Actions Speak Louder [BL]

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Chapter 3

In the distance, he could see the beach line and stopped when he saw that the lights were red. He turned back to the road behind and his eyes widened. His head whipped back quickly as they turned red and he bent down. From the corners of his eyes, he watched as the limousine drove past him and around the corner.

He kept his head down as his tears started. Standing up, he almost fell over “NO!!” a voice screamed in his head, “GO BACK!!!” it screamed again but he shook his head. “I don’t want to go back! Not now! Not when I made it this far.”

“RUN!!!” The voice screamed when the walking man turned green. “Two more roads Jayden, do it!” he encouraged himself. When he came to the edge of the corner street just across the beach, he looked around and saw a familiar face run towards him.

His legs gave in frightened, but the person wearing the same school uniform as him, caught him, scooped him up and ran around the corner with him. He climbed into a white Benz and the car drove off.

Jayden’s body was shaking crazily in fear. The man put him down on the cream leathered seat and handed him a bottle of water, a towel and long black baseball shirt to put on. Seeing the water, he drank it down and stared at the boy in front of him confused. “You did well Jayden, congratulations on your freedom,” a man suddenly said with a deep chuckle.

Jayden stared at the man in horror before realizing who he was. His body relaxed but started shaking as he began crying and hugging himself in fear. The man frown and looked at the boy beside Jayden and said, “Brent baby, be a doll for papa and hug him until he calms down, I don’t want him to collapse before dressing himself.”

Brent groaned and did as his father told him to. Jayden refused to be held by him, but gave in when he whispered comforting words of motivation into his ears, “Calm down. Remember, you are already on step three. Soon you will be able to proudly claim that you are an independent Omega. You will never cower in fear to your gender again. You are already strong for making it this far Jayden, believe in yourself.”

Brent held him in his arms the whole ride home, but still Jayden had yet to calm down. The two ended up in the car the entire evening in the garage and Jayden was fed food by Brent that his mother made for them.

When morning came, Brent had to be at school and when he arrived there, the school was in an uproar but it had nothing to do with him. Following his normal routine, he made it to his class and instantly fell asleep due to fatigue and laziness.

(After Jayden left the store)

Mitchell stood by the car motionless, waiting for Jayden to return. He calculated Jayden’s usual time and the time it took to get back to the estate from the pharmacy. Mitchell’s foot tapped against the cement impatiently, looking down at his watch, his eyes widened, its already been ten minutes.

With a deep frown on his face, he locked the car with the sensor and entered the store. Immediately he heard, “That Omega just ran through the back and left his clothes in the toilet,” someone say. “WHAT?!!” Mitchell bellowed and his body started shaking in fear.

Everyone looked at him, “Where’s here, where’d he go?” he asked, but saw someone walk out curiously with the clothes in his hand that he found on the floor. “What? You know him? He ran away through the loading dock,” the man said with a shake of his head and handed Mitchell Jayden’s clothes.

Looking down at them, his body shook even more, looking up at the man, he asked, “What was he wearing when he left?” the man shook his head, “I don’t know man, we just saw a white flash and my co-worker said something about grey eyes.

“Fuck! Show me where and get all the security footage ready!” Mitchell followed the man in front of him to the outside of the store where most of the workers were staring into the distance. “Where’d he go?” Mitchell asked frantically as he held his phone in his hand and looked into the distance.

“Down Pearson’s,” someone answered him. He dialled Arthur’s number, but it went straight to voice mail. “Fuck!” he cursed as he ran through the store and out the front to his car. He dialled again and it went to voice mail. He furiously dialled Aiden’s number, but it went to voice mail as he was currently speaking to his son. “Shit!” he cussed almost driving into another car.

With shaking hands, he dialled Adrian’s number, but nothing! Dialled Arthur’s number, but nothing. He was driving frantically as he searched, he looked through his contacts and dialled the security guards at the estate, “Rayleigh residence,” someone answered firmly.

“Joseph, its Mitchell. Jayden ran away! Inform everyone to look for him, I can’t get hold of Mr Rayleigh and the Carters! Fuck!!” he yelled almost driving into another street, he came across the park and saw that some of the children were looking at a burned house.

“Mitchell, can you hear me?” Joseph bellowed into the phone, “Fuck yes! Sorry, he ditched his clothes in the toilet in the store near his school, I’m looking for him, inform the family, I’ll try the Carter’s again!” he ended the call and jumped out of his car.

He ran up to the children and asked them, “Did you see a boy in the white run past here?” the children cowered but a woman walked over, “You mean the boy with white who had a red back pack? He left back in the way you came, he seemed awfully in a hurry.”

A red back pack? When? He doesn’t even know about this place? Mitchell looked to the woman, “Where did he get it?” she pointed to the burnt house, “Somewhere outside the house.” Mitchell bolted back to his car, reversed and sped off.

The woman narrowed her eyes on the car leaving and shook her head, she looked down at the children, “Okay babies, let’s go home?” she said happily and the kids cheered. A boy who looked to be in his teens on the swing pulled out his phone and dialled a number, “Hello?” a deep voice came through.

“He left a while ago and the driver is already looking for him. A woman told him,” the boy said, kicking his feet to go higher. The man chuckled, “He should be here soon, see you at home.” Brent put his phone back into his pocket and waited at the ice-cream shop.

Mitchell got on the main road, but it was packed, he couldn’t see anyone or anything besides cars. “I know dad, but he just pissed me off, I didn’t mean to,” Adrian spoke, trying his best not to give away that he mouth fucked his mate and lost control, “I’m just glad you are starting to like him, but be careful, I’m still too young to be a grandfather,” Aiden grinned.

The limousine drove passed Jayden. “What is it Sherrill, I’m trying to lecture my son,” Aiden complained to his secretary who came barging into his office, “Mr Carter, Jayden ran away!” she yelled. Aiden jumped from his seat. He put the phone to his ear to tell his son, but inside the limousine, Adrian’s pheromones exploded and the phone in his hand broke.

His friends looked at him terrified. He slammed his fist into the divider and order in a grim voice, “Take me to the Rayleigh estate now!”

Jayden ran past Brent, who jumped into a jog, scooped him up and ran to his father’s car. The car started and came in the traffic smoothly five cars behind Adrian’s limousine. Brent cradled Jayden in his arms, making his father smile proudly at him.

(The Rayleigh estate)

Mitchell returned to the estate a mess. He had searched everywhere, got all the security tapes within the area and returned. The estate was wrapped in the Alpha aura with one standing out in particular.

Mitchell made his way into the estate with heavy steps. Before he could greet anyone, he was knocked to his feet by Adrian. Everyone in the estate including Aiden and his family couldn’t believe how powerful their son, brother and grandson was. His pheromones alone toppled theirs.

Grabbing Mitchell’s shirt, he pulled him up and kneed him in the stomach, throwing him to the side, he bellowed, “IT TOOK YOU FIVE MINUTES TO ARRIVE TO THE STORE FROM THE SCHOOL! FIVE FUCKING MINUTES! FIFTEEN MINUTES LATER YOU LOOSE HIM?! HOW THE FUCK?! HOW IN THE FUCKING HELL?”

Adrian picked up a terrified Mitchell, who said in his defense, “He walks slow! I’ve always calculated the time together with the timing of his steps.”

“HOW THE FUCK WILL THAT HELP?!” Adrian yelled in his face. “Mr Carter listen to me..” Mitchell started and closed his eyes when he saw a fist coming his way and quickly spoke, “Someone helped him!”

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