Actions Speak Louder [BL]

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Chapter 5

“Mitchell arrived five minutes later,” Mark said as he felt the pheromones explode one after the other with Mr Carter taking the lead. They watched as Mitchell arrived and asked around, he froze and looked in that direction but went to his car, “Mitchell contacted a few support from the estate to check that house out,” Mark said and added “But…” he trailed stopping himself.

The men and women arrive and search the place and slowly, someone skips past them all by the playground not looking and goes back to the swing where he or she could be seen watching them. The clip stopped and another played, the time on the video showed an hour before school ended. In the park, the person from before on the swing walked over to the house with a red backpack on later came out of it with nothing. He or she disappeared and returned not long before Jayden ran over and bolted again.

Everyone focussed their attention on the person on the swing and when Mitchell left, their arm lifted to their head a few seconds then dropped. They all were completely dumbfounded especially Mitchell and Mark.

Mark hesitate to speak but spoke, “I… I pulled all the security footage of the main road and caught Mr Jayden on a few.” He hesitated to play it but did. “Mr Jayden ran down the roadside stopping a few times but it’s just too odd… I thought he was catching his breath but look.” He said and they saw him stop. He looked back behind him and ran back the way he came but stopped and ran back down the main road’s walking path.

He stopped for a second time, ran back up but stopped and pulled his hair, screamed and ran down the road. He repeated this action for the third time then made his way to the traffic lights. Jayden turned around a few times then froze and dropped to the ground hiding his face. The video paused and Mark saw the perplexed gazes of everyone. They all seemed to be lost in thought and didn’t notice that the video stopped. Jayden’s odd behaviour replayed multiple times before it registered.

Aiden looked at Mark and asked with obvious confusion, “What’s wrong with Jayden?” His eyes slid over to the Rayleigh’s but they were a lost cause. Mark shook his head, “I’m not knowledgeable on Omega’s, excuse me, sir.”

Mitchell who was leaning against the wall shook his head, “It’s called a submissive drop.” Aiden looked over and so did everyone else, “A submissive drop?” he asked. Marked nodded his head, “Omega’s are naturally submissive towards Alpha’s. With Omega’s when an Alpha release’s his pheromones, the Omega naturally complies especially during intercourse. There’s a voice inside an Omega’s head that tells them to bow and do the Alpha’s bidding and is also the one that tells them to inform the Alpha to impregnate them… In this case, I think Jayden is fighting against the voice in his head to not leave Mr Adrian’s side. I’ve seen a similar case with Jayden when he asked me a few years back to drive past the beach. I felt sorry for him and decided to stop the car so he could feel the sand between his toes. He decided to just look at it from inside the car and I went out without his permission to buy him an ice-cream and when I handed it to him, I could see he yearned for it but he fought himself not to take it and almost pulled his hair out and banged his head against the window. I was shocked and because I didn’t want him to injure himself, I threatened to fib to Mr Rayleigh and he happily but reluctantly took the ice-cream and ate it.”

Mitchell rubbed his jaw and looked at Adrian who was glaring at him, “He did say he fell in love with you so that should be the reason why he kept fighting his urge to return.”

“Why do you know all of this?” Adrian growled out as he clawed his fingers into the armrests. Mitchell shrugged, “I may have been hired by Mr Rayleigh but I babysit his Omega son.” Aiden narrowed his eyes on Mitchell, “That still doesn’t explain why you would go above and beyond to learn about my mate.”

“It’s a book called ‘Dealing with my Male Omega Mate’. I didn’t like the idea of working with an Omega and complained to my sister. She threw the book in my face and told me to shut up and deal with it and so… I did and because fascinated with the book and experimented on Jayden,” he said and couldn’t help keep back a chuckle as he shook his head and looked.

“How can you be laughing at a time like this?” Aiden asked unamused. He didn’t like how Mitchell was taunting his son. Mitchell straightened his back and snuck a glance at Adrian, “Mr Jayden is an odd case but was fun to work with. He caught on after a while of me testing him then joined in on the fun.”

“Enough Mitchell,” Mark groaned. “Please watch, we are almost done,” he said and the clip showed the limousine drive past Jayden with Peter hanging out of the window laughing. He pointed to Jayden and waved but he never stood up until he was in the clear. Jayden crossed the road and that was the end of it.

Adrian’s pheromones didn’t know what to do. Stay inside of the host or burst out, “As you all saw, Mr Jayden saw the limousine before it even came near him then ducked. From my understanding, Mr Jayden must have recognised either the licence plate, driver or seen Mr Peter. There are no camera’s that have him on tap after he made his way over the road because there was a glitch. The camera all seemed to malfunction and the owners don’t know why. There are a few witnesses who said they saw Mr Jayden arrive at the edge of a street and look around frantically, then collapsed to the ground. Another man stated that a boy from Elite High picked Mr Jayden up bridal style and ran away with him. They didn’t think it was odd until we asked around.”

Adrian’s blood began to boil. He got up and walked away from everyone to catch some fresh air but his emotions got the best of him and exploded while he was outside. “I was right there and I didn’t see him! I should have known something was wrong when he didn’t want to kiss me! Did he feel guilty because he knew he was leaving?”

Aiden came out to his son and saw that his green eyes were shining brightly under the moonlight. Turning to his father Adrian calmed down. A firm grip grabbed his shoulder and pulled him in for a hug, “Dad?” he called feeling defeated.

Aiden frowned and gave his son an assuring hug. Looking at his father he couldn’t help his tears from welling up but he refused for them to show, “I hated you and mom for making me accept kisses from him even though it was merely on the cheek. Today he refused to kiss me and I was pissed. When I finally got him alone I thought he was cheating on me but we aren’t together.”

Aiden sighed, hugging his son he said, “It just means that your mother and I’s efforts haven’t gone to waste but now with Jayden out of the picture, you will most likely have to marry one of the daughters, but it’s your choice. I love Jayden and was expecting so much from someone who wasn’t my son and it could have played a factor in why he left. He ended up loving you but still chose to leave. If we can find him it would be good but like he said in the letter, if he doesn’t die, we might never get to see or hear from him again.”

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