Actions Speak Louder [BL]

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Chapter 15

Reegan smacked Rachel across her face and glared down at her after she landed on the floor and looked up at him with tears in her eyes.

“Brother! How can you smack her?” Their mother screeched.

Reegan glared at his mother and pointed his finger at her, “She is disrespectful and arrogant, that’s why!”

Reegan looked back at his sister and said, “No matter how you fight for this non-existent relationship between you and Adrian, it will never happen! I will only tell you this once, do not go causing trouble for Jayden and Adrian again they are a bonded couple and you interfering with their relationship will only cause me trouble and no one else!”

Reegan turned on his heels and stalked out of the house. He climbed into his car and said to the driver, “No need to drive me.”

“Yes sir!” the driver bowed and watched as Reegan drove off.

He punched the steering wheel a couple of times with his right fist and cursed, “Fuck!”

Looking at the time on his wrist watch Reegan sighed, it was too early to do anything.

He drove off to the store and bought a bunch of things and placed them into a silver gift bag and drove off to their company.

The entire day at work, Reegan felt irritated and couldn’t wait to leave work. The paperwork was piling up and the continuous bombardment of questions about Jayden was pissing him off, not only that but they also started talking about this engagement he wanted nothing to do with.

His eyes trailed down to his left wrist that had the bracelet on his left wrist that he got as a birthday gift from Christian. He reached his right hand over and caressed it.

His secretary walked in and paused when she saw her boss smiling down at the bracelet on his wrist.

She looked down at it curiously then cleared her throat and said, “Sir, I have the ASR documents here for you to sign, there are also a few appointment days I would like your approval on and it is almost three, will you be having lunch here or out of the office?”

Reegan looked up at his secretary and said, “Next time knock, I do not appreciate you barging in on my privacy.”

She nodded her head and walked over to him. He signed the documents and looked at the dates, “Change this meeting to the eight of next month and these people, I do not plan on helping them anymore, call Luke and tell him to get a court order done, I am not dealing with people who steal from us.”

Nodding her head and taking note she asked, “Will you be eating in or out?”

“Out,” Reegan said as he stood up. He looked at his secretary and said, “I won’t be coming back to the office, if there is any work to be done, email it to me.”

She nodded her head and followed him out.

Reegan got into his car and drove off to an Italian restaurant where he ordered Caprese salad with pesto sauce, pasta carbonara, chicken Alfredo and Tiramisu to go.

When his order was ready, he returned with it to his car and drove off to his destination.

Stopping his car at the gate of the estate, he looked at the guard who stared at his car shocked and quickly scrambled to open it.

He drove in after greeting the guard with a honk of the horn. Stopping in front of the house, he climbed out and was greeted by the butler of the house who looked panicked, “Greeting sir.”

Reegan nodded his head and asked, “Is he home?”

The butler bowed as he answered, “Yes, master Christian arrived not too long ago and was just informed of your arrival.”

Reegan nodded and handed the bag of dishes to him and said, “Get that ready for us.”

“Yes,” the butler bowed and followed after Reegan stepped into the house.

He made his way to Christian’s room quickly and knocked on the door. The door opened and Reegan came face to face with Christian who looked at him surprised.

Opening his mouth Christian said, “You don’t look well Alpha.”

“Christian…” Reegan managed and stepped into the room and closed the door behind him.

Christian stepped back as Reegan came in and lowered his head.

Reegan took off his coat and jacket then chucked them to the side on the hamper. He stepped closer to Christian and hugged him, “My family and job is giving me too much stress, I am sorry I look displeasing to you.”

Christian hugged Reegan back and shook his head, “No, that is not what I meant. Is there any way that I can help? I do not want you feeling stressed.”

Reegan stood up with a sigh and cupped Christian’s face, he rest his forehead against Christian’s and said after closing his eyes, “Just being with you makes everything better.”

“I am glad,” Christian whispered as a smile formed on his lips.

Reegan opened his eyes and saw the smile on Christian’s face, looking down at him he asked, “DId you eat?”

Christian shook his head, “No Alpha.”

“Good, I brought your favourite, Italian food,” Reegan said.

Christian looked up at him with adoration shining in his eyes, Reegan always cared for his needs first and seemed to always know when he was craving for Italian food, “Thank you.”

“Mn,” Reegan nodded.

He looked at Christian’s school uniform and asked, “Have you decided on what you will wear?”

Christian shook his head, “I was going to wash and get started on my homework.”

Reegan nodded, “Alright, we should do that after, I’ve already asked Mr Roger to prepare the food, let’s enjoy each other’s company until then.”

Christian smiled and let Reegan pick him up and carry him over to the bed where he lied Christian down and lied on top of him and started smelling him.

Christain knew very well that Reegan was like a dog who wanted and needed his masters attention and affection which he was happy to give.

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