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Chapter 21

“Jayden wake up,” Adrian called to him as he rocked back and forth on his feet while cradling their baby.

“Mn,” Jayden moaned and turned in the bed.

“Wake up Jayden!” Adrian said firmly.

Jayden exhaled heavily and groaned, “Leave me alone please, I am hurting everywhere.”

Adrian sat down on the bed and said, “Please get up, he has already been in this world for two hours and you are still asleep.”

“It’s a boy?” Jayden asked as he opened his eyes. He saw the baby wrapped in a pink blanket and sat up on the bed. “I thought you said it’s a boy?” Jayden said angrily.

Adrian smirked, he looked at Jayden and handed him the baby. Adrian leaned back letting Jayden lay against his chest and said, “He is a boy, they just ran out of blankets after he pissed all over the blue one.”

Jayden chuckled as he ran his finger over the baby’s nose, “He looks just like you.”

“Oh really? Because he looks like you to me,” Adrian said.

Jayden looked at him and said, “Look at this nose, it’s exactly like yours and his lips too. His chin too,” he said running his finger over the baby’s chin.

Adrian cupped Jayden’s face and kissed him on the lips, he looked into Jayden’s eyes, “Thank you for bringing him into this world, I didn’t know I loved him so much until I held him in my arms.”

Jayden smiled, “I told you didn’t I?”

Adrian smiled nodding his head, “Yes you did.”

They both looked at the baby and Adrian asked, “What are you naming him?”

“Why should I name him? Jaydrian?” Jayden asked amused.

Adrian chuckled behind him, “Jaydrian doesn’t suit him now does it.”

“Christian like in the movie?” Jayden asked.

“Oh fuck that, I didn’t enjoy it so no!” Adrian complained.

Jayden looked down at his son and leaned down kissing him on the lips, “I love you so much,” he whispered.

The baby’s lips trembled and he said, “How about Adrian junior?”

Adrian thought about it but he shook his head, “I am not that full of myself that I want my son named after me.”

He hummed then said, “How about we name him Grayson Winter Carter?”

“Okay but Winter is going to be spelt Willow,” Jayden said with a smile on his face.

Adrian chuckled shaking his head, “Fine, Grason Willow Carter, even though willow is a fucking females name.”

“Fine then, instead of winter we just add Jay. Just Jay,” Jayden said.

“After you?” Adrian questioned.

“Of course, I gave birth to him,” Jayden said with a smirk.

Adrian grabbed the clipboard and pen with the birth form on it and started filling in the details. Jayden frowned seeing what he wrote and said, “So after all of this, you are just going to decide on the name you picked for him?”

“Yes,” Adrian answered.

“Well I hope your son is gay,” Jayden scoffed.

Adrian shook his head amused and placed the clipboard down, “I love you too Jayden.”

“I still have to contact our parents, they will be excited to meet him,” Adrian said.

“Your family not mine,” Jayden complained with a yawn.

Adrian rubbed his back and kissed his neck, “Thanks will change.”

“What if I don’t want it to change?” Jayden said.

“Well, things already changed with my family,” he said.

He climbed off the bed moving past Adrian and asked, “When am I getting out of here?”

“There were no complications during birth but you did pass out. The doctors want to just make sure you are okay but Grayson is great so nothing will really keep us from going home,” Adrian answered as he closed his eyes.

Jayden laid his son in the bassinet and he said, “Sleep well.”

He turned around to Adrian and climbed on the bed asking, “When is his next feeding time and how do they feed him, can he even suck?”

Adrian nodded his head, “I made sure that they checked everything including his hearing. She’ll come in like an hour to feed him. She’s using a bottle and she wanted to know what milk we were going to feed him and I told her goats milk.”

Jayden looked at him and said, “And the baby’s clothes, please tell them to bring the clothes we bought, he’ll look cuter.”

Adrian smirked, “Everything is in the car Jayden, I just have to go get it but I don’t want to leave you alone here.”

Jayden climbed on him and said as he looked at Adrian, “You know, we haven’t had sex since we found out we were having Grayson.”

Adrian opened his eyes saying, “That is because you haven’t been talking to me and no we cannot have sex here or now. The doctor said we have to wait a few more weeks before we can get intimate again.”

Jayden sighed, “So we’re going to do that when we get home. I’ve been horny for so long but I didn’t want to hurt the baby.”

Adrian smiled at him, “I know and it was because you were angry at me. Listen, I’ve decided to move us into my dads home until we can handle Grayson alone.”

Jayden nodded his head as he lied down on Adrian’s chest and said, “Yes, I kind of figured that would happen especially with my family not being so happy about the pregnancy”

Adrian nodded his head, “But if you would listen and hear from your brother’s point, the bond is already formed with the birth of Grayson, we don’t even need to get married although I plan to make you a Carter in a few months.”

“Okay, okay, enough about them, I want to sleep and eat and hold my baby some more. Tell the doctor to come here so we can go home,” Jayden said climbing in under Adrian.

Adrian chuckled and pressed the call button. He sat back down on the bed and looked at Grayson who was moving his arms. He walked over to the bed and looked down, Grayson’s eyes were closed but his mouth was trembling and after a moment, he picked him up and cradled him in his arms. When he got to the bed Jayden was already asleep and snoring. He smiled at him and looked back at the son, “Your dadda is so tired from giving birth to you. Just imagine how he’ll be when I tell him I want two more babies.”

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