Actions Speak Louder [BL]

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Chapter 14

Jayden woke up and his body was so full of pain. With every move he made, it hurt.

He looked around and did not see Adrian beside him and when he looked between the curtains, he saw that the sun and frowned, getting up and out of bed with his heavy body, he walked over to the window and opened the curtains.

His eyes shut closed from the brightness of the sun. He rubbed his eyes and when he took his hands away, he saw that he was dressed in powder blue fleece shorts that fit him perfectly and an oversized red shirt of Adrian’s.

Pulling the shirt up to his nose, he smelt it and melted at the scent of his mate.

Sighing happily, he went back to the bed and climbed in covering himself.

Jayden ended up rolling over to Adrian’s side of the bed and started whimpering, he released his pheromones unconsciously and to his surprise, Adrian burst through the door, and yelled “Jayden?”

Jayden looked out from under the blanket at Adrian, shocked, “What?”

Adrian pinched his nose, “Why are you releasing your pheromones?”

Jayden cut off his pheromones and blushed, hiding under the blankets he answered, “I can’t help it, I was missing you.”

Adrian lied himself on top of Jayden and kissed him through the blanket, “Well, you gave me a fright, I thought something was happening to you.”

Adrian pulled the blanket down to look at Jayden but Jayden was not budging, so he rolled off of Jayden and climbed under the sheets.

He looked at Jayden who was bright red under the blanket and smiled at him. Leaning closer, he kissed Jayden on the lips and said, “Good afternoon, Honey.”

Hugging Adrian, Jayden teased, “Good afternoon hubby.”

Adrian’s heart started racing when he heard that word. He kissed Jayden on the lips and asked, “Did you sleep well?”

Jayden nodded his head, “Mn, why didn’t you wake me up?”

Adrian shrugged, “How can I wake you up when you were sleeping so soundly.”

Jayden looked at Adrian unamused, “You made me miss out on work.”

“Oh really?” Adrian asked and climbed on Jayden and started tickling him.

Jayden yelled stop as he giggled but Adrian did not stop.

Sighing after having his fill, Adrian lied down on top of Jayden.

Jayden wrapped his legs around Adrian’s waist. The two of them remained silent while they lied in bed like that.

A while later Jayden said, “Adrian, I can feel you.”

Adrian was trying his hardest to keep himself together but he couldn’t and he for sure knew that Jayden could feel him.

Adrian turned his head and looked into Jayden’s eyes, after thinking it over he asked, “Can we do it again?”

Jayden’s whole body shuddered as his mind reminded him of what they did yesterday and throughout the night.

Jayden nodded his head slowly and made Adrian smile. Lifting himself up, he kissed Jayden on the lips and said as he looked down at him, “I promise to not hurt you.”


The head maid came to the master bedroom and knocked on the door and said, “Young Master, a mister Mitchel is here to see you and Mister Jayden.”

Adrian was lying on the bed with Jayden asleep by his side. He looked down at Jayden then got up and pulled on sweat shorts and a robe.

He left the room and followed the head maid to the receiving room where Mitchel was sitting and saw that Mitchel wasn’t alone, in fact, Logan and their son were with him.

Adrian’s eyes landed on the box on the table then looked at them and nodded his head in greeting, “Mitchel.”

Mitchel nodded his head in greeting and introduced, “Adrian, this is my husband Logan and our son Ashton.”

Adrian held his hand out to Logan and said, “It’s a pleasure to meet you two. Jayden is currently sleeping so he won’t be joining us.”

Logan shook Adrian’s hand while Ashton just looked at him.

The three of them followed Adrian to the living room and Mitchel placed the box down on the coffee table and said, “I brought over one of each other cupcakes that we made today. The rest, you’ll have to ask Jayden to make for you or wait until we have events again. There are the chocolates Logan made, brownies, fudge and marshmallows with some tarts too.”

All of the things he listed sounded sweet, looking at Mitchel Adrian asked, “So Jayden cooks and makes these sweet things?”

Just as those words fell, Mitchel and Logan saw Jayden walk in from behind Adrian. Both of their eyes widened in surprise.

Jayden was covered in bite marks and bruises and the most eye catching thing was that Jayden no longer had his collar on.

Adrian turned around when he saw that he didn’t have their attention and frowned when he saw his mate.

“Why are you up?” Adrian asked as he held out his hand to Jayden and pulled him down to sit on his lap.

Jayden shook his head and leaned against Adrian’s chest. He looked at Mitchell and Logan and asked, “How was work?”

“How was work? That crazy woman came into the store for that baby shower cake and didn’t want it, Mitchel phone you but your Alpha answered. Not only that but some man wanted to know what is so special about our cakes. Today was a mess without you,” Logan complained.

Jayden sighed and asked, “Was everything handled?”

Logan nodded his head and said, “Yes but we have other things to discuss, you are only seventeen and already marked, what the fuck Jayden?”

Jayden’s eyes widened, he quickly sat up and felt around his neck for his collar. WHen he couldn’t feel it, he turned his head and glared at Adrian, “When in the world did you mark me?”


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