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Chapter 11

Brent looked around and continued, “Firstly, let’s look at it this way, we can find out who we are bonded to through the relations our families have. Jayden bonded to Adrian since birth because of the deal between their parents. Jayden being confused with a female and then being revealed to be Omega – the Carters not having problems with Omega’s – it all fits. Secondly, my relationship with Emerson, he lives in a different country, yet we’ve met on several occasions just by fate itself. Then there’s the altercations between our families – I am certain that it starts with our families.”

“When I recently went to China with Jayden, we visited the Omega Welfare there and Jayden told me about this woman who he met. She was an Omega, raped by an Alpha she didn’t know during his heat and fell pregnant. Later, she found out he was a model through her friends and went to live with them because she couldn’t stay with the baby in the Welfare any longer because of the increase in Omega’s that were moving in. She told Jayden that her son, looked exactly like the head of the family, her son’s father and the eldest son of the household. The family wasn’t willing to put up with her because the Alpha was getting married in two weeks. She told them that all she wanted was a place to stay, food and a bed for her son. The family didn’t believe her, but they were proved wrong, she worked many hours a day just to make sure he had everything he needed. The child wasn’t even attached to the father because he could sense that he wasn’t wanted and is closer to the eldest son and the head of the household. The eldest son decided to take her in since he and his wife had secretly divorced and all he wanted was a family because his ex-wife refused to fall pregnant, the woman agreed to stay with him and not long after that, she fell pregnant and it was found that she was bonded to him – I dug deeper and found out that the family that kicked her out was acquainted to that elite family through a car accident – in all, the mates of this generation and the generation before us have been met with tragedies before fate takes over,” he added.

Everyone’s scalps went numb. This information was too daunting. “What was the point in telling us all this?” Adrian asked curiously. Brent stared at him, then said, “Well, it’s an easy way to find out who we are fated to and I need you all to say yes to the Omega protection law.”

“With the clans backing the law, you won’t have a problem, but we will all have to convince our families and after tonight’s fiasco with Rachel, what do you think will happen?” Tristian Carmichael asked.

Everyone turned to look at Reegon and saw that he had a grim expression on his face. They were waiting for him to answer, but he seemed to be lost in thought. Currently Reegon was trying to think of how he and Christian were related. He was always at ease when he was with the younger boy and they spoke over the phone just to hear each other’s voice. Reegon was at first biased against Omega’s until he was saved by Christian, to him, Christian was his benefactor and after seeing him a few times, he wanted to ravish the younger boy behind locked doors. Currently, they were meeting up without anyone knowing and Reegon even went as far as sneaking into the Rillwich home to lay with Christian in his arms. The Rillwich’s weren’t a dominant clan, but they were still elite and the attraction between him and Christian was growing strong, he’d been keeping his distance but for how much longer could he?

With the information from Brent, he couldn’t understand how? Was Christian not his mate? Or was the family hiding something from him? But how? He was the current head of the family and everything was disclosed to him by the elders and his father.

“REEGON!!” Adrian’s voice boomed through the room. Reegon snapped out of his thoughts and looked at Adrian in surprise, “What happened?”

“What do you mean what happened, you spaced out on us and we’ve been calling you for the last five minutes? Did you even hear what we said?” Peter said from beside him. Reegon shook his head and wiped away the sweat from his forehead, “Sorry.”

“What’s bothering you?” Taylor King asked from across him. Reegon looked over listlessly, he wasn’t keen on explaining his sick behaviour, going after someone far younger than him and shook his head, “I was just wondering if Brent’s explanation served with every situation.”

“I don’t think so,” Brent answered, “Just the ones I’ve researched came out that way, why? Are you doubting your relation with the William family?” Reegon’s eyes widened in disbelief, he completely forgot that he was engaged to her because of his infatuation with Christian.

Brent started back at Reegon’s horrified gaze and felt that something was off, not only him, but everyone else could see it. “There’s something you aren’t telling us right?”

Reegon sunk into his chair, shaking his head he answered, “I forgot up about her.”


Jayden stared at Mitchell horrified, since he found him six months after his disappearance, Jayden was sure that Mitchell must have stuck a tracker on his body. When he arrived with Logan and their son, he became agitated.

Mitchell always tended to chew him out about just up and leaving. He was currently carrying boxes with groceries in them and Logan was carrying his son. Handing Ashton to him, Logan went out to the van to get the other supplies. Mitchell glared at the servants ordering them to tell him where the kitchen was as he went on, “You should have told me and I would have gotten here sooner.”

“I know, but I was busy with everything and I just lost track of time, especially after Adrian got all bossy,” Jayden complained and shooed the servants out of the kitchen who were displeased.

“Well, you have a lot to do and don’t expect Logan to help you throughout the night, he’s pregnant I won’t have you abusing him!” Mitchell scoffed leaving the kitchen. Logan came in with a bitter smile, kissing his son’s cheek he said, “Jayden, don’t mind him, I’ll help you out as much as I can, I’m not a high risk patient anymore and I’m so glad this house has two double ovens, you work on the brownies and I’ll continue with the cupcakes, we’re making one hundred and twenty of each flavour right?” Logan reassured him and asked.

Jayden nodded, “Will Wes help us?” He asked as he unpacked the eggs from the box. Logan nodded his head, “He doesn’t want to but Miki threatened him into it, he will be picked up after everything is cleaned up at the hall, by the way, did you eat? I bought us burgers.”

Jayden’s eyes widen, “Yes, please but let me get the blondies into the oven.” Logan chuckled with a shake of his head. He started mixing together a three batches of Vanilla cupcake mix from scratch while Jayden got together six batches of blondie mix from scratch. Mitchell came in with more ingredients, the packaging and stickers, along with trays and pans.

The boys thanked him, “Come Ashton, let’s leave your mama and uncle moron alone to do their work.”

“But I want to stay with mama,” Ashton complained. “No can do, you’ll eat everything before it can be done,” Mitchell said and walked out with his son, “We’ll go pick up the other moron and Christian, see you too later.”

“Christian’s coming too?” Logan asked confused. “Yea,” Jayden nodded, “He asked me in the break room if he could help, he said he was so surprised to see me back and wanted to know what I did during the past two years, so I told him to come over with Mitchell when he brings Wes, it seems to me he wants to also talk about Reegon.”

“Why?” Logon asked, confused, shrugging Jayden answered, “He has always had a thing for my brother, I guess he just wants some comfort.”

Jayden chopped hazelnuts and sprinkled them over the blondies, placing them in the oven, he set the timer and left to dig for his burger, pulling it out and taking a bite, he moaned. Logan chuckled, “Jayden, don’t get an orgasm in the kitchen, people cook in here.”

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