My Mischievous Mate Wolfram [BL]

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Part Five

“But how when he didn’t take a sample of our DNA?” he asks and opens the door. The smell of Catherina enters their nose making him growl and his claws break skin.

His eyes flashed blue as his voice deepened, “Come out Catherina.”

In walked Catherina with her hands folded across her chest, “What the fuck are you doing here?′ she asks with contempt.

Smirking, Wolfram walked up to her slowly hissing in her face, “My mate’s on his way and he knows what you did – I could fucking skin you right now and feed you to my son for fracturing his leg. When Cedric returns I can guarantee you now that he and King will hold you accountable for your actions and as the Luna of this pack, I’ll be smiling elegantly when I actually want to rip your throat out. Enjoy your stay while you’re at it.” He says and turns around.

Kenneth follows him downstairs and as they are about to head back to the cabin when three black SUV’s stopped at the back. The doors opened and the smell of his mate entered their nose sending an intoxicating feeling through his body.

He looked down at Rhegal who was fast asleep in his arms then back at Cedric who was stalking his way over towards them. Wolfram frowned seeing the odd look in his eyes. Cedric stopped in front of him and stared him down.

The pack lands were so silent that not even the breathing of the wolves and warriors could be heard. The sound of Rhegal’s soft snore seeped into their ears. Cedric’s eyes that were trained on Wolfram’s travelled down to the sleeping body of his son in his mates’ arms.

After a while, he picked up on the racing heart of his mate making his eyes snap up catching the tears that fell from them. He reached out his hands and pulled his mate in, hugging him so tight trying to make up for the last two years.

The sparks ignited bringing weakness to both of them as the feelings they felt two years ago came back, “So you finally decided to come to me,” Cedric stated. Rhegal groaned in between his parents which made them pull away. Cedric wiped away Wolfram’s tears but his attention was caught when Rhegal whimpered.

He looked down and saw that his bright green eyes were staring at him. He picked the big baby up and Wolfram disappeared. “Make sure you sort your shit out before you come find me again,” Wolfram stated as he walked towards the forest.

Rhegal gripped his father’s shirt then started babbling. Cedric’s eyes softened as a smile tugged at the corner of his lips. He cradled him in his arms and caressed Rhegal’s cheek tenderly. Jasper cleared his throat catching Cedric’s attention.

Cedric frowned at him, “What?”

Jasper motioned with his eyes to the pack members. Cedric scanned his piercing eyes and ordered, “Get back to training!”

The pack members quickly scattered away afraid that their Alpha would punish them. Cedric turned back to Jasper who was about to take Rhegal away from him and raised a brow, “What are you doing?”

“What? I want to hold him too, go deal with your wife,” Jasper teased and managed to get hold of Rhegal and pulled him out of his father’s grip. Cedric knitted his brows remembering that Catherina was still here.

>Deal with her!< King ordered.

Cedric groaned and stalked towards the packhouse. Entering he ordered a Kenneth and Jasper to follow him. They made their way up to his office where he sat down and reviewed the footage of the camera which Catherina switched off. After watching it he switched to the second and third camera and instantly regretted watching it.

His hand formed fists. He stood up and slammed his fists against the desk splitting it in half. Rhegal jumped in Jaspers arms and started whimpering. Cedric’s anger subsided instantly when he heard Rhegal’s whimper.

Stepping over his desk he got Rhegal from Jasper and rested him against his left shoulder. Patting his back he said in a calming voice, “There, there baby boy, I swear I won’t frighten you again okay, please don’t cry.”

Rhegal calmed down soon melting his father’s heart.

Cedric entered his floor and sniffed out his wife. Heading to the bedroom with Rhegal in his hands, he opened the door and glared at her. Before he never yelled at her for anything she did wrong and it was his fault for lying to the entire pack but this didn’t give her the right to do what she did, she injured a baby and insulted his mate.

Catherina halted in her steps and turned her head to look at him. Forcing a smile, she looked into his eyes and before she was about to say something, he growled. She jumped back and looked at him frightened.

“Pack your things, you’re going back to your parents,” he ordered. She watched him place Rhegal on the bed on his back and asked in a timid voice, “C-Cedric, what do you mean?”

Cedric sat down on the bed, he looked at her and said, “Catherina, you behaved unfitting on my mate.”

She stared at him in disbelief, “Cedric what the hell? These things only happened because that hussy claimed to be your mate! You can’t be angry at me for what I did!”

Cedric regarded her, picking Rhegal up he said, “That hussy is my mate and this baby is our son, proof of our bond.”

“How can she be your mate?! Am I not your mate?” she screeched. Rhegal turned to look at Catherina and growled. Cedric chuckled. Rubbing his back, he calmed him down.

“I lied Catherina, you know I did and you went along with the lie. I admit that I should have told you but I couldn’t. After I met Wolfram I mated with him by force, it was wrong of me and I tried to make it right but he wouldn’t budge. In the end, I had to leave him behind and come back home, that is why I was so angry and depressed after I returned. And even though he is back, you have no right to treat him and my son this way, for all you should have welcomed them with open arms but you didn’t. I want you to leave and that is final, don’t make me throw you out because I won’t be nice, I’ll send you money and whatever else you need but you need to leave, if you don’t leave willingly, I’ll have Casper and Kenneth throw you out,” he said.

Getting up he left and went downstairs, heading out back he went up to the cottage to meet with his mate. Before he could knock on the door, it opened. A red-eyed Wolfram. His heart ached seeing Wolfram like this. King howled in pain as he cried.

Feeling guilty he asked, “Were you crying?”

Wolfram rolled his eyes, “No bitch, my eyes were bleeding. Give me my baby!”

Cedric chuckles humourlessly. Handing his son over to his mate he stepped into the cottage and closed the door behind him. Following his mate to the living room, he sat down beside Wolfram and pulled him to his side hugging him.

Wolfram’s familiar scent entered his nose making both him and King purr. Wolfram smiled as he felt the familiar tingles from before. Sighing into Cedric’s arms he asked lowly, “Did she leave?”

“Not yet,” Cedric answered.

“When?” he asked pulling out his left breast and stuffing into his big baby’s mouth. They both watched Rhegal suckle.

Cedrick answered him, “She will leave but not without a fight.”

“Okay…” he answered and remained silent for the rest of the day.

The end :) Thanks for reading.
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