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Chapter 20

In the three days that Jayden was in the hospital, Adrian was nowhere to be seen, the following two days. But on the day he was discharged, Adrian rocked up at the hospital to pick him up.

Adrian did not kiss Jayden, hello and all he did was speak to the nurses and doctor then made Jayden head to the car with him.

Adrian drove the car himself to the hospital so now it was just the two of them in the car and no driver like it usually was.

Jayden sat in the backseat eating a pie Adrian bought for him while he looked out of the window at the passing scenery. At the stop street, Adrian looked at Jayden through the rearview mirror and saw that Jayden was now eating a packet of chips. He wanted to ask Jayden where his thank you was but the words got stuck in his throat - after Jayden told him that he did not want their child, he got so furious and upset that he was afraid that his pheromones would hurt Jayden thus leading him to not visit Jayden and try to talk things out.

It hurt him that Jayden did not want to have their child and he felt that if he were to say something now, they would just end up arguing.

Adrian started driving and Jayden turned to look at him. It hurt that Adrian was not speaking to him and also felt that he was not in the wrong. He just wanted Adrian to understand where he was coming from but this man... made him speechless.

Adrian stopped the car at the supermarket and said, “We need to get a few things, are you coming in with me or staying in the car?”

Jayden looked at him and asked, “What do we need?”

“The usual stuff,” Adrian answered.

Jayden stared at him confused and asked, “What happened to Miranda? Doesn’t she do the shopping?”

Adrian looked away from Jayden and said, “I was so pissed off after I left the hospital and fired everyone when I got home.”

Jayden grew irritated after hearing him and asked, “Do you realize what you did? I am pregnant Adrian and now I have to clean that huge house as well by myself!”

“I did not say you have to clean the house, I already asked my father to send someone over to help with the house,” Adrian answered frustrated.

“How long are you going to rely on your fucking father? You are going to be one too, are you going to ask him to help you with our child too?” Jayden asked with his blood boiling and unfortunately for him, he could not stop himself from saying this - Adrian was acting childish.

Adrian could smell that Jayden’s pheromones were ready to surge and said, “Jayden calm down, all I asked you was a question, how did we get to here?”

“Oh just shut up and go in by yourself, do you honestly think I want to walk around with someone who left me in the hospital and is not speaking to me?” Jayden asked with a huff and looked away.

Adrian got out of the car mentally exhausted and went to do the shopping. They needed more than he told Jayden and he spent quite some time in the supermarket. When he returned to the car, he had almost twenty packets with most of them carrying stuff to bribe Jayden with.

Climbing into the car, Adrian turned back with one of the packets in his hands and wanted to hand it to Jayden but he saw that Jayden was fast asleep.

A smile tugged at his lips and a soft chuckle escaped out of his lips. Looking at Jayden like this, he realised that he missed him so much and felt so bad that he ignored him but being an Alpha, things were mostly hard when he got angry especially around his omega, what if he ended up raping Jayden and they lost their child?

He placed the packet on the passenger seat, fastened his seatbelt and started the engine.

They arrived at the house and Adrian carried Jayden into the house and placed him in the bed, covering him and tucking him in.

Adrian sat down on the bed and looked down at Jayden as he slept peacefully. He raised his hand and caressed Jayden’s face but that woke him up instead.

Jayden looked at Adrian confused but smiled, “What are you doing?”

“Looking at you, you’ve gotten skinnier and paler and look sick since the last time I saw you,” Adrian said in guilt took over his expression.

Jayden sighed and shifted towards the middle of the bed and lifted the sheets up. He patted the space beside him as he said, “Come, climb in, I am getting cold.”

Adrian chuckled. He stood up, took his jacket off then his shoes then his pants and climbed in. He wrapped his arms around Jayden’s waist while Jayden closed them both.

“I am sorry that I left you there alone Jayden,” Adrian said as he looked at him.

Jayden pressed his lips together after a sigh and said, “I won’t say it is okay because it isn’t. I was hurt because the one I needed was not there to support me. Adrian, I am scared of being a parent, I do not know how to do this and I know that there is no manual for being a parent. Look at how I was treated compared to my siblings. The only good thing that ever happened to me was being engaged to someone like you but you too never treated me like you loved me, instead, it looked like you hated me and seeing that you disliked me too, I had no choice but to run away. I know how hard it is to raise a child, I’ve seen it with everyone around me and although I am looking forward to being a parent, I do not want to be one now, especially when I have my life ahead of me.”

Adrian looked away from Jayden and said, “I will be by your side Jayden, you do not need to be afraid. Neither of us asked to be parents by the child is here already and waiting to meet us too. I agree, yes you are young but so am I and just because we are young, it does not mean that we are not ready to be parents. We can do this together as long as we have each other’s backs and support each other.”

“I know Adrian,” Jayden said listlessly. He looked up at the ceiling and said, “It’s not like I don’t want to keep the child, I was only telling you my feelings.”

Adrian leaned down and kissed Jayden on the cheek and said, “We are going to be okay Jayden.”

‘But I don’t want things to just be okay,’ Jayden thought as he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

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