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Chapter 19

They arrived at the hospital and Adrian booked the best room for his mate. The doctor saw to Jayden and called Adrian back into the room.

Adrian looked at him anxiously as he watched the doctor flip through Jayden’s file and said, “Well Mr Carter, your partner seems to have fainted from fright. His vitals are alright and the only thing that needs to be sought to is that he takes his prenatal care continuously so that his body does not forget he is pregnant and a miscarriage is caused,” the doctor said and closed the file.

Adrian looked at him surprised and asked with his breath held, “Prenatal care? Jayden’s pregnant?”

The doctor nodded with a frown, “You did not know?”

Adrian shook his head, “No Jayden never told me about that unless he was planning to surprise me with the news.”

The doctor looked down at Jayden and said, “I find that curious because if he knew then he would not have fainted from the shock.”

Adrian shook his head and said, “But something like this, Jayden would not have kept it from me.”

“We will ask him when he wakes up,” the doctor said then left and went to tell the nurse to prepare a prenatal shot for Jayden and administer it.


In the room, Adrian looked down at Jayden and caressed his face, he looked down at Jayden and said, “I would have never guessed but since we have been doing it so much. A little you Jayden, can you believe it?”

Jayden stirred in the bed and turned around. Adrian chuckled and closed Jayden.

The nurse knocked on the door and came in with a silver tray. On it was a jug of water, a cup of coffee and the needle with the shot.

She handed Adrian the cup of coffee with a smile and looked down at Jayden. She picked up the syringe and shot it into the IV drip.

“What other medicine does he need?” Adrian asked her.

“The prenatal’s have the vitamins that he needs to keep the baby healthy and himself. All he will need to do is not do anything too active and take care of himself. The fetus is a growing parasite and if he does not take care of both of them, one or both of them will die,” she said.

“That is really terrible,” Adrian said as he glared at her.

She forced a smile saying, “That is the truth sir, especially in an omega’s case.”


Jayden stirred awake several hours later and sat up on the hospital bed. He looked around and frowned when he saw that he had an IV drip attached to him and Adrian was sleeping in a chair beside the bed.

He looked at the clock on the wall; his eyes widened when he saw the time, it was three am in the morning, where did the time go to?

“Adrian wake up!” He called.

Adrian’s face turned to a frown. He moaned in complaint but did not wake up.

Jayden grew angry and released his pheromones into the hospital room.

Adrian’s eyes snapped open when he smelt it. He quickly sat up in the chair and looked at Jayden.

“Are you hurting anywhere?” Adrian asked him as he moved to sit on the bed next to Jayden.

“Don’t ask me that, why are we here?” Jayden asked after pulling back his pheromones making Adrian feel relieved.

Adrian ran a hand over his face and said, “Well, you puked your guts out then passed out. I brought you to the hospital after I couldn’t get you to wake up.”

Jayden groaned, he looked at his arm and asked, “So? What did the doctor say is wrong with me.”

“You are pregnant Jayden,” Adrian said happily but his smile dropped when he saw Jayden’s not so surprised expression.

“So the surprise is ruined,” Jayden mumbled to himself.

Adrian looked at him and asked, “What surprise?”

“I was going to tell you on valentines day but now I don’t have too,” Jayden said.

“But if you knew, why didn’t you take care of yourself?” Adrian asked him.

Jayden pursed his lips as he said, “I am, this child of yours is just so full of shit!”

Adrian smirked amused and said, “He is just like you then.”

Jayden rolled his eyes, “We should have waited Adrian, I am basically a teenage mother now.”

“I’ve waited long enough Jayden. After you turn eighteen, we are getting married. I want you to have my surname and only you are fit to be my partner,” Adrian said very seriously.

Jayden gazed at him strangely and said, “I want to give the child up.”

Adrian’s eyes grew in shock and his heart dropped into his stomach as he thought, ‘Doesn’t he want my child?’

“Why? The child did nothing to you,” Adrian said angrily.

“Of cause it did nothing. Adrian, I am too young to be a parent, I don’t know about you but I did not sign up to be someone’s parent so young,” Jayden said.

“Jayden, we had sex without protection so of cause you would fall pregnant, it was bound to happen,” Adrian said.

“It only happened because you couldn’t keep your pheromones in check!” Jayden said with boiling anger. Yes, he knew this would happen and according to the pregnancy test, he fell pregnant on the first try!

“So what are you trying to say?” Adrian asked biting back on his anger.

Jayden looked at him and said, “I DO NOT WANT THIS CHILD!”

Adrian stood up and glared down at Jayden who was now looking up at him, “Were you really planning to surprise me with this news then tell me that you do not want my child?”

“Adrian, it’s not that I do not want your child, I am saying that it is too soon for us to have a child, we need to get to know one another first,” Jayden tried to reason with him.

Adrian did not want to hear this anymore, “You are not giving my child up and that is final, do not ever bring this up again.”

Adrian then stormed out of the room leaving the hospital as well.

How could Jayden say all of this to him?

He just ruined such a happy occasion.

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