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Actions Speak Louder [BL]

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Since he was born, Jayden was different to all other Alpha children and being born in an all Alpha home made things even harder for him, but there was hope in the Alpha family who saw potential in him. As much as others saw him as a nuisance, Jayden saw the bigger picture and it was not being married to one Alpha, all though he loved him, but in the future he envisioned for himself. Gathering as much courage as he could to change his destiny, he made his actions speak louder than the words he could barely speak. Cover art by: the_nerd.artist

Fantasy / Drama
Vanessa Nicole
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Welcome to another one of my stories :) I hope you enjoy.

Sitting in his room inside the villa in the backyard of his parent’s estate, he sighs deeply with trembling limbs. It was 12:52 AM and he couldn’t sleep. He was nervous, extremely nervous.

He looks down at his mobile and sighed relieved, his father was still awake seeing that he answered his e-mail.

He e-mailed his father earlier on this afternoon after making sure of what he needed for groceries:

To: Arthur Rayleigh

Good day sir,

Please can I be excused tomorrow after school so that I can stock up on my groceries? I need vegetables, fruits, lunch supplies and toiletries. It all will cost the usual six hundred and twenty dollars.

I’ve also run short on my supplements and will need an extra two hundred dollars for the supplements.

Thank you for your time and sorry if I have inconvenienced you in any way.


Jayden Rayleigh.

His reply was plain as usual with: Granted, I’ll leave it with your driver, be sure to hurry up and get home, don’t inconvenience anyone further.

Reading his e-mail Jayden could literally hear him grunt. They all hate him but he loves them – stupid, he knows, but they were his family and will always be. Placing his mobile on the nightstand he got up and got into the shower, urinating at the same time then completed his nightly routine. Getting out, he got dressed, blow-dried his hair and got into bed. Switching off the lights, he sighed and cried himself to sleep as usual.

Jayden Rayleigh was an Omega within an elite Alpha family – the dominant Rayleigh clan. Before he was born, they were expecting a daughter because the previous children of Arthur Rayleigh were male, three to be exact. When Juliet Rayleigh found out that she was expecting, she informed her husband and they were excited, four months later when they went for a sonogram, they were told that the child was indeed female.

Excited for the birth of their baby, the Rayleigh’s made plans, sending her to a private school for the elites and even decided what she would wear. Her name was supposed to be Ashely Julieta Rayleigh but out popped a baby boy. They were extremely furious especially Arthur Rayleigh for being deceived.

He went ahead and planned his daughter’s wedding, promising her hand in marriage to his old classmate who he was close with and had business relations to and selfishly wanted to make his clan stronger by forming a marriage alliance. Nevertheless, they accepted their son and named him Jayden Reed Rayleigh and the alliance was put on hold until a baby girl was born.

They all loved Jayden and treated him like any other until he entered the first grade and his teacher noticed that he wasn’t growing as big as the other children. He was smaller and very sensitive, he only ever wanted to be near his parents, his friends and never interacted with boys as much as he did with the girls. He’d cry for every little thing and when he was scolded and told to act like a big boy he yelled back that he didn’t want to be a big boy.

Thinking that this was a serious problem, his teacher spoke to his parents and when suddenly one day, his father became seriously angered at one of his employees and took it out on him with a loud yell, he cowered. When Arthur tried to go near his son again after that incident Jayden refused to get near him, running away even at his presence.

Jayden’s behaviour wasn’t normal for an elite Alpha so they went to the council, paid three million dollars to get his gender tested through an ancient way. When the results came, they couldn’t believe it, never in the entire history of the Rayleigh clan, had there been an Omega born. They were utterly disgusted not even his mother wanted to touch him. They left a crying Jayden at the council who contacted the Omega Welfare to pick up an abandoned child. The Alpha who came for him was furious after he heard about all that had happened. He himself was a dominant Alpha born from an Omega mistress, who was abandoned and made to suffer.

He took the crying Jayden back to his home that was a safe haven for all Omega’s, young and old. He received funding from the elite of the society and his own multiple clubs and even fell in love at some stage with an Omega who gave birth to his son who was a year older than Jayden and was at the same school.

The mere mention of Jayden became a taboo and a topic that stained the Rayleigh clan’s name, it was never mentioned in front of them again – but people spoke and when the clan they had an alliance with for their so-called daughter found out, the parents of the ‘son’ in question were fine with Jayden’s sub-gender and were happy. Jayden was already someone with a bright future and would be an asset in the company if he progressed, especially if he excelled in mathematics.

“Arthur, I know you see your son Jayden as a stain but I don’t mind having him as a son-in-law. Jayden has been bright since the age of three and knows his multiple tables and can divide at a thought, your son is bright and will be an asset to my company if he is moulded and given the right opportunities in life, please reconsider taking him back and fixing the alliance, Adrian has always thought of Jayden as his best friend and he will eventually accept it but even if he doesn’t, I will look for a marriage partner for him and take him off your hands,” Aiden Carter said in his meeting with the family.

Arthur was completely upset that he had brought up this subject and wanted that filthy whore as his son-in-law, “Why would you want that filthy Omega whore as a son-in-law? You can choose anyone as a partner for Adrian, why that Omega?” Arthur asked through gritted teeth. Aiden stared at his friend with wide eyes. He too believed that Omega’s were the scum and whores of the world but… frowning he said displeased, “A six-year-old boy who was brought up in a loving Alpha family, he is bright and was loved by you all,” Aiden sighed and got up, looking at his friend he said disappointed, “Jayden is only six and has yet to experience the world yet you are calling your child who you expressed your love for a few weeks ago a whore? Whores are people who go sleeping around and yes, if he is not protected, he will be a whore one day but right now he is an abandoned broken child, if you won’t get your son back from the Welfare, I’ll speak to my wife and adopt him.” Leaving those words behind, he made his way back home with a sigh.

It took some time but Arthur Rayleigh went along with his wife to get their son but when they arrived there Jayden refused to return, he was forced to leave and Arthur who had a stand-down with the Alpha in charge managed to let his son go and return with them. He also made sure to give them a gracious donation for the trouble they put the Welfare through.

He was only a few weeks away from his family but Jayden understood, he wasn’t like all the other boys and would one day be scorned and humiliated by the world and his family. When he returned home with them, they could see that he was no longer their loveable son no matter how much they tried through their disgusting behaviour to make him feel at home, not even the Beta servants could make him comfortable.

Jayden got up every morning, had breakfast in his room and left for school where he excelled as Aiden Carter anticipated. The top of the school, only second in all his subjects to his fiancé Adrian Carter.

Adrian Carter who was a grade ahead of him grew up with hopes of being married to Jayden until his world was shattered when a few of his friends teased him about marrying a whore. He eventually found out that marriage between men was only allowed if the men getting married were Alpha and Omega, curiously he found out that male Omegas were seen worse than female Omega’s in society and was extremely shocked – why would his parent’s make him marry someone so horrible?

But his parents stood by their decision which made him angry. He stopped being friendly with Jayden around the fourth grade in public but because it was his parents wish, he behaved when they were at dinner parties. One looked elite while the other was submissive and always kept his head down in public.

Every child would be tested at the age of thirteen to find out their sub-genders but Jayden already knew his. When age fourteen came, his heat affected the entire household and was moved out to the villa outside. Injections, pills, supplements and more – he needed them all but what humiliated him the most was that every month, he was tested to see if he was a virgin.

The Rayleigh clan worsened in their treatment towards Jayden after his fourteenth birthday. Jayden wasn’t allowed to have breakfast, lunch nor dinner with them. He had to stay on his own, keep up his grades, always show respect towards everyone including his younger siblings who were brought up to hate him.

Jayden Rayleigh had to learn how to cook, clean and look after himself. He only got money for his groceries, essentials and supplements, wasn’t allowed out of the villa, unless it was necessary. Projects had to be done at school if he needed to research them with a bodyguard near him so he wouldn’t get himself defiled by anyone.

In all honesty, Jayden only communicated with his father through e-mail and Aiden who would actually phone him after a big test and ask him about it, sometimes he’d be calling randomly asking about his day and when they were at gathering’s he’d strike up conversations and make him laugh. His wife Candice was another that made sure to cheer him up when he could. The Carter couple made Adrian accept a good morning kiss on the cheek every day from Jayden and a goodbye kiss which in a way they hoped that it would strengthen the string that was somewhat holding them together.

Jayden’s alarm rang out of nowhere. Opening his eyes, he looked at his mobile and reached for it. Wincing at the brightness of the light he quickly swiped it so that the sound would shut up. Placing it back on the nightstand he turned around in his single bed and rubbed his eyes. Sighing, he got up out of bed and did his morning routine.

Done in the shower, he looked at his swollen eyes and fought back tears that wanted to break out. He left the bathroom and got dressed in double clothes. He put on white shorts over his underwear and pulled on his school pants. He shrugged on a tight white crop top that he secretly order and pulled on a tank top over it then his white shirt and blazer.

Going into the kitchen after sorting out his hair and shoes, he made breakfast and his lunch for school. After eating the egg sandwiches he made he packed his bag for school and placed a box on the kitchen table. He hesitated for a moment but sucked it up and turned on his heels, leaving the villa with his phone in hand.

Looking down at it, he started, heading to settings as he walked to the car waiting for him, he set his phone to factory settings. “Good morning,” he timidly greeted his drive and received the money from him but shook his head, “Please keep it until after school, I might lose it,” he said before climbing in and closed the door behind him.

He set the phone to factory settings six more times before arriving at school. Placing the phone in his pocket, he got out of the car after thanking his driver who nodded and watched him walk through the gates of the school. Jayden walked in with his head hung low and made his way to the back staircase where he always waited before classes started. Every day, he’d arrive an hour early because this place to him was far less suffocating than his home.

Sitting down on the staircase, he placed his bag down and went to reset his phone five more times before it gave in. Jayden sighed in relief, ‘It worked.’ He smiled to himself but was startled, “Look, Adrian, your Omega is smiling at his phone, I wonder if he’s cheating on you,” Peter, Adrian’s best friend joked.

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