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Chapter 4

Adrian’s fist stopped inches from Mitchell’s face and the pheromones stopped seeping out his body as well. The pressure on everyone lessened in the estate. Adrian let Mitchell catch a breather and stepped away. Mark came in through the door and spoke to Mitchell, “You were right.”

Everyone’s attention turned to the two Beta’s, only they knew what they were talking about. Mitchell nodded, “Show them.” The man nodded and quickly inserted a disk into the DVD after switching the television on.

Mark started to explain, “I went through all the footage during these three hours and cropped only the ones of Mr Rayleigh.” The first video was about what happened outside the school where Adrian came out and Jayden fell to the ground. He picked Jayden up and threw him into the car and climbed in. The video fast forwarded to after Adrian got up.

It switched to the next video of them in the car, but the divider going up and only Mitchell could be seen. The next thing was Mitchell hitting the divider and speaking, then making a call to Arthur Rayleigh. The car started and the divider came down, “As you all can see here, Mr Rayleigh was incapable of moving until he got to store. Mitchell got out and walked around the car as Mr Rayleigh frantically got up and set his bag, phone and notepad on the seat, then got out,” Mark stated and presented the three items on the table.

“I tried to switch Mr Rayleigh’s phone on but it seems to be broken, but I used some of my technology and managed to switch it on, only to find nothing on it…” He spoke, but was interrupted, “Jayden said his phone hasn’t been working since early morning hours,” Adrian spoke.

Mark shook his head, “That is incorrect,” he said and turned to the t.v. clicking out of the clips, he went to one title ‘Villa’ when it played, it sped through and everyone saw Jayden texting away on his phone. He went to do his homework after chucking his mobile on the bed and leaving the room. The phone lit up on the bed, but no one came to answer it. After dinner, Jayden returned to his room, pulled out a box from under his bed and sat in on top of his bed. He looked to the phone and saw something that made him freak out and walk around the room as he wiped his tears away.

Everyone was wondering what he saw, but Mark didn’t answer their question. Jayden then sat on his bed and typed an e-mail on his phone then the video paused. He looked at everyone and said, “The message that made him freak out, I was unable to trace as he set his phone to default after every message sent. When someone does this continuously, it damages the software. The e-mail he is currently typing is to ask if he can get groceries which Mr Rayleigh agreed to.”

Arthur’s frown deepened hearing this, Mark continued the video as he explained, “Mr Rayleigh, went to shower, then appears to fall asleep only after three in the morning. His alarm ring’s two hours later and he reveals sluggish movements. He comes out of the bathroom and…” Mark didn’t continue as everyone watched in horror as Jayden put on skimpy clothing then covered it with his school clothes.

The video switched to the kitchen where he got breakfast and lunch prepared, ate, then left the box on the table. Mark stopped the video here and placed the box on the table and the not pad on top of it. Looking at the Alpha’s he said, “The notebook he left in the car has ‘I’m sorry, forgive me’ on each page one hundred times. Some of the pages have bleeding marks from a pen which suggests that Mr Jayden was crying while he wrote them but dried the paper out. On the last page of the notebook it states ‘Don’t blame Mitchell, it’s not his fault, it’s mine’. Inside the box is letters addressed to Mr Adrian, Mr Carter and one to Mr Rayleigh. All the letters are sealed for Mr Adrian and Mr Carter. Mr Rayleigh’s letter was left open on top of all the letters.” He opened the letter and handed it over to Arthur who looked at it with a glare.

Mark goes to explain the letter, “The letter addressed to Mr Rayleigh states ’If you don’t find me before I return I hope you are still well. You and the Rayleigh clan have never thought of me as part of the clan and it pains me. My birthday was never celebrated in this house since my return and it is proof that you don’t want me alive. I regret to inform you that I’ve tried to kill myself many times, but I always just end up sick. But it’s not as though you care Mr Rayleigh but I understand. I’m a whore in your and everyone’s eyes, yet I am a virgin. It is best that we end things here before I mess up Adrian’s life… the older he gets the more it scares me. I did something I shouldn’t have done and that was to accept Adrian as my future and fell for him hard. It pains me greatly to leave his side, but I hope he marries someone worthy of him – please apologize in my stead to Mr Carter, he is more to me like a father than you are but I can’t bear to tell him myself. I if don’t die in the place I am going to today, I hope I will be able to pay back the kindness the Carter’s have shown me and you Mr Rayleigh for all the money you spent on me.

Yours truly


Mark cleared his throat that seemed to swell up in the tension, “There was a second letter that was half written by a child.” He said and pulled it out and showing it to everyone, “This one… since it is in this box, I suppose it could be Mr Jayden’s. It was crumpled up when I found it, but it says ‘They left me in that place and now I know the truth.’ The truth he speaks about, I am unsure, but there are only two options, one being the villa and the second… the Omega Welfare.”

The room was deathly silent. Turning to the t.v he clicked on the clip of Jayden leaving the villa and said, “His phone is still working here and at school,” he says and clicks on another showing the stair case continuing, “It is when Mr Adrian and Mr Peters arrive that the phone suddenly stops working and the crash against the wall and floor.” Everyone watched the interaction between the two and slowly the heads in the room turned to Adrian. Mark stops the video when Jayden run’s away, “According to the deal, Mr Jayden is supposed to … but doesn’t lead to the first clip we saw.”

Mark clicked on another and it is of the car stopping outside, Jayden gets out of the car sluggishly and almost falling but Mitchell caught him in time. He handed the envelope to Jayden who slowly took his time to walk in. The clip switched to Jayden sluggishly walking over to the trolley’s, cleaning the handle kicking it ahead of him, startling a customer.

As it continued Mark started, “As you all can see, Mr Jayden’s demeanour took a one hundred and eighty degree turn and from all angles, he looks like an angry teenage shopping but just as he comes around the corner and meets an employee, he puts up and act and is lead to the back of the store looking back several times presumably looking out for Mitchell or people he knew.”

The video clip switched several times and they saw an overview of the toilet inside, “This should have been a private moment but according to the employees, a few years back, there was a worker who was do drugs in the toilet so they installed camera’s – Mr Jayden quickly undresses and pulls out money from his pockets and places it into the envelope,” Mark stops talking since everyone could see what Jayden did to secure the money then after taking a few breaths, he bolted out.

The clips switched to all angles and everyone saw Jayden run in real time. Mark took in a deep breath, “I didn’t believe Mitchell until I saw the next clip, then everything made sense,” he said catching everyone’s attention. He pointed to a clip and the all saw the outside area of the park from a neighbouring house. Jayden darted through the park and froze when he entered the yard of the burned down house and frantically searched for something in the next second. It didn’t take long before Jayden came back out with a red bag and shoes on his feet.

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