Actions Speak Louder [BL]

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Chapter 22

Brent walked into the room the next morning dressed in his school clothes. He had in his hands a towel and toiletries for Jayden.

Jayden was sitting by the window, wrapped in a peach blanket, looking out at the rising sun.

He turned to look at Brent, who entered, and Brent could see that he had been crying again. He placed the toiletries on the bed and took a chair, sat down in front of Jayden, and asked, “Did you even sleep last night?”

Jayden wiped his tears away and shook his head. “I couldn’t, even though I tried. I kept thinking about my family and the Carter’s.”

Brent nodded his head, “I understand and I know ‌it won’t be easy but things will be okay. Just give it time.”

Jayden nodded his head; he turned to the stuff that was brought in and sighed, “What do you think is going to happen?”

“Anything you want,” he answered.

“I’d love a box of doughnuts,” Jayden said.

Brent chuckled, “I didn’t ask, I was saying.”

“I know,” Jayden answered, “But a box to drown my sorrows wouldn’t be bad.”

Brent chuckled, “Okay, but after school. I’ll let my dad know that you didn’t sleep. But tomorrow you need to get to work.”

“Mn,” Jayden hummed.

Brent closed the door behind him and went to his father Christian. “He didn’t sleep last night.”

Christian frowned, worried, “Poor child. Just let him be then. I’ll have Logan keep him company.”

Brent nodded his head with a sigh, “Sure, I’ll go check on the damage I caused.”

Christian smiled, “Oh child, you saved him from a life of misery, just maintain your cool.”

Brent rolled his eyes and searched for his lunch, “No lunch today?”

“No, your dad left money,” he answered, making Brent groan.


Arriving at school, Brent pulled his phone out and saw a message from Emmerson: I miss you, let’s meet up.

Brent answered and left to his usual spot. He could feel the tension in the air. It seemed like everyone knew that Jayden was missing and Adrian, he wasn’t here.

Half an hour later…

Peter looked at his phone at the message from Adrian and said to Brent, “Adrian wants us to meet at his place.”

Brent raised a brow, “I have plans.”

“Cancel them, Jayden’s gone missing,” he said.

“Why does he care?” Brent asked.

“Jayden’s his omega,” Peter frowned.

“You can’t own an omega,” Brent said, sounding angry.

Peter recalled that Brent had an omega parent and brushed it off by saying, “Yeah man, but you know the clans come first.”

Brent looked away in pretend anger. He wasn’t busy, but he needed to play the part.


Brent walked into Adrian’s house and could smell his pheromones in the air.

Peter beside him covered his nose, complaining, “Man, Adrian is pissed.”

They arrived in the meeting room and saw the others. Sitting down on his seat beside Adrian, Brent gazed at him and asked, “Why do you look like you are dying?”

Adrian scoffed as he looked at him, then turned to everyone saying, “I need you to stop what you are doing and help me find Jayden.”

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