Actions Speak Louder [BL]

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Chapter 16

The butler knocked on the door ten minutes later and said, “Mr Rayleigh, young master Christian, we have brought the food.”

Reegan sat up on the bed and looked down at Christian, “You can tell them to come in.”

Christian nodded his head, looking at the door he said, “Please come in.”

They walked in with the different dishes and set it on the table, “If you need anything, please call,” the butler said and excused himself.

Reegan walked over to the table guiding Christian behind him. When they settled down, Christian looked at Reegan and smiled, “Thank you for all of this.”

Reegan did not say a word and fed Christian half of one dish at a time, he wanted Christian to taste everything but not become full and thankfully, the portions of each dish were small.

As peaceful as it was, Christian did not find it embarrassing or uncomfortable.

Reegan placed the fork and plates down and looked at Christian, he wiped away all of the accidental spills and smiled at him, “It is time for you to wash up.”

“Will you be staying the night?” Christian asked cautiously.

Reegan shook his head, “Unfortunately no, I have many things I have to take care of at home because of Jayden.”

Christian pouted and lowered his head, “When will I see you again?”

Reegan chuckled, “Are you that eager to see me again?”

Christian looked at Reegan and nodded his head, he took Reegan’s hand in his hand and said as he looked into his eyes, “You are my alpha, how can I not look forward to seeing you? I miss you every second of the day and I want to be with you always.”

Reegan’s heart was moved, he gave it some thought and smiled as he stroked Christian’s cheek, “I will visit you soon.”

Christian nodded his head sadly and asked, “Can I ask you something Alpha?”

Reegan nodded his head in response.

“Have you thought about marrying me?” Christian asked with his head lowered.

Reegan’s hand clenched into a fist as he asked, “Why are you thinking about marriage? You need to finish school first.”

Christian sniffed as he felt his tears sting his eyes and said, “Alpha, I know about your arranged marriage, will you really leave me and marry her?”

Reegan sucked in a deep breath, he stood up and looked down at Christian, “I will be leaving now, make sure you get to bed early alright, I will see you soon.”

Christian opened his mouth to say something but did not because he could see that Reegan was angered by his words.

Reegan left and Christian sat there by the table and cried his heart out. Reegan made him fall for him but in return he only crushed his heart - all he wanted was to know if he would be with him but there was no answer.

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