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Timeless Wølves

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"Well, what's there to be nervous about?" she questioned me, her easygoing expression rested cozily upon her face. "Nothing- because the worst thing that could happen, is that person saying 'no,' and if that is what they choose, then they are no good for you; and you get to show them what they're missing, right?" I shook my head in a nervous, naive way, knowing deep down that this wasn't going to go well. At least that is what I had my mind fixed on believing. I didn't dare take risks, and now all of a sudden, I, Rosalei Morran, have become social. The impossible has happened, but presumably, that isn't all that life has for me.. "Fine! Fine.. I'll do it-" I muttered, my stomach churning in an uncomfortable way.

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What is time?.. Can you really value such a mysterious thing? No. Life is only a race against it: each breath, each step, nearly everything your body can asset, is worthless against the furious race of it. You don't believe that the supernatural are real?- Let us prove you wrong.. Is it possible to see time, can you really watch the seconds fly on into minutes, and minutes hours? Even hours to endless days, months, years, decades, even centuries- can you SEE time? Can you SEE the impossible? Or more simply, do you just know that they're there? You cannot SEE days, but you know that they are there because they have been said to exist? Relative to werewolves, vampires, witches, ghosts, you don't believe that there is a drop of possibility in the universe that they could be there, but when you see to it, when you look deeply enough; can you, and will you finally realize that you refuse against believing in these supernatural beings, because that is what you have been told throughout your life. You've never lived a minute, without that meaningless word in your head. Time. You cannot get rid of it; just as you cannot get rid of that worry in the back of your mind that constantly nags, telling you that somewhere, something or someone is ALWAYS watching. Tell yourself, it was just some silly thought, passing through your head, just the imaginations trickery trying to scare you. The auto phobia that we all secretly have is nagging at the back of our minds when we're home alone; even if it's no true phobia, we are all secretly frightened when we're alone.. But, how are you ever alone if someone or something... Is always watching? It's always there, though you want to deny it, just as I did.. Clenching, it's eery, you're scared and you know it. Home alone on a Saturday night, that feeling erupted in your stomach, clawed at you and told you, that you weren't home alone this fine night, no, no.. That creature, in the shadows behind your house, "the raccoon" you tell yourself; but you're wrong.. The creature's prowling, readied to hunt its prey. Smiling to yourself as you laugh. Mockery, same as pity; taking me, more or less yourself as a joke. You don't want to believe that this is true, then again.. Maybe you do? If so... Read on my friends, read on..

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I apologize.. I wish I could have thought of a better hook/intro for you guys, but I'm no good at starting things. I cannot guarantee future chapters will interest you but I take criticism and negative feedback kindly because it helps me for the better, but positive feedback most definitely will help me keep moving. Any form of feedback is going to brighten up my day knowing that I have people interested and willing to speak to me, or even help me out!!
As a warning the lead female is going to develop throughout the story, so change in personality may occur; and you may get confused at some point during the story, but I am working my hardest to make it understandable.
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