My Mischievous Mate Wolfram [BL]

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Part Four

Standing up, he folded his hands behind his back and stood at attention. Answering, “I was at the nursery with him when our Luna called me into the office. I took Rhegal with me since you left him in my care and she was not happy with it. She is angry that I prioritized you and your son over her which led her to be humiliated. She took her anger out on me by throwing a book at me, which I blocked.”

Wolfram got up from the bed and started walking out of the room to the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face while listening to Kenneth speak who continued while standing outside the bathroom, “She yelled and Rhegal’s breathing hitched. He started crying and she threw Alpha Cedric’s locket book aiming for his head. I don’t think she was aware of this though because she seemed shocked when the book hit the floor…”

“Don’t try to cover up for her,” Wolfram interrupted.

Kenneth paused then continued, “I noticed too late that she threw the book at him because I was trying to get him to calm down and just barely managed to dodge the book that was aiming for his head and this lead to the book hitting his left leg.

Rinsing his mouth out Wolfram looked into the mirror and it was no longer him. Turning his head to look at Kenneth Sylva asked, “She aimed it at his head?”

Sylva’s voice was deadly calm which sent shivers down Kenneth’s spine making even him, one of the top warriors scared. Taking a step back, he nodded his head lowered his gaze, “A-as the Gamma of the Solver Pack I’ve failed you and your son. I…”

“Don’t explain yourself to me. I knew that something would happen to him even if he wasn’t left in your care the same thing would have happened. Lead me to the clinic. I am confident that King will deal with this fittingly and Rhegal is strong even though he has his issues,” Sylva stated and walked past Kenneth.

Kenneth looked at Wolfram who stepped past him and out of the front door with his night-dress on. Frowning he walked on after him noting that he himself was naked and felt embarrassed.

‘I’d light to kill that bitch but I don’t want to be charged with assault since she’s human,’ he thought to himself.

When they arrived at the clinic Wolfram could hear Rhegal’s whimpering. Opening the door he saw that Rhegal was in a nurse’s arms. The minute his mama’s smell drifted into his nose, he started crying.

“Oh shut up,” he said and took his baby from Angella. Taking out his left breast he stuffed it in his son’s mouth who sucked on it happily. After a few minutes passed Rhegal’s eyes closed. Wolfram raised his leg and looked at Dr Rowan who was sitting to the side, “How long will it take to heal?”

“The fracture isn’t too deep so it will be around two weeks to a month,” he answered.

“Your son hasn’t shifted yet so this is why it will take time,” he added. Wolfram nodded his head and turned to look at Kenneth, “Tell Cedric that I am here and if he doesn’t hurry up, I’m slaughtering every one of you.”

Kenneth was about to object but then did as he was told. He mind-like to his Alpha,” Alpha Cedric, are you there?”

“Yes Kenneth, speak,” he answered.

“I’m sorry to interrupt your travels but we have a situation at the packhouse,” he says.
Cedric, “Is it about the guest we have?”

Kenneth, “Yes Alpha, Luna injured our guests’ son’s leg with your locket book.”

Cedric, “So this happened in my office?”

Kenneth, “Yes Alpha. Uhm… our guest said that if you do not hurry it up, he’ll slaughter us all.”

Cedrick scoffed, “Who is so brave to threaten my pack?”

Kenneth, “He says his name is Wolfram Melklovavich from the Siberian Wolf pack.”

Cedric stayed silent for a moment then asked, “Are you serious?”

Kenneth, “Yes Alpha, I wouldn’t lie. He arrived three hours ago and he claimed to be your mate, also…” he trailed.

Cedric, “Speak!”

Kenneth, “Rhegal looks like you.”

Cedric, “Tell him I’m on my way, we’ll be there in two hours.”

Kenneth, “Yes Alpha!”

Cedric, “Oh and Kenneth?”

Kenneth, “Yes Alpha?”

Cedric, “My mate, he is strange, please act accordingly.”

Kenneth, “Yes Alpha, but what should I do? Luna, she did it on purpose.”

Cedric, “What do you mean?”

Kenneth, “I don’t know what she was planning to say when she called me into the office. I had Rhegal with me and he got injured in the process. She didn’t come with me to the clinic to make sure that your son is okay and she turned off the camera’s in your second office.”

Cedric, “What?”

Kenneth, “I have to go now, Rhegal started crying again.”

Cedric, “KENNETH??”

Cedric’s heart dropped when the mind-like got cut. He rubbed his temples and frowned.

“What happened?” Jasper asked as he looked over at his friend.

Turning his head to look at Jasper, Cedric felt like digging a hole and hiding inside of it, “Something Mischievous came to mind.”

Jasper looked at his friend then turned to look back at the road. “Forgive me but I don’t understand, does this have something to do with the person visiting the packhouse?”

Cedric hummed, “Somewhat,” he answered listlessly.

“You shouldn’t have kept her a secret,” he stated earning himself a glare from Cedric.

“Him not her,” he corrected.

Jasper turned to look at his Alpha then turned back to the road… “I see,” was all he said and the remainder of the drive back home was silent.

Throughout the ride back home, Cedric’s thoughts were filled with worry and self-pity. The happenings of the past flashed through his mind bringing on more dread to his heart. He hated himself for what he did but didn’t have the balls to man up and apologize.

>This is all your fault!< King growled in Cedric’s head.

“I know, how much longer are you going to rub it in my face?” he asked his wolf.

>For the rest of our lives. I told you to divorce her and now look what she’s done! SHE HURT MY PUP CEDRIC!< he growled while clawing at the walls.

>Wolfram is our mate, Cedric! I told you that we need him by our side yet you still left him. It’s been two years Cedric, fucking two years! You should have left Catherina before he decided to come home! IF MY MATE HATES ME CEDRIC, YOU AND I ARE GOING TO HAVE BIG PROBLEMS.< he growled and shut the connection between the two of them.

Cedric growl, making Jasper wince. He steadied the car, “What happened?”

“King shut the link, I can’t feel him anymore,” Cedric answered while rubbing his hand over his face.
Jasper, “Why didn’t you say anything?”

Sighing, Cedric looked out the window and said, “It’s complicated.”

“Alpha, you will need to explain it soon. As your Beta, I never question you and just follow but Cedric, as you friend… you fucked up big time,” he says making Cedric turn to him. He couldn’t say anything and because he knew he did.

Back at the packhouse, Wolfram walked up the steps to Cedric’s floor with Kenneth behind him. He saw that the door needed a thumbprint for the scan. He looked down at Rhegal whose eyes were droopy and smiled.

>Try it.< Sylva said making her frown. He raised his hand and placed his thumb on the scanner. A click was heard and surprise-filled both her and Kenneth who stood beside her.

>Well, I guess they knew we were coming…< Sylva commented.

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