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Chapter 1: Cornal high

“Olivia, wake up! “

Groaning and turning in my bed, hearing my mother’s yelling from downstairs, I took the cover and toss it over my head as the warmth and comfort of my lovely bed engulfed me and lulled me slowly back to sleep again.

The door slammed open, and the cover got ripped off from my body as hands grabbed and started to tickle my sides.

Tossing and turning and laughing out as my brother was so merciless with his tickle assault.

“Wake up, sleepyhead. “


“What’s the fun in that? “

“Please stop it, I’m up! I’m up! “

Chuckling, my brother stopped and looked me over, smiling. “You’re lucky I was the one to get in your room to wake you up, if it was mom she would carry a bucket of water and just splash it all over you.”

“No, she wouldn’t.”

“Oh, I saw her getting the bucket already, but if next time you would rather want her to wake you up, okay, no problem. Anyway, you’re going to be late for school if you don’t get up already.”

Looking at my alarm clock, I saw I had 20 minutes to get ready, so I wasted no time in getting up and running to my bathroom.

I do believe that I had the fastest shower ever in my life. Brushing my teeth, doing my hair, and light makeup, I peeked in my room to see if James was still inside, but seeing as he wasn’t I got out and went to my closet to dress in my favorite jeans and white crop top.

Taking a last glance at my clock, I saw I still had a few minutes left, so I grabbed my shoes and my bag and rushed downstairs to the kitchen where I found my mother by the stove preparing breakfast for us.

“Ollie, did you forget to set your alarm again?” my mother asked as she brought a plate of pancakes on the table for me to eat.

“I’m sorry mom but I was talking to Lizzy over Skype last night and I just forgot about it.”

“How is Lizzy doing? “

Lizzy is my best friend since we went together to kindergarten. She and her family went to visit her grandparents as their flock is having their annual swimming, and having a family swim, especially the first spring and summer ones, are most important, especially in the world of Sirens.

“She is great, as she is preparing for the swim around for tomorrow. “

“Oh, that sounds wonderful, am sure she will love it. “

As I am eating pancakes, my brother came into the kitchen and kissed our mom on her cheek, and took a fork in his hand. I looked at him suspiciously as he was nearing my seat, and next, he did, he took a piece of my pancake and showed it into his mouth.


“Mmmm... these are amazing mom. “

“Mom, tell James to take his own plate with pancakes, he is stealing mine. “

Mom just looked at us and chuckled, shaking her head.

“Okay, you ready and done as we have to go?” James asked me as he took his bag and tossed it over his shoulder.

“Yeah, am done. Thank’s mom, it was delicious! “

“You’re welcome, honey. Have a good day both of you and James don’t cause Mr. Pinkle trouble.”

“Oh, come on mom! Even you can’t be serious when you say his name!”

“I mean it, James!”

“Yes, okay, I’ll be an angel.”

I scoffed when I heard my brother say that.

We continued on to his car and drove off to our school.

We are shifters, to clear it out, and to clear it more, we are Sirens.

Our school is a mix of supernatural creatures and humans, so basically no “beasting out” is allowed as our secret as what we are, needs to stay as that, a secret.

We don’t particularly mix with other supernaturals as we like it more to stay in our own groups.

“Olivia!” I heard a loud call for me from one of my friends Mandy.

Turning around, I saw Mandy running towards me with her books pressed tightly to her chest and little behind her is Annie, my other friend who was also running.

Mandy and Annie are from my family’s flock.

Mandy’s family is the beta of our flock, while Annie’s are warriors.

They both were beautiful, inside and out. Mandy with her gold long hair till the middle of her back, with her hazel eyes and darker tanned skin, while Annie was a tanned skin tone, and has the same length hair, only it was dark almost raven-colored like with blue eyes. They both were truly attractive and tall.

Being a shifter it was natural to be attractive just some were more some were less.

“O my God, have you heard yet? “

Mandy was out of breath as she came to me and hurriedly asked me.

“Heard what? I just got here.” I chuckled at her.

James got out of the car and smiled, and said hi to both of the girls while they both sighed, watching at him.

Yes, he was my brother and alpha at that, but come on.

“Hello, ladies. How are you both today?” smiling, James winked and asked Mandy and Annie.

It was funny to watch them go mute and crimson red.

“James, stop teasing my friends,” I said firmly to him.

He chuckled and shook his head “I only said hi. Okay, I see Tyler and Max so I’ll see you at lunch later.”

He kissed my forehead and moved along to meet with his friends.

“He is so dreamy!” Mandy looked after James with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Don’t want to spoil your bubble, but back to the topic. You were saying something?” I asked Mandy.

“Oh yes! Well, it seems the Cornal high school is down, so all the students from there are transferred to continue in our school.” Mandy said.

“Why is that?” I asked her.

“Seems that their building has burned down and collapsed on one side so it is fully out of order,” Mandy said.

Gasping at the news, I couldn’t believe what she told me.

“O my Goddess! What happened? How did that even happen?” I was so curious to hear more about the school and all events that followed that story.

Mandy leaned over closer to my ear and whispered, “Seems that some group of their students got little carried away with matches.”

Winking at me, she leaned back.

Wow, I just couldn’t believe what she said. Who would be so stupid to go and just burn down the high school?

The school bell rang.

Taking my bag, I followed Mandy and Annie inside. The corridors were crowded with students.

Some whispering the news, Mandy just told me, some giggling, and some looking at the front gates to see new arrival students that will be attending our school with us.

“Students please all gather in the gym and take a seat on the bleachers there, while principle Bennett arrives and gives his announcement. Thank you.” The speaker sounded through the school corridor.

Looking over at Mandy and Annie, we set off towards the Gym class and took a seat in the third row on the bleachers.

I saw my brother and his crew sitting higher above us as they goofed around, and few cheerleaders flirted and giggled at them.

Rolling my eyes, I turned forward as we all waited on Mr. Bennett.

Finally, a few minutes later, Mr. Bennett arrived at the podium that was set in the middle of the courtyard and got closer to the microphone there.

“Hello everyone. Thank you so much for coming in here today as I have an important announcement to give to you all.

Getting straight to the point, with no further delay, I wanted to tell you all that our school has taken over students of a Cornal high school as their school is for the time being closed down for its renovation.

I expect each one of you to welcome and treat the newcomers with respect and kindness as all the rules our school has still applies to both sides, you and the newcomers.”

As the speech was given, the new students entered the gym classroom and took their seats.

“Do you smell something?” I turned to Mandy and asked her.

She looked at me confused and took a sniff but shook her head as to say no and I didn’t miss her “you’re crazy” look she threw at me.

Shaking my head and straightening up my back, I felt as if someone was watching me.

Looking around, I couldn’t seem to find anyone looking my way.

James nods his head at me as he saw me looking around and silently asking if all is ok, and I nod my head back smiling as yes.

“So I expect you all to behave the best way possible, no fights, nor rivals, and of course study hard. You all are dismissed and can go to your classes. Thank you.” Mr. Bennett said as he took the leave from the gym.

We all stood up, slowly leaving to go to our classes. Weird thing was, I couldn’t shake off that feeling like someone was carefully watching over me.

Mandy must be right, maybe I am getting antsy, well can anyone blame me? My birthday is coming up this weekend.

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