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Chapter 17

Jayden and Adrian arrived at the Carter estate hand in hand. Jayden looked around and saw familiar cars that brought back horrible memories of his past.

He hugged Adrian’s arm and pouted.

Adrian looked down at Jayden and tapped on his nose, “What happened?”

Jayden shook his head and looked up at Adrian and said, “There is a reason why I left in the first place, I did not think I would be home so soon.”

Adrian looked at the estate as they walked up the steps and said, “This isn’t the house you grew up in nor will you stay here or at the Rayleigh estate. If I wanted you to suffer again, would I have bought a place for you and I to stay?”

Adrian kissed Jayden on the forehead and hugged him tighter, “Just bare with it for an hour, I promise that we will leave soon after we speak to them.”

The doors opened and they were welcomed by the butler who led them to the reception room and when Jayden stepped through the doors, it felt like the burden that he once had returned.

Inside the reception room, the two families were seated and looked at the two who entered.

Aiden smiled when he saw Jayden and so did his wife, Laura.

“It took you long enough,” Aiden said.

Adrian squeezed Jayden’s hand and smiled, “Thank you everyone for meeting us here, you all are in fact, very early.”

Adrian led Jayden to an empty seat and sat down with Jayden beside him. Adrian looked around at the angry gazes and said, “I asked everyone here today to tell you that since Jayden is back, he will be staying with me and the engagement is back on.”

“Why?” Rachel asked furious.

Reegan turned his head to look at her and gave her a warning glare.

Adrian pressed his lips together as he tried not getting angry and said, “Well Jayden and I never ended the engagement even after he left, I only agreed to be engaged to you to shut our parents up and now that Jayden is back I see no need in continuing to play along with you. Jayden and I love each other, not to mention that we are a fated couple that has been bonded for the past two years.”

“Wait what? Aiden said confused and sat forward, “What do you mean you two are bonded?”

Adrian nodded his head as he looked at his father, “Mn, we bonded on the day Jayden disappeared.”

Jayden rubbed his neck awkwardly and hit Adrian on his arm, Adrian turned to look at Jayden and saw that he wasn’t looking at him and saw that Jayden was rubbing his neck. Adrian caught the hint and said as he looked back at his father and the others, “I also marked him.”

Rachel stood up and stomped away. Jayden looked at his little sister and said to himself, ‘This child must have really liked him.’

“Reegan already informed us beforehand about this so as long as the family relations are still there then it is fine by us,” Arthur Rayleigh said.

Jayden looked over at his father who looked at him then looked away.

Adrian continued talking to all of them while Jayden zoned out on the conversation and tried to clear his mind from thoughts of his past with thoughts of his business. Valentines was coming up soon and there was still so much to do.

Aiden cleared his throat, he could clearly see that Jayden was not listening and said, “So Jayden, your business how did it start?”

Jayden was pulled from his thoughts and looked Aiden, he smiled gently and answered, “It started four years before, when we had the sales day function at school, I wasn’t able to sell out because no one wanted stuff an omega made so I went around the two with mitchel selling the stuff I made. After that, I made many things and Mitchel delivered them to their homes.”

Arthur banged his hand against the arm rest and said, “Then why did you always ask money from me?! You and that Mitchel have been doing things behind my back for years!”

Jayden caught a fright and looked at his father, after he calmed down, he smiled at him and nodded his head, “Mn, how else was I supposed to but what I needed and wanted? All you did was kept me locked up, I had to think of a way no? And if it’s the money you want back…”

Jayden turned to look at Adrian and said, “I am sure he is willing to pay you back for raising me.”

Adrian turned and looked at Arthur and nodded his head, “The marriage will earn you money so that shouldn’t be a problem.”

Arthur gritted his teeth and did not say a word.

Laura huffed and said, “What’s all this nonsense about money?” She looked at Jayden and said, “We are very happy that you are home and well but you did give us a hard time during your absence.”

Jayden forced a smile and nodded his head, “Yes I did.”

The head maid came in and said, “Lunch has been served.”

Aiden stood up and smiled at everyone, he looked at Arthur and said, “Please join us for lunch.”

Arthur nodded and stood up, Adrian stood up with Jayden at his side and said, “We won’t be joining you, Jayden has to get back to work and I need to get back to the company.”

“Ah? Okay then but you two have to come for dinner,” Laura said.

Jayden nodded and said, “We will don’t worry about it.”

Laura nodded her head, “Okay, just let me prepare lunch for you.”

“You don’t need to,” Adrian objected.

Laura waved her hand, “What nonsense is this? Am I not allowed to feed my sons? Don’t try and stop me or I will forbid you both from coming home.”

Adrian was at a loss for words and let his mother do what she wanted. They soon left with the lunch she prepared.

In the car, Jayden opened the lunch box and looked at all the food that was prepared for him, he pulled out a minced ball and placed it in his mouth.

Adrian looked at him and asked, “What is your favourite food?”

Jayden spat the chewed up minced meat into his hand and said with a disgusted expression, “Definitely not this.”

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