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Chapter 8

“Oh Adrian,” Brent looked at him confused, “Can I help you?”

Adrian looked at Jayden beside him who was now looking at him too and asked, “Can I speak to you privately for a moment?”

Brent nodded, “Sure, Jay-Leigh, don’t forget what dad said,” he instructed Jayden who nodded. Adrian’s heart was pounding in his chest when he noticed the necklace he gave Jayden two years ago was still around his neck, although it was hiding underneath the collar.

Brent led Adrian to a room away from the crowd.

Inside the hall, Jayden stood in front of the Rayleigh and Carter clan as though he didn’t know who they were with a smile on his face, “Mr Carter, thank you for bidding on me,” Jayden said but was stared at expressionlessly.

Aiden was angry, as well as everyone else but they didn’t say anything. Adrian was the current head of the family and since he wasn’t here, they couldn’t do what they wanted.

Reegon, the eldest of the Rayleigh clan looked over at his brother and was still in disbelief at his sudden appearance, after a moment he said, “So you ran away to the Omega Association.”

“The Omega Association? Who ran away?” Jayden asked confused.

Reegon narrowed his eyes, “Don’t act innocent with me, you know what I am talking about.”

Jayden shook his head, “Honestly, I don’t know.”

“Jay-Leigh?” A deep voice came from the side.

Turning to look who it was, he saw that it was Emerson Morne.

Jayden’s eyes widened as he smiled, “Emerson? I was just about to head over to you,” he said but received a sigh.

“Well, I couldn’t help it, you were taking your time,” Emerson answered.

Jayden’s smile grew wider, he walked up to Emerson and hugged him tightly earning glares from the families around them. Jayden pulled away, “Why do you seem so upset?”

Emerson smiled bitterly, “I lost the chance to go on a date with you.”

Jayden chuckled with a shake of his head, “Don’t be like that, you always see me, so what is the need?”

“Yeah, but like I said, I lost the chance since you are always so busy,” Emerson moped.

Jayden chuckled, taking Emerson’s hand in his, he said, “How about this, since Mr Carter will have all my attention on a later date, I will give you all of my attention now?”

Emerson beamed hearing his proposal, picking Jayden up, he bid the families goodnight and went out of the hall with a limp Jayden over his shoulder.

In the private room, Adrian grabbed Brent by the collar and slammed him against the wall.

Adrian’s calm expression changed to a very pissed one, growling in his face, he said, “I fucking asked you where he was and you said you didn’t know, what is the meaning of this?”

Brent smirked, “You have some nerve shoving me on my property.”

Adrian’s glare hardened, “Does it look like I give a fuck? You better believe that I’m leaving with him tonight.”

Brent’s eyes widened, “You won’t!”

Adrian smirked, “He’s MY property! He ALWAYS will be!”

Brent growled out, “You stay the fuck away from him, you’re marrying his sister! What more do you want from him?!”

Adrian’s grip loosened slightly as he lost his composure. Brent’s words were true and hit the mark. He might be marrying Rachel but there was a hidden truth to it all.

Brent pushed him off and grabbed Adrian’s collar, “You stay the fuck away from Jayden, you never once loved him and only thought of him when your ego was bruised! Jayden suffered in that family and in school, but you never cared and at least he had the balls to make a difference in his life, making a change and is doing well, you better believe that I will kill you if you mess with him.”

Adrian pushed him away and growled, “Brent he is MY fiance!”

“I don’t give a shit,” Brent yelled back.

“Jayden is part of my family now and has people surrounding him that love and support him. None of us will allow you, your family and those people that abandoned him to hurt and isolate Jayden again!”

“Brent! What makes you think I will hurt him?” Adrian asked in disbelief.

Brent fixed his suit and stepped back away from Adrian, “Did you do anything to protect him? YOUR fiancé? YOUR mate?”

Adrian looked at Brent with no answer.

Taking his silence Brent continued, “We swore allegiance to being brothers when we were young and we nominated you as the leader of our generation Adrian but I’ve sworn my life to protecting Omega’s. I’ve been discriminated against just because my mother is a male. I can defend myself because I am an Alpha but what can the Omega’s do? You proved yourself as a danger towards Jayden the day he disappeared, did you forget?”

“NO matter what you say, Jayden loves me!” Adrian defended himself.

Brent scoffed, “But do you love him? Have you ever thought of him whole heartily as a human, sexually and missed him without your Alpha instincts?”

Adrian was silent for a moment then stopped himself from answering when Emerson burst through the door with Jayden over his shoulder.

Emerson paused in his step and looked at the two men in the room. He put Jayden down who immediately felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.

Adrian’s eyes hardened.

Glaring between the two, “Jayden?!” Adrian growled.

Before a response could be given, everyone was interrupted when Logan pushed the door open with a troubled expression.

When his eyes landed on Brent he said, “Sir, we have a problem.”

“What is it?” Brent asked stepping forward past the angry Adrian, “The guests are refusing the food we prepared.”

Brent looked at him with a frown, “What happened?”

Logan shook his head, “Some child named Rachel said she doesn’t want the food prepared by a ‘whore’. She said it’s disgusting that we made everyone eat food that could practically be poisoned. At first, no one had problems until she spoke. Master Alphonse told her that she was being ridiculous then she told him to shut up because he was just as sick for accepting Omega’s. She said that they were only here today to show respect since the Setchin’s were part of the elite clans, but you all should be kicked out of the alliance and threw Mr Christian wet with her wine.”

Brent was calm on the outside, but his blood was raging inside him. Adrian too was not happy hearing his words, how could his fiancé be so rude? To say that the Setchin’s be kicked out?

“But how can a small child convince the clans?” Jayden asked confused.

Logan looked at him and shook his head, “Alpha Luke Waters, stepped in to stop her and so did the other the Alpha’s but she said that her words are equal to those of her husband?”

Jayden looked at Logan unamused, “Her husband? Who is that?”

Adrian’s blood began to boil, of cause no one would stop her if she said that they should think it’s his words.

Brent looked over at Adrian, he could see that he was angry.

A Smirk formed on his lips that made Adrian feel that something bad was going to happen.

Brent cleared his throat and said, “Your sister’s marrying Adrian in two years time Jayden.”

Jayden looked at Brent puzzled, “What?” he asked as his voice trembled and so did his body.

Jayden looked at Adrian with puffy eyes asking, “Is that true Adrian?”

Adrian’s heart pained seeing his mate on the verge of tears.

Shaking his head, he answered “No Jayden, that’s not true, you know your place is beside me and that was something our parents decided so that I could be the head if the clans.”

Jayden’s tears fell, “You could have said no! How could you betray me like this? You know I love you! I’ve always been faithful towards you because you are MY Alpha and I will never do anything to hurt you.”

“BUT YOU DID HURT ME BY LEAVING!!” Adrian yelled at him. He fought back his need to release his pent up pheromones since he laid eyes on Jayden forty minutes ago.

Calming down, he said, “Jayden you left me. You were never supposed to leave me. If you were troubled, why didn’t you speak to me, you know as well as I do that I love you with MY EVERYTHING! How do you expect I felt when I found out that you were gone? I didn’t show it, but I felt like I was going to die and I still do. I don’t give a fuck about your sister and I’ve been doing my best to hold myself together until the day I found you.”

Jayden looked at Adrian, he could see that he was a complete mess. Jayden didn’t answer him and just wiped his tears away. Emerson and Brent were completely taken aback, why were these two acting like this?

Adrian sighed and wiped away the tear threatening to fall out from his left eye. Looking down at Jayden who didn’t stop wiping his tears away, he pulled him into a hug.

Kissing Jayden on the head he said, “I didn’t stop looking for you and I’m sorry that I couldn’t protect you. I didn’t know how much I love and cared for you until you left.”

He cupped Jayden’s face in his hand and kissed his lips gently, feeling those tingles that always brushed his cheeks and danced on their fingers, pulling away, he gazed into his eyes, “I will try my best to make it up to you but you can’t leave me again like you did. This time, you won’t get the chance because I will keep you by my side always.”

Jayden frowned, “Don’t be ridiculous, I work and you attend college and work, you won’t make time for me.”

Adrian scoffed at his Omega’s words, taking out his wallet, he pulled out a band and pushed it up Jayden’s left ring finger. Looking at his stunned expression he said, “I’ve always kept it with me, you really are the only one I love.”

Jayden blushed asking, “Not because we are bonded mates?”

Adrian chuckled, “Jayden, I loved you since the day I found out that you were going to be my husband, not because of the bond between our souls but because of the fact that you always caught my attention.”

“Huh? You two are bonded mates?” Emerson asked out loud surprised.

Adrian almost forgot about this man. Glaring at him, he hugged Jayden, “Who the fuck are you?”

Emerson smirked and walked further in, walking passed them, he wrapped his arms around Brent’s neck and kissed him. The two stopped after kissing passionately and stared at Adrian.

Brent grabbed Emerson’s ass and fondled it, “Emerson belongs to me,” Brent said as lust filled his eyes.

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