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Chapter 18

Valentine’s day was soon approaching and Jayden was excited to celebrate it this year, more than he had ever been before -- this year, he and Adrian were together officially and everyone knew about it.

“So what are you going to do for valentines day this year?” Brent asked Jayden as he ate a cupcake.

Jayden was helping a customer who was not pleased to be here because the shop was run by an Omega when she was an Alpha but this place was recommended and she is their loyal client who keeps coming back.

“Since Adrian and I will be spending our first valentines together, I am planning to go big,” Jayden answered and handed the woman a contract to sign.

“I am sure he will be happy, valentines day is in two days time so I hope you prepared everything already,” Brent said listlessly as he thought of his lover.

“Thank you, we will contact you for further information,” Jayden said to the woman.

He walked over to Brent and said, “Actually, it seems Adrian has his own plans so I will give him all my gifts earlier so I can enjoy his surprised expression.”

Brent nodded his head and looked at his brother, “And your family? What did they say when you both saw them last week?”

Jayden shrugged, “Rachel wasn’t happy as usual and she has been sending my threatening messages since then.”

Brent raised a brow and asked, “Did you show Adrian?”

Jayden shook his head with a sigh, “No, he has enough on his plate, it seems the board members are not happy that his omega has returned.”

“That has nothing to do with them! Did Adrian tell them you are fated to be together?” Brent asked.

Jayden shook his head, “I don’t know, I did not ask and he did not tell me but they are stressing him out.”

Brent shook his head, “They were the ones who pressured him into getting engaged with your sister and I think it was your father and his elders that spoke to the board members.”

“Well it is up to Adrian to decide what he wants, not a bunch of money-hungry old men with saggy balls,” Jayden scoffed.

Brent burst out laughing while Logan threw a ball of black fondant at Jayden. Jayden pulled his tongue at Logan and said, “What? It’s true isn’t it?”

“Yes, but you don’t need to say it out loud, what if my son heard you?” Logan scolded.

“He isn’t here, that is why I said it,” Jayden said with a roll of his eyes.


Jayden arrived home and saw that Adrian’s car was here already and frowned. He wanted to set up his surprises but this man was already home!

Grabbing the huge stuffed teddy bear out of the back of his car, Jayden went into the house and yelled, “ADRIAN!!”

Adrian was on a phone call in his office when he heard Jayden’s shout and immediately ended it. He ran to where the yelling was continuously coming from and stopped when he saw a bouncing teddy bear bigger than Jayden.

Jayden’s feet were jumping up and down and it looked so weird to him. The teddy bear had a big bow on it and on its belly was his name written on it.

Adrian, who had had a bad day all day, felt so much better and walked up to his crazy omega.

“And this? Why are you making so much noise?” Adrian asked with a steeled expression.

Jayden turned around with a jump and wiggled his butt as he said with a smile on his face, “Happy birthday baby.”

Adrian burst out laughing and said, “It’s not my birthday today Jayden.”

“Does it look like I care?” Jayden asked while he kept shaking his butt as he danced around.

“Stop moving so much, you’re making me dizzy,” Adrian said and tried to grab Jayden by the shoulders.

Jayden spun around and dashed away as he yelled Adrian’s name out.

Adrian shook his head amused and ran after Jayden as he yelled back, “Be careful, you might get hurt!”

Jayden ran up to their bedroom and shut the door behind him and chucked the bear on the bed. He dived under the bed and waited for Adrian to come looking for him.

Adrian burst through the door and said, “Jayden you silly human, where are you?”

Jayden giggled but quickly covered his mouth.

Adrian rolled his eyes when he heard the giggle and said as he took off his jacket and shirt, “I wonder where my beautiful boyfriend went. Urgh, if I find him I might just consider throwing him away.”

Jayden gasped from under the bed and crawled out. Adrian smirked when he saw Jayden coming out from under the bed and tackled him when he stood up onto the bed and planted kisses all over Jayden’s neck and face then said, “You are bad at hiding.”

Jayden hit Adrian on the chest and said, “Only because you were scheming again.”

Adrian rolled his eyes and bit Jayden’s cheek as he said, “You know I will never throw you away, you’re my everything.”

“I better stay your everything!” Jayden warned him and pushed him off.

Standing up Jayden huffed and glared down at Adrian, “And? Why are you home, you ruined my surprise!”

Adrian looked at the bear that took up half of the bed and pulled it over. He lied on top of it and said with a smirk on his face as he looked at Jayden, “Thank you for the birthday present, how about we have some fun on it?”

“Why would you want to defile it like that Mr Carter?” Jayden asked.

Adrian released his pheromones as he answered, “I wasn’t being serious but we can still do it.”

Jayden smiled as he smelt the pheromones in the air. He looked at Adrian and was about to say something but his body lunged over and he puked his lunch out.

His eyes rolled to the back while his legs gave in and lost consciousness.

Adrian’s heart dropped when all of this happened in a split second and got up.

“Jayden? Jayden baby, look at me. Jayde no, wake up please,” Adrian called as he tried to wake Jayden up.

When Jayden did not respond after all his multiple calls, Adrian scooped him up in his arms and carried him out of the room while he called for the butler to get the care ready.

He got into the back seat of his car and his driver drove them off to the hospital. Adrian had tears falling from his eyes as he wiped away the vomit from Jayden’s mouth and he was both shirtless and shoeless.

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