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Chapter 2

He quickly stood up, accidentally bumping his phone against the wall making it fall out of his hand. The phone dropped five steps down landing directly between Adrian’s feet. Adrian looked over at Jayden who was trembling in fear and frowned, ‘Is he really cheating on me?’ he thought. Looking down at the phone, he took the sucker out of his mouth and bent down and picked up the mobile.

Clicking the side button, hoping it would light up but it didn’t. His frown deepened and pressed on the button longer to switch it on but the mobile in his hands didn’t switch on at all. He raised a brow and so did Peter, they both looked over at Jayden who looked like he was about to faint, “Jayden?” Adrian called in a deep, husky lazy voice.

“Y-yes?” he answered not looking up at Adrian. Taking in a deep breath, he stepped up and moved closer, stopping in front of Jayden, “Why isn’t your phone switching on?” Jayden quickly shook his head, “I-It’s been doing that since this morning,” he said with a slight shudder.

Adrian was so close to him and he could smell his cologne coming off that always intoxicated him. He heard Adrian hum and froze when his chin was forcefully lifted so that he could face him. Looking into Adrian’s green eyes he whimpered, “Do you need a new phone? I’ll tell my father to inform Mr Rayleigh.”

Jayden shook his head, “N-no, please don’t,” he whispered almost inaudible but Adrian could hear his words. Adrian sighed and nodded, handing the mobile back to Jayden, he turned his head to the side so Jayden could kiss his cheek but the kiss never came. He turned to Jayden and saw that he had tears streaming down his cheeks.

Adrian was taken aback and let go. In that second, he heard Jayden whisper ‘Forgive me,’ then he bolted. His eyes widened as he watched his mate run away. “Wow Adrian, you didn’t get your good morning kiss, did you and your Omega break up?” Jarrod joked walking up to him and hit his shoulder. Adrian’s eyes widened further and his pheromones exploded.

He walked off to where he saw Jayden run to but when he came past the corner, he was gone. His pheromones dispersed but the glare on his face remained. A crunching sound came from his clenched fists and using his left hand, he punched the wall in anger. His friends behind him were shocked, Adrian was the best at controlling his emotions but the minute his Omega rejected him, he was completely furious. “Calm down Adrian, I’m sure he’ll apologise to you when he sees you again, you know how Omega’s are, even if it’s their Alpha, they will cower,” Clinton spoke out.

Adrian turned to his friends and growled, “All of you, shut the fuck up!” The boys backed away and before they knew it, the bell rang. The entire day, Adrian didn’t see him. Not in the halls between switching classes nor at lunch or even the spot where he would hide when something bad happened. Adrian was in a foul mood all day and Jayden who he couldn’t find, dodged him every time.

When the last bell rang for the end of the day, Jayden was on his way to the gates where his driver was waiting. When he reached the gates, his entire body trembled as his knees gave in. The entirety of the school grounds was enveloped in a scent he was all too familiar with. He struggled to turn his head and look back. He saw his Alpha make his way over to him with heavy steps that shook the ground underneath him.

All the lower Alpha’s, Beta’s and two other Omega’s in that school, fell to the ground while the dominant ones stared on in shock. They too were dominant Alpha’s and always revealed their superiority over others but this dominant Alpha, Adrian Carter never bared his dominance so openly to anyone but here and now, not even the teachers and guardians of the students could hold up against Adrian.

Stopping in front of Jayden who was on the verge of collapsing, he picked him up by his shirt collar and glared at Jayden’s driver who came out wanting to stop him. He walked past the gates with Jayden who was panting as he struggled to hold back his pheromones. Grabbing the door handle he opened it and threw Jayden inside and climbed in himself.

The driver got in and looked behind through the divider, Adrian glared at him and ordered, “Put up the divider.” It went up and he cut his pheromones off as he glared at Jayden who was panting. When he settled, he pulled his legs up in fear as his body trembled.

Adrian looked out of the window at the curious people and growled under his breath, turning to Jayden he yelled, “CAN YOU SEE WHAT YOU MADE ME DO?!”

“I-I’m ssssorry,” Jayden answered timidly as tears swam in his eyes. Adrian fought back his need to yell and rubbed his face a few times out of frustration. Looking ahead at the divider he asked, “Why didn’t you kiss me this morning? Are you cheating on me?”

Jayden’s eyes widened in horror, he shook his head vigorously and got onto his knees, he jumped over to Adrian’s side and caught him off guard slamming his lips against his. He licked his tongue across Adrian’s bottom lip prompting him to open which he instantly did and cupped the back of Jayden’s head with his left hand.

Using his right, he helped Jayden straddle him as he aggressively claimed his Omega’s mouth who willingly let him. Adrian’s pants became strained when he smelt Jayden’s pheromones slowly escaping his hold.

Adrian moaned as his eyes rolled back into his head at the smell. This was his first times smelling Jayden’s pheromones that were sweet yet floral, accompanied by the taste of the mouth-watering channel he was exploring, he couldn’t contain himself any longer making his pheromones explode.

The driver’s fist slammed against the divider catching Adrian off guard who shut his pheromones off on alert. “Please Mr Carter, you must not,” the Beta in front pleaded. Adrian’s eyes widened in horror. He pulled back and stared at a whimpering Jayden who was frightened out of his mind and flushed red.

Looking away momentarily he steeled his face when he tasted the strawberry and chocolate on his tongue that was his new favourite flavour. He turned to look at his mate that was now calmer and yanked his head back making him cry.

Jayden’s hands flew to hold Adrian’s hand, “A-Adrian p-please d-don’t, I-I’m n-not c-cheating o-on y-you, I love you and only b-belong to you, o-only you Adrian.” Hearing his words Adrian’s grip loosened but did not let go, his heart softened and so did his expression, “Don’t do it again, understand?”

Jayden quickly nodded, opening his shut eyes, he looked into Adrian’s and said, “I’m sorry.” Adrian sighed, “Those two words are the only words you speak properly.” Jayden’s eyes trailed down to the plain brown beaded necklace around Adrian’s neck.

Adrian caught his stare and looked down. After a moment, he let go of Jayden and unclipped his necklace and clipped it around Jayden’s neck who blushed. Rolling his eyes, he raised his hand and slapped Jayden’s left butt cheek and smirked at the squeak that came out of his mouth. Chuckling, he pulled Jayden into his arms and kissed him passionately without losing his senses.

Pulling away, he sat Jayden down on the seat beside him and glared at him, warningly he said, “Don’t piss me off again.” Jayden nodded. He leaned over and kissed Adrian’s cheek twice then whispered shyly, “I love you, Mr Carter.”

Adrian grunted and got out of the car and hit it twice letting the driver know he was done. The black car started up and drove away. Adrian watched as the car drove out of his view with a flutter in his heart, “FUCK!!” he cursed aloud.

Turning around he glared at everyone and took his bag from Peter who was smirking, “Finally gave in to your beastly urges ha… did he scream when you fucked him?” Adrian glared at Peter and grabbed his collar, getting into his face he asked in a deadly calm voice, “Does it look like we fucked? And when did it concern you?”

Peter held his hands up in defeat after looked at Adrian’s attire, “Okay, okay, but why were you so pissed, you have everyone kneeling.” Letting Peter go he shoved him out of his way, “If he doesn’t kiss my cheek, then I’ll be yelled at to death by my parents.”

His friends rolled their eyes, “It’s as though you like him, why do you give in to your parents’ selfish demands?” Jarrod asked. Adrian groaned, the taste of Jayden’s mouth was still lingering on his tongue and his pheromones were stuck on his clothes. Chucking his bag over to his bodyguard, he climbed into the black limousine and quickly took off his jacket and shirt. His friends of got in with him stared at his actions confused but didn’t ask because he looked pissed.

Jayden sat up on the back seat and watched as he drove away from the man he loved. He sighed and held onto the necklace that smelled of his sweat, cologne and pheromones. The divider lowered, “Mr Rayleigh, I informed the head of what transpired and he’ll speak to the Carter’s, should we go home or to the store?” Mitchel asked.

Jayden shook his head weakly, “If I go home now, I won’t have food for the rest of the month.” Mitchel gazed at Jayden before nodding. He didn’t expect for Adrian to act in the way he did and he supposed that the virgin behind him was completely exhausted.

They arrived at the nearest store where Jayden got out, leaving his bag and phone behind. Mitchel came around and handed him the envelope with money in it. Jayden accepted it and headed inside walking extremely slow.

He entered the store, got a trolley and wiped the handle off with the sanitizer wipes. Walking down the aisle, his face steeled as he began placing things in the basket. He saw an employee of the store and walked up to him with his trolley, “Excuse me, sir,” he said and the man looked up at him with a smile but immediately frowned.

“Yes?” he asked trying his best to not sound disgusted. “Can you please point me to the toilet, I need to inject myself before it explodes,” he said with a pained expression on his face. The man instantly knew what he meant and didn’t hesitate to show him the way through the back. They past the stuff in boxes at the back and came to a toilet, “You know your way out, I’ll head back.”

Jayden nodded and got into the stall quickly. He waited for a bit then quickly started undressing. Leaving his shoes, pants, socks, jacket, shirt and tank top on the floor. He ruffled his hair, took the money out of his pocket that he had stored away since the end of last year and placed it in the envelope. Sticking it into his shorts between his butt cheeks, he dashed out of the toilet, past the workers who stared at him in disbelief and out the side door where they were offloading goods.

Jayden’s pace sped up when he heard yelling and as fast as his heart beat was going, he looked up at the street signs. Running down the street, he reached the end and took a left on Pearson’s Avenue. Running down the avenue, he came across a park and bolted through it. Reaching a burned down house, he stopped in his tracks and saw a red bag at the back of a bush and grabbed it.

Unzipping it, he pulled out the sneakers, placed them on his feet, took the envelope out of his crack and placed it in the bag and took out a book and flipped through it, “You have ten minutes, run to the beach!”

The book was thrown into the bag, ripped up and he bolted through the park, went down three roads. Hit the main road and ran down it on the path minding the pedestrians. Jayden felt his legs burn and want to give in but he continued on. Determination motivated him, “RUN JAYDEN RUN!!” he said to himself.

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