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During the period of his legal feeding, Carver Night comes across a handsome young man that he follows home. Little did Carver know that after he’d feed off of the younger man that he’d revive. Luckily for Carver, everything is contained before it becomes a mess but Carver’s life just turned bright. Cover art by: the_nerd.artist

Fantasy / Thriller
Vanessa Nicole
Age Rating:

The Dark of Night

“Carver Night, let me introduce you to Oliver Schechter,” said Aldrich Grayson of the Ambrose Global Group who was acquainted with Carver through many business deals but what Aldrich didn’t know was that Carver Night did not like him.

Carver Night was bored out of his mind. He hated Aldrich Grayson to the bone and this fool decided to entertain him once again with his antics, ‘Maybe I should make his annoying ass my next meal’ he thought. He stood up from his chair and turned around.

Carver’s bright yellow eyes widened when he gazed upon the man standing beside Aldrich, Oliver Schechter. His dead heart started beating up giving him an even greater shock; Oliver was drop-dead gorgeous with his ink-black hair cut in a bob, his long arms and legs dressed in a black suit with white stripes crossing horizontally. His lips were perfectly plumped and pink, suckable to the extent that made Carver’s cock twitch.

Oliver extended his arm out opening his palm for Carver to shake, “Mr Night, this is an honour. Never in my life have I ever imagined that I’d meet the great Carver Night,” Oliver smoothly complimented Carver as he batted his long eye lashes at him.

The smile on Oliver’s face was genuine but it left an uncertain feeling in Carver’s chest that he couldn’t understand. Carver extended his hand out and shook Oliver’s hand gliding his slim fingers against Oliver’s delicate hand with a chuckle, “It’s a pleasure to meet your acquaintance Oliver, why is it that we haven’t met before?” Carver asked as he made sure to secretly pay attention to all of Oliver’s delicate features.

Oliver raised an elegant questioning brow that evened out quick, “Well this is my first time attending one of these gala’s Mr Night.”

“And why is that?” Carver asked as he gripped onto Oliver’s hand firmly and using his free hand, he traced it down Oliver’s spine stopping at the small of his back and guided Oliver towards the bar area leaving Aldrich Grayson behind who went about his own business.

“I’m not particularly fond of such gatherings,” Oliver answered as he pulled his hand away upsetting Carver into frowning. They reached the bar, Carver leads him to sit on one of the empty stools not knowing that he was making Oliver incredibly uncomfortable.

Carver sat down beside Oliver and ordered a drink for himself and motioned for Oliver to place his drink too. Carver stared into Oliver’s Greenish-yellow eyes after they placed their drinks, “Why not? This is for charity.”

Shrugging Oliver answered, “I don’t mind giving my money away but to sit around and do nothing but speak to people is quite annoying on several occasions.”

Carver chuckled in relation as he brought the glass of whiskey on the rocks to his lips, “I know the feeling. I hate these types of gatherings but I just have to pretend to be perfect Carver Night,” he mocked.

Oliver pursed his lips as he thought of Carver’s words, “You seem a bit too unhappy about this subject?” Oliver stated.

“You noticed?” he winked with a smirk. “Oliver, what are you doing after the gala?” Carver asked as he scanned his surroundings with nothing in particular in mind.

“Going home, I have work at three in the morning,” Oliver answered as he checked the time on his wrist watch.

Carver frowned, “Why?” He still wanted to spend more time with Oliver since he was finding it so hard to figure out why he couldn’t read him like he could with other people.

“It’s easier that way. I start at three and end at three in the afternoon, a full twelve hours.” Oliver smiled at Carver but froze when he saw Carver’s intense gaze as stare at him. His yellow eyes sent a shiver down Oliver’s spine that made him feel unsettled, it was as though Carver was seeing straight through him with curiosity and it was freaking him out slightly.

He stood up from the stool and took out his wallet. Flipping it open he took out his business card and slipped it towards Carver with a heavy heart, “I do hope I get to see you soon Mr Night,” he forcefully said with a smile.

“Leaving so soon?” Carver pouted seeing through Oliver nervousness. Oliver shook his head with a chuckle, “Yes, I have no choice if I want to keep myself from messing up my sleeping pattern.”
Carver nodded his head and handed his business card to Oliver and waved him off. Oliver made his rounds to say his goodbyes to everyone. Carver looked at the business card reading, “Gerard Financial Consultants – Oliver Schechter.”

Carver tapped Oliver’s business card on the bar counter thinking as he stared at the card ‘I couldn’t read his thoughts.’ He could smell Oliver’s scent on the card but it was feint and he wanted Oliver’s scent to wrap around him and to fill the room around him.

The more Carver thought about it brought about the urge to have him all to himself and just this thought made his gums itch and the fangs he’s been hiding made his hunger grow.

Carver got up from the stool and strolled out of the hall ignoring all who wanted to speak to him. He stepped into an elevator car and waited as he was taken to the lower parking ground. Stepping out of the car he made his way to where the parking lot was.

His steps seemed slow but were very fast. Standing at the exit door he opened it and watched as Oliver drove off in his black Audi R8. When the screech of the wheel’s no longer sounded, Carver elegantly walked towards the edge of the building and jumped through the space of the viewing platform landing on a tree.

Energy pulsed through his body stopping at his feet and with the force of the gathered pulsing he pushed back on his feet and flew up into the sky with his wings spreading far. Carver followed Oliver home in the dark of the night through the clouds from high above. Oliver parked his car in the garage of his two-story home then walked up the steps to his home. After taking a shower he sat at his desk and checked his emails and schedule for tomorrow; after sorting that out he went to his room, towel-dried himself and got into bed naked – completely exhausted from today’s works.

His head hit the pillow and sleep pulled him in. The time was nearing eleven and the exhaustion got him heavily. Light snores echoed in the room notifying who ever, the owner of the house was sound asleep and in dream land.

The window quietly opened and a man dressed in all black stepped in without a sound to his steps. Carver’s bright yellow eyes were the only thing that could be seen. Through his advance night vision, he saw the most appetizing individual that he had ever laid his eyes on.

Oliver was sound asleep naked spread like an eagle; Carver’s eyes molested Oliver’s muscled body that flexed as he turned over onto his stomach after feeling the slight breeze of the wind that came in through the window Carver came through. Carver’s mouth watered at the sight of Oliver’s butt perked up with his legs spread and his shaft between his legs just lying there, inviting him.

Carver’s cock strained against his pants; he stripped out of his layers of clothes and climbed onto the bed. Crawling closer he lowered his head and ran his nose up Oliver’s juicy right leg peppering kisses along its length as he smelt the Arthur Ford body wash on him.

Oliver moaned lowly as he felt the cold lips against his skin in his sleep. The tip of Carver’s nose reached the crease of his butt cheek meeting his thigh. Carver kissed up his cheek and opened his mouth, he bit down and sucked in a mouthful of the soft butt cheek.

His cold trails of kisses and touches sent shivers up Oliver’s body. Carver’s tongue licked up the crease of Oliver’s cheeks, licking up and caressing the puckered bud. Spreading his cheeks apart, he pulled back and his mouth instantly watered seeing the ring of tight muscles. Carver stuck his tongue out and plundered the bud with his tongue, ravaging the bud with his mouth sucking it and fucking it with his tongue, sucking on it as if it was his oxygen.

Oliver’s eyes shot open but he couldn’t move because the moment his breathing hitched by the attack on his hole, Carver’s eyes constricted locking Oliver’s body in place. Oliver’s body was forced down and he couldn’t speak. His nails tore into the sheets as he felt uncomfortable from the cold and forced entry.

Carver gave one powerful stroke, tugging his shaft and lined himself up. He stretched Oliver’s legs out of the way and leaned down against his back. Pulling his hips back, he snapped them forward sending his cold rock hard cock into the warm, soft tunnel lined with strong muscle rings, forcing his way up in hitting the hilt. Oliver’s eyes widened; the pain the ice shaft struck him with as it forcefully embedded itself in his back entrance, brought him misery. A firm grip snaked its way to the front of his neck and forced him up, this slight movement sent the shaft further up cracking his prostate as Carver pounded himself in and out of him.

His back hit an ice wall that sent chills throughout his body. His walls inside were being frozen but fought an honourable battle against the war weapon. Grunts of pleasure escaped Carver’s lips at every powerful thrust his snapping hips brought him.

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