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Chapter 12

“But I can’t help it, I haven’t eaten all day and now I just realised how hungry I was,” he protested. Logan rolled his eyes, “How many flavours of blondies will you make?”

“Just this one, last week, the plain blondies didn’t sell and for some reason the patrons enjoy nuts. I’ll be mixing peppermint chocolate into one of the brownie batches and caramel chunks into another. Ashton voted for Oreo brownies and I’ll be mixing pecan nuts into another batch. There will be a plain batch and another with scotch in it for the adults.” He answered between bites.

Logan ate a box of fries sitting beside Jayden and watched the oven timer tick. The air smelled delicious soon making all the people in the house curious especially the Alpha’s in the meeting room. The sweet smell danced in the air confusing them, “What is that smell?” Luke asked.

Brent chuckled, “It seems Mitchell found Jayden already.”

“What do you mean?” Adrian asked as he got up ready to walk out. “It means Jayden is currently working and will cuss you out of you disturb him and I’m sure, Logan is here helping him.” Brent continued.

Adrian sat back down because he wasn’t ready to be cursed at by his mate just yet.


“Valentines is around the corner, I have a few ideas,” Logan suddenly said. Jayden looked at him and shrugged, “Go for it.” Looking at Jayden’s listless body he smirked, “I was thinking that we could make roses or flower’s the size of Ashton’s fist, chocolate moulds with some type of filling like, cream cheese and raspberry or strawberry syrup, caramel or almonds mixed with chocolate in it.”

“Sounds good but don’t expect me to help your ass wait for chocolate to set, it’s a good idea but I have no patience for it,” Jayden said finishing up his burger and taking Logan’s off his hands.

Logan rolled his eyes, “You mean like the chocolate bomb we made last year and that’s a staple during winter? I want to make that too but a valentine version and hot chocolate cones with mini marsh mellows in them to give as gifts to lovers.”

“We’ll be making the rose jellies again but I couldn’t find the green sticks, I searched online but still there was nothing,” Jayden complained getting up and mixing up the brownie mix.

“Then we’ll use what we can,” Logan answered.

Time went by slowly and Christian arrived with Mitchel, Wes and Ashton. Christian watched as the Omega’s were getting things together and his mouth watered, Jayden chuckled and gave him as much as he wanted, looking at Christian he asked, “So what did you want to talk to me about?”

Christian frowned as he stuffed a piece of brownie into his mouth, thinking for a moment he asked, “Why did you run away?”

Jayden raised a brow and looked at him, tilting his head to the side he answered, “Because I was being treated as an endangered species. Locked up in a cage unable to do anything but wait for marriage.”

Christian nodded, “Are you not afraid that your parents will do harm to you? I mean, your sister is now engaged to Alpha Adrian and she was being snobby about it while you were gone.”

Jayden hummed, “I’ve heard that but Adrian loves me, he always has even when we were children and the fact that my parents might do something… I’m protected by the Omega association thanks to Alpha Brent so they won’t do anything without evaluating the consequences first.”

Christian looked down at the saucer that had the brownie in the centre and whispered, “I’ve always liked Alpha Reegan but now, I understand that it is more than like, it is love, he’ll get married soon and I don’t know what to do.”

Jayden stared at him blankly, he hugged Christian and said, “Well, want to know a secret?”

Christian looked at him and nodded his head.

Jayden smiled at him and said, “I love Alpha Adrian, I always have and always will.”

Adrian who was standing by the door why blushed hearing Jayden’s words, he snuck up behind Jayden and wrapped his arms around him.

Both Jayden and Christian caught a fright and looked at Adrian horrified.

Adrian kissed the back of Jayden’s neck and said, “I love you too.”

Jayden rolled his eyes, pushing away from Adrian he asked, “So tell me why are you going to marry my sister?”

Adrian looked at him apologetic then looked at Christian and said, “Christian, I’ll be borrowing my mate.”

Christian nodded his head and looked away with his cheeks. Scooping Jayden up in his arms, Adrian stalked over to the master bedroom and threw Jayden on the bed.

Adrian stripped out of his clothes, leaving his boxer shorts on and climbed onto the bed. He picked Jayden up and sat him down on his stomach while they sat in the middle of the bed and looked up at Jayden who was turning a bright shade of red.

Holding Jayden’s hands against his chest Adrian sighed, “Jayden, a lot happened after you left and the previous clan members forced the engagement, mainly my elders and your elders.”

Jayden ran his fingers over the tattoo of his name that was across Adrian’s chest. He looked into Adrian’s eyes and asked, “Why did you do this?”

Adrian pulled Jayden down and hugged him, “Well, for one, when I first got permission to get a tattoo, I couldn’t make up what to get and decided on your name.”

Jayden frowned against the rumbling of Adrian’s chest and asked, “When did you get it?”

Adrian raised his hand and slapped Jayden on the butt and grabbed it firmly making Jayden hiss and smack his chest.

Adrian chuckled and said, “Well, I got it a year before you left me.”

“Huh?” Jayden asked confused and sat up.

Adrian bit down on his bottom lip as Jayden settled down on his manhood unknowingly.

Adrian nodded his head, “Yes, if you don’t believe me, you can ask the twin Alpha’s.”

Jayden shook his head and climbed off Adrian and lied next to him in his arms, “Adrian, I still have to work, can we talk later when I am done?”

Sticking his neck into the crook of Jayden’s neck while he lied on top of Jayden he mumbled, “How long? I still want to know what I missed out.”

Jayden sighed as he wrapped his legs around Adrian’s waist and said, “I did say I wasn’t going to leave again.”

Adrian hummed, “Mn, even if you did, the tracker I shot into your ass will help me find you.”

Jayden rubbed his hand up and down Adrian’s back then suddenly froze. Adrian’s shoulders were shaking followed by sniffles.

Jayden hugged Adrian and asked worried, “Adrian, what’s wrong?”

Hugging Jayden tighter he answered, “I’m glad you’re safe Jayden.”

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