Rhegal and did an x-ray on Rhegal’s leg.

During the picture’s processing, they gave him a pain shot and applied ointment on the bruise. After the picture was printed it showed what Kenneth feared, the book fractured Rhegal’s leg. The clinic room was silent. The three looked at each other and in the link where only the three of them can hear, Angella stated, “If this child is Alpha Cedric’s offspring…”

Cutting her off her husband said, “Let’s take a DNA test just to be sure, Alpha Cedric is two days away unless he was informed of their arrival?”

Thinking fast, Kenneth quickly mind-linked Jasper who confirmed that they were already on their way. Cutting the link Kenneth sucked in a cold breath, “Alpha Cedric is on his way home. Everything already points to Rhegal being our next Alpha. Please take care of him while I inform his mother of what happened.”

The couple looked at him with pity and nodded their heads. Kenneth left the pack clinic and changed into his wolf form, shaking out his fur he dashed up the mountain through the woods and stopped at the cabin.

Knocking on the door he called Wolfram’s name but there was no answered. He forced the door open breaking the lock and walked to the bedroom where he heard a soft snore coming from. Wolfram was facing the door and his nightdress was halfway off him covering only the top of his body and the blanket was on the floor.

His eyes travelled down his body and Wolfram’s leg that was slightly lifted exposed the pink silk and lace panty that fitted around his butt cheeks and cupped his balls perfectly. His balls… thought Kenneth.

After a moment his eyes widened in disbelief. Clearing his throat he looked away. Wolfram’s eyes shot open and he raised his head. His eyes scanned Kenneth catching the slight blush to his cheeks.
Getting up on all fours he sat on his side and looked at Kenneth after fixing his nightdress. “What is it and why don’t you have my son?” he asked in a slightly deep voice that was laced with sleep.

Bowing Kenneth answered, “I’m sorry to inform you of this, your son, you left in my care was injured due to my carelessness. He is at the pack clink and is in pain.”

Wolfram looked at Kenneth who was bowing and frowned. Normally he wouldn’t give a shit and he still didn’t but for Rhegal to be in the clinic, it must either be him over-exaggerating or Rhegal must be seriously injured.

Rubbing his hand over his face he asked, “What happened?”

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