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Chapters every Thursday and Sunday Merman x Dragon story Prince Queseon Anaeco was always the one who disagreed with his father's way of doing things, keeping the Morfolk away from the humans. As sneaky as he was, he finally calmed down when he laid his eyes on the new comer within Blossom Valley. Qykerth, woke up in a cave in Blossom Valley after a horrible incident at home. Fortunately, he met this odd Merman who stalked him. The two became cultivation buddies and in the end, Prince Queseon's greed subsided and turned into love. All these years, Qykerth thought it was unrequited but found out on the last day they were together, his love was requited but their bond came to an end. As much as the two wanted to be together, they could not and the secret Queseon had within him would finally be revealed at the Twelve Immortals Cultivation Tournament but would the one who mattered most be there to see it? Let's follow Queseon and Qykerth's love together and wish them well. Cover art by: the_nerd.artist

Fantasy / Children
Vanessa Nicole
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Chapter 1 | Qykerth’s Beginning

Hello and welcome to a new story of mine.

This one is a little out of my comfort zone and I hope you enjoy reading it ´・ᴗ・`

Qykerth woke up in the dark of night when he heard a yell. That yell came from his mother and her sobs echoed through their cottage home. “Why are you making a noise? Our son will wake up!” His father’s stern voice followed.

“What does it matter? You won’t be here in the morning to comfort him! Why don’t you want to him to hear his father’s shamefulness? What am I going to tell him when he asks where are you, do you really think what you are doing is right? What about me and your son?” His mother growled at his father through her sobs.

Qykerth slowly got up and crept up to the curtain that divided the next room from his. Pushing it open slightly, he saw his father packing his bags as he heard, “I’ll send money for both of you, the two of you can stay here. I’ll come back for you both in a few years.”

Qykerth’s mother looked at his father with disgust, “Don’t bother coming back for us and don’t send money either! I will raise my son on my own!”

“Aragetta don’t be stubborn, I am doing this to provide for you and Qykerth a better future,” his father said with a helpless sigh.

“Don’t lie! I should have never believed your lies! My mother was right when she said all cultivators are greedy and all they want is power! Hurry and just leave and don’t come back looking for us, I’m moving away with my son!” Aragetta said angrily and stormed out towards Qykerth’s room.

Qykerth jumped back and quickly went to lie on the floor and pretend he was asleep. His mother pushed the curtain and yelled, “Qykerth get up! Go say goodbye to your father, it’s the last time you’ll ever see him!”

“Aragetta!!” His father yelled and stalked over to her. He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her out of Qykerth’s room. Staring her down, he asked, “How can you be this selfish!”

Aragetta looked at her husband appalled, “I’m selfish? How dare you ask me this when you are getting married to another all for power! What about me your wife and our son?! Do you not realize that once you leave, you’ll be a burden on his soul? You know how much you mean to both of us, but still you choose to leave? Rathael! You son of a bitch!”

Before the two could continue, Qykerth came out of his room with tears in his eyes calling, “Father?” Both Rathael and Aragetta looked at their son and saw that he was wide awake and his eyes were red, meaning that he had been awake this whole time.

Aragetta went up to her son and wiped his face clean of tears with the hem of her silk skirt, glaring back at her husband while hugging her son who was now crying in her arms, she said, “Just leave already, I can’t believe I had a child with someone so disgusting!”

Aragetta picked Qykerth up and went with him into his room. Rathael soon left with a heavy heart, but just because he regretted his decision he knew it was for the best and still left. Giving their cottage once last look, he left a bag a bean sack full of money on the porch and rose into the air. High above the ground in mid air, he channelled his spiritual energy and zipped into the void.

Aragetta sat with her son in her arms, crying, “We’ll be okay baby, we’ll be okay, I’ll look after you,” Aragetta said comforting herself. Qykerth wrapped his arms around her waist and cried into her breast.

He and his mother were just normal human beings, well, mostly his mother, he should have been able to cultivate already, but it’s already been two years since his sphere developed, but wasn’t absorbing the spiritual energy the way it should, was this the reason why his father left? Because he was a useless son?

“Momma, did father leave because I can’t cultivate?” he asked his mother, but she didn’t answer him, she was chanting “We’ll be okay,” but if they were going to be okay, why wasn’t she doing anything to comfort him?

Qykerth’s eyes snapped open. Looking up at the ceiling, he sighed. Sitting up, he wiped away the sweat that accumulated over night and looked around for his mother. She wasn’t in the room with him so he went to look for her.

Walking through the cottage he started to panic after searching room after room when finally he came to the kitchen and his eyes widened. Hanging from a beam was his mother’s corpse. Qykerth stared up at her face and saw that she had dried tears on her cheeks and her complexion was pale.

The words he wanted to scream never came and the little hope he had after last night was gone, his father left, cause his mother’s death and now, he was all alone. He had barely experienced life and had to face this, why? Just why?

Clutching his head, his eyes turned hollow in shock and a painful cry broke from his lips. Frightened and angry, he let out all of his emotions that could be heard miles away gaining the attention of their nearest neighbour, an elderly Fae who lived in the woods behind them.

The man was a mage who had retired from his duties and settled down in the woods away from everyone. The man quickly exited his home and flew over to where the sound came from and found that the cottage where the young couple and the boy who he always used to watch from afar was set ablaze.

Using his magic he sensed around the house and saw through the magical touch that Qykerth was kneeling in front of a hanging corpse that was already burnt to a crisp. His eyes widened in shock, quickly he rushed into the house sucked up all the fire into his magic staff and looked at the boy and the corpse.

Qykerth kneeling with his head facing up and there were dragon scales on his body that shone in gold and crimson hues. His eyes were as black as the corpse and almost looked lifeless, but the old man knew that he was alive because he was the only thing that was unscathed, well not really.

Aragetta’s corpse fell down followed by the red scarf that she hung herself with. The red scarf that fell on her corpse moved by itself, making its way slowly to the unconscious Qykerth and wrapped itself around him.

The old man’s eyes narrowed, but soon relaxed after he sighed. Tapping Qykerth with his magic staff making Qykerth rise up in the air and disappear with the old man. Qykerth, the old man and the gold that was left on the porch disappeared reappearing in a place that was rarely visited.

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