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Chapter 6

(Six months later)

Mitchell drove his deliver truck to a café where he had to drop off coffee and tea.

Climbing out of the truck, he walked in through the front since the place didn’t have a back entrance and stopped at the counter. When an employee saw him she smiled, “Here with the delivery?” Mitchell nodded with a grunt.

She nodded and left to call the manager.

Behind him, the bell rang on the door as it opened and in came the sound of a baby babbling. Someone stopped beside him and greeted an employee, “Hello, can I have an omelette with extra cheese, a cup of dark coffee and Jayden here would love apple juice and a plate of fries please.”

“Alright, please have a seat and your order will be out in a few minutes,” the employee said. The person thanked her and made to head to the tables, but accidently bumped into Mitchell. “Watch where you walk,” Mitchell groaned.

“I’m sorry… wait huh? What are you doing here Mitchell?” the person asked.

Turning around, Mitchell’s eyes widened. He grabbed both arms of the young man and whisper yelled, “Jayden?!”

Jayden looked at Mitchell as though he was looking at an idiot, “Yeah?” Mitchell almost collapsed but gripped firmly onto Jayden. He scanned Jayden’s body with his eyes and felt a chill go up his spine. Shaking him off, Jayden went to an empty seat near the window and sat baby Jayden down on the table and looked at him.

He then looked over at Mitchell who walked over and smiled, “You are welcome to join us.”

Jayden had on black and white sneakers with a tight fitted jeans with rips on the side resembling bows and a black long-sleeved crop top on. His hair had grown so much in the last six months that it draped over his left shoulder but, on the right side of his head, his hair was shaved off also, the black leather strap around his neck that only Omega’s wear around their necks so that they wouldn’t be marked unnecessarily. Jayden smiled and pulled Mitchell down to sit down opposite him.

It took Mitchell some time to register the boys appearance and only after he completed his work, he returned to the table and asked, “Where have you been all this time?”

Jayden shrugged as he handed little Jayden a fry, “I may have left that house but I’ve been around the whole time.”

Mitchell rubbed is face, “You really put me through so much shit do you know that?”

Jayden looked over at him and frowned, “I’ve been meaning to ask, why are you delivering coffee and tea?”

Mitchell sighed and smirked, “After you ditched me that day, your fiancé beat me up and wasn’t too happy about me knowing more about you than anyone else. I gave them attitude and was fired a few days later. My boss ran away so there was no longer a need for me and even though I tried finding a job afterwards, they all black listed me thanks to your Alpha and only got this job because its part of my brother-in-law’s branch.”

Jayden groaned, “He blamed you even after I told them not to.”

Mitchell scoffed, “It’s not like they would listen to an Omega.” Jayden nodded his head in agreement and continued on with his lunch. Mitchell’s eyes moved over to the toddler sitting upright on the table eating fry after fry.

To him, the child looked nothing like Jayden nor was Jayden deflowered in his care, pointing at the child with his thumb he asked, “Your child?”

Jayden scoffed, “Baby sitting.”

Mitchell nodded, looking at the time he said, “Oh well, I have to go, give me your number so I can check up on you in the future.” He said handing his phone over which Jayden took and started typing on.

Before handing it back, he looked up at the standing Mitchell and smirked, “How would you like to be employed by me again?”

Mitchell raised a brow at Jayden. Jayden smiled at him and reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet and took out a card. Taking the card from Jayden, Mitchell saw that it was a business card, “All things Sweet by Jay-Leigh?” he read out loud.

Jayden nodded his head and smiled proudly, “I started my own business two months ago. I make deserts, cupcakes and specialty cakes for weddings and parties. My clientele are all over the show but it’s really becoming too much, I have to deliver most of it by myself, with your help, I won’t need to and won’t have to cut back on some of my customers and can just make everything while you deliver – so what do you say?”

Mitchell stared at Jayden in disbelief, “How did you manage all of this?”

Sipping from his coffee he pointed to the baby, “The Omega Welfare helped out and I was fortunate enough to be able to pay them back and I am occasionally making donations too, so how about it – wanna be my bodyguard ones more?”

Mitchell gazed at him expressionlessly and asked, “Will you run away again?” Jayden shook his head, “I’m too busy to run away again besides, once is enough.” Mitchell continued to stare, “Not afraid that I’ll go report you?”

Jayden shrugged, “It’s not like you will get your job back. Take that back to where ever it belongs and return with a taxi, I have a car so you can drive that for the time being, it’s still early so we could go look for a standard truck that will suit you well.”

Mitchell didn’t answer him and just left. Jayden and little Jayden sat idly and waited for Mitchell who returned an hour later with a frown on his face. They got up and left after paying. Jayden informed Mitchell of all that he went through and why he decided to leave the Rayleigh clan. “Do you know how over bearing that Alpha of yours is, he almost killed anyone acting suspicious,” Mitchell said as he followed Jayden’s directions.

Jayden shrugged, “I know all about it, I’m just glad he hasn’t found me yet but it wouldn’t really matter now since I am no longer the same as I was before but,” Jayden turned to look at him as the car came to a stop. He smiled bitterly at him continuing, “I’m enjoying my freedom as an independent Omega, I’d love to see him again but it would be best if he moved on.”

They got out of the car and an Omega came rushing out of a building with a sign on it ‘All Things Sweet’. Lines appeared on Mitchell’s face, looking at Jayden he said, “I’ve passed this place many times, to think you were in here all this time…”

Little Jayden in his arms started squealing with arms stretched out. The Omega picked little Jayden up and spun around in a circle. Kissing him multiple times on the cheek he complained, “Oh my little Jay, did big Jay spoil you again, and you! Why did you keep him away so long?” He asked glaring at Jayden.

Pointing with his thumb at Mitchell to his right, Jayden said, “I bumped into my old driver and he needed a job so I gave him the job of our delivery guy so you and I don’t have to work so much.” The Omega Jayden spoke to looked at Mitchell from under his lashes and immediately a blush crept up his face.

He nodded his head slightly in a greeting and dashed away. Jayden turned to look at Mitchell with a grin, “I think Logan likes you.”

Mitchell stared at Jayden bored, “It doesn’t matter, he has a kid already, I want a virgin.”

“Jayden isn’t his,” Jayden said as he burst into a fit of laughter and walked into the building with Mitchell following at his heels. Mitchell was at a loss for words at the cream and pink interior along with the delicious smell of cake and other things.

His attention focused on Logan who squealed and went to the back of the store, “Oi Mr Beta, smile so he can stop running away,” Jayden groaned and went ahead, behind the counter to get his business card out, he handed it to Mitchell saying, “I don’t want to go with you anymore, take Logan with you and choose a suitable vehicle.”

Turning around, “Logan, get your ass out here.” Logan timidly returned with Jayden who was taken from him. “I just thought of a new recipe, go with Mitchell in my place to get a van or truck for the business.”

“No I…” Logan started but was dragged away by Mitchell.

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