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Chapter 13

Jayden stayed with Adrian until he fell asleep, then went to the kitchen and finished up. When he came downstairs, Logan informed him that Mitchel took Christian home.

The next morning, Adrian woke up and found the bed empty. Frowning, he got up and looked at the time, it was already past nine.

He went out in search of his mate and frowned when Jayden was nowhere to be found. The head servants also did not know where Jayden was.

Stalking to his home office, he sat down behind his desk and switched on his laptop. He opened the app for the tracking device and Jayden’s location immediately popped up.

Sending the address to his phone, he switched off the laptop and went back to his room where he quickly did his morning routine and got dressed. Heading downstairs, he took a bottle of water out of the fridge and the left over snacks from last night that they didn’t eat.

He went out and the driver was already waiting for him. He informed his driver of the address and they headed out.

When they arrived at the address, Adrian frowned. They were at a market and this place was filled with people.

Looking down at his mobile, he opened the tracker app and followed it all the way to Jayden’s stall that was manned by Logan, Jayden and Kefla.

Adrian didn’t go up to the stall and stood further away where he watched Jayden jump up and down excitedly and talk with his customers.

Adrian couldn’t help but smile at the happiness Jayden was displaying.

Ignoring the other people in line, Adrian made it to the front completely surprising Jayden. Glaring down at Jayden he asked, “Why did I wake up and you weren’t by my side.”

Jayden’s eyes widened. He quickly grabbed Adrian’s arm and dragged him behind the stall, folding his arms, he said as he looked up at Adrian, “Good morning to you too jackass.”

Adrian pouted and mumbled, “Morning.”

Jayden smiled and shook his head. Draping his arms over Adrian’s shoulders, he hugged him and was hoisted up. Looking down into Adrian’s eyes, he said, “You were sleeping so soundly, did you really expect me to wake you up? And look, you knew exactly where to find me so why are you upset.”

“Jayden~” Adrian squealed.

Jayden chuckled, then lowered his head to kiss Adrian, “It’s okay, I only have like until everything is sold out then we can cuddle in bed together.”

Adrian shook his head, “Can’t I just buy everything out instead?”

“No,” Jayden said with a frown.

Adrian rolled his eyes, “Fine, then kiss me.”


After everything was sold out. Mitchel left with Kefla and Logan with all the supplies while Adrian took Jayden and the money.

After Jayden finished at the bank, he climbed into the back of the car and sat on Adrian’s lap and looked at him, “Don’t you have work to do?”

Adrian nodded as he continued sniffing his mate out and said, “I do, but I want to spend time with you, if you never ran away, I wouldn’t be so clingy.”

Jayden hummed and asked, “What are you going to do about you and my sister? Have you told anyone that we are bonded?”

Adrian nodded his head and answered, “I told the brotherhood last night so I am sure your brother will in from your family. I still have to tell my parents and of cause, you will go with me later on.”

Jayden looked into Adrian’s eyes, then his eyes fell to Adrian’s lips. Looking back into Adrian’s eyes, he saw that they were darkened with hidden meaning.

Jayden leaned down and kissed Adrian on the lips, which Adrian returned by sucking Jayden’s lips into his mouth and started devouring him.

Jayden and Adrian kissed each other passionately bringing out all the blocked emotions of the last two years and longing that they had for each other.

In the front of the car, the driver could smell the mass of pheromones leaking out and started trembling, luckily for him, he was a Beta. He took out a spray bottle from the glove compartment and sprayed the car and wind the windows down.

He changed the course and returned back to Adrian’s home.

Knocking on the dividing window, he said, “Mr Adrian, we’ve arrived at home.”

Adrian made Jayden straddle him and opened the door. Climbing out, he continued kissing Jayden and with their combined pheromones, everyone outside and inside fell to their knees with the weaker ones falling unconscious.

Adrian arrived with Jayden in his arms in his bedroom and threw him on the bed. Stripping out of his clothes, he climbed on the bed and helped Jayden take off his clothes.

Soon the two were in a battle of passion, bliss and lust.

The two of them were tangled together until the following day.

Finally, everyone was able to move and get to what they missed out. They were mostly shocked at what the pheromones of the highest ranking dominant Alpha could do when he had the one he wanted.

Adrian woke up rejuvenated while Jayden stayed unconscious from exhaustion. When he looked at Jayden who was lying in his arms he winced.

Jayden was covered with bruises and bite marks all over his body… Bite marks.

Bite marks.

Bite Marks.


Adrian sucked in a deep breath while his eyes trailed over Jayden’s neck and saw that there was this huge bite mark on it with dry blood on it.

Getting up, he picked Jayden up and took him to the bathroom where he gave him a bath, then went downstairs to get help from the head maid.

As he was holding Jayden while he was being attended to, he tried but couldn’t remember when he pulled Jayden’s collar off because the collars the Omegas wear is so difficult to take off.

As he was thinking this, his face awashed pink as he realized that no one will ever be able to satisfy him after this.

“I am done young master,” the head maid said and bowed.

Adrian carried Jayden upstairs and placed him in the bed, grateful that the servants came in, changed the sheets and cleaned up while he was downstairs.

After he covered Jayden with the sheets, he kissed him on the lips and stroked his hair. Sighing, he reluctantly got up and left with Jayden’s phone in his hand so that it wouldn’t wake him up.

He went to his home office and immediately started getting work done on what he missed out on these two days.

After answering email after email, Jayden’s phone rang.

Adrian frowned when he said that it was Mitchel phoning and answered, “Hello?”

“Who is this?” Mitchel asked.

“Take a guess,” Adrian said.

Mitchel rolled his eyes and asked, “Where’s Jayden, he needs to come sort out his things.”

“Asleep,” Adrian answered blandly.

“Well can you please wake him up and tell him to get to work, there is a customer here who is pissing us all off,” Mitchel said irritated.

Adrian frowned, “Well, I’m sorry to inform you but I can’t. What is the problem, I might be able to help.”

Mitchel grit his teeth and exhaled. Calmly he said, “Our dear customer ordered a baby shower cake in a colour that is brown that is the shade of pink. Now, she is refusing to pay for the cake and demands that we refund her and give her the cake because it is not the colour she wanted, with the excuse saying that its pink instead of brown.”

Adrian’s frown deepened, what kind of nonsense was this?

Rubbing his temple, he asked, “How accurate is the cake’s colour to her request?”

“Very accurate, she was saying that there was no way that this could be what she wanted. When she came in for her quotation, Jayden asked her multiple times if this was what she wanted and she said yes, now that it is in front of her she is singing another song,” Mitchel said.

“Did Jayden authorize the colour scheme?” Adrian asked, not sure what to say.

“Yes, when we colour fondant or icing sugar, we sit with paint colour cards to make sure that it is accurate and Jayden was the one who coloured the fondant two days ago, so I don’t know what to say to her,” Mitchel said as he glared out of the office window at the lady talking on the phone complaining.

“Mitchel, if Jayden thought it was right then it should be. I trust Jayden’s judgement and know for sure that in school he studied art. Ask her if she went to art school that she can suddenly say that this is incorrect, and tell her that you have no time for her bullshit, if she has a problem, she must bring her lawyer to mine,” Adrian answered.

Mitchel nodded, impressed. “Okay boss, there was a man who came in here and asked us what is so special about our cakes compared to any other place, what should I say to him?” Mitchel asked as he saw that man walk in.

“Even if you paint the cake gold he won’t be satisfied, tell him to fuck off, you are not going to help him,” Adrian answered furiously.

He didn’t know what was great about Jayden’s job, but he for sure knew after tasting the food at the auction, that Jayden knew what he was doing and for someone to shit on his wife achievements made his blood boil.

“Alright, I will contact you if we have any more problems,” Mitchel said.

“Sure, and when you are done working, can you bring me a sample of each thing that you serve at Jayden’s shop,” Adrian said.

Mitchel chuckled and just said okay.

Adrian was still angry that Mitchel didn’t inform him that he found Jayden and just went on with his daily life, when Mitchel arrives later, he’ll most definitely get answers out of him!

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