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Chapter 2: Lunch break

An entire week went by and more and more I was feeling restless.

That feeling of being watched never seemed to go away. Plus, now and then, I would catch the whiff of that intoxicating smell I couldn’t get enough of.

The only problem is, I never got to find out the source of that smell.

As Sirens mature fully on their 18 birthday, that is an age they get to find their own mates, Ollie’s siren was still being quiet but she could feel my emotions.

It is Friday, and that is the best day of the week in my opinion. And why is that? Simple, the weekend is next, which means no school day.

Putting my books in my locker and preparing others for my next class, I was feeling goosebumps prickle at my skin, so I turned around to look, but as always I couldn’t see anything unusual.

“Looking for someone?”

Closing my locker, I saw Mandy.

Smiling at my friend I just shrugged my shoulders “Just can’t shake that feeling, as someone is watching me nonstop, away.”

Mandy looked around and saw some new kids that joined in their school at the beginning of this week, but other than them, no one was looking their way.

“I think someone is a little too excited about this weekend.” She teased as she winked at me.

Rolling my eyes at her, I just shrugged my shoulders at that again.

“O my God, you might find your mate this weekend. I wonder who it will be. Maybe Tyson? He is always looking at you and he is super-hot... after your brother.” She giggled.

Looking at her, I rolled my eyes at that and chuckled.

“You are acting like it is your birthday.”

“In few more weeks it will be and then I get to find my mate. I can’t wait!” Mandy squealed as she said that.

Laughing at her reaction, I looked around for Annie.

“Where is Annie?”

“Oh, she texted me that she has a practice that your dad called her for so she won’t be coming today to school.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that. Okay, let’s go to class otherwise, if we are late we will get into trouble and you know how Ms. Friskies hates everyone that comes in after her.”

As we walked through the hallway towards the Science classroom, we took our seats as others were being slowly pilling up with other students.

I noticed a few new faces, guessing those must be the newcomers, so I gave a small smile at the ones who were looking around the classroom.

“I can’t wait for the football team to come back,” Mandy said with her dreamy face that was leaning on her hands-on the table.

Turning around at her as I chuckled at her words, I grabbed my textbook and placed it on the table.

“I hope we don’t get a new seating arrangement,” I said to her.

“Oh hell, I forgot about that.”

A few minutes later, Ms. Friskies entered the classroom as she took a seat at her desk.

As she turned around towards us, she spoke.

“Since we got a change in our school due to new students, we will have a new seating arrangement assigned starting from next week. Until then you are allowed to sit as you are now.”

Mandy and I exchanged looks as we both groaned lowly.

“Great,” I said in a low voice.

“Fingers crossed she doesn’t separate us,” Mandy whispered.

The rest of the class went by slowly and the sound of the bell ringing couldn’t be more welcomed as it was then.

Mandy and I separated as she was off to her French class and I went to Biology.

Time flew by after that and soon enough we were back together sitting at a lunch table having some fries and cheeseburgers that were on a menu today.

“So is it still on?” Mandy asked me as she was picking at her fries.

“Is what on?” Taking a bite into my cheeseburger, I asked her.

“Oh God girl, the shopping for your party you dummy.” She said with an eye roll.

“O that...”

“Yes, that and don’t you dare to say no.”

Laughing at her serious face, I said, “Yes, of course, we are going.”

Mandy squealed as few faces turned to look in our way at the sound of her as my hands went to cover my ears at her loud sound.

As we happily chatted about our plans, I smelled that smell again, making me turn around to the entrance of the cantina.

I couldn’t exactly determine where it was coming from, but I saw a group that entered.

I looked at them as they were all tall and well built; I knew they were the new students that were transferred from the Cornal high school.

“They are looking hot,” Mandy said next to me.

Looking at them, I took them all in.

The one on the left was tall, with lightly tanned skin, light blond short hair, and dark blue eyes. He was well built and easy to the eyes.

My eyes travel to the one on the right as he was talking and probably joking as I could see his smile. He had a nice smile, with pearly white teeth. He seemed slightly taller than the other one, with light brown hair that was in an attractive way falling slightly over his eyes that were dark brown color.

Moving my eyes to the third guy that was in the middle. He was looking around the cantina, and I took that opportunity to take a look at him as well. He was slightly taller than the other two, with jet black hair that was messy and slightly longer, tanned and a little bulkier than the others. He had a strong jawline and plum lightly pink lips that I couldn’t tear my eyes off. I saw as he licked his lips and the feeling of warmth flew through me.

What the hell is happening to me?

My skin prickled as I slowly roamed my eyes over his handsome face and was startled when I felt as an electrifying current flew through me the exact moment my eyes locked with his beautiful light gray ones.

His look was intense as he roamed his eyes all over my body. I could feel every inch of my body as it burned into life with just his look. His eyes moved slowly, painfully slow, from down to up, and slightly stopping at my chest area making my breathing hitch and grow harder. Licking his lips, I saw, and I felt his gaze roam further up, over my collar bones, my neck, my jaw, stopping at my lips which made my cheeks go slightly blushing, and finally my eyes.

“Ollie? Are you ok?”

Lightly jumping in my seat as I heard Mandy talking.

Feeling my cheeks blush furthermore, I cleared my throat before speaking.

“Yes, just thinking about shopping and what all we will need.”

“Oh, come on, you were so checking out that hottie that is near the entrance.” She poked at my side.

Gasping at her realization as I was caught red-handed, I couldn’t help my slight stammer showing in my voice.


Mandy laughed at me as she turned towards the guys I was looking at.

“They are hot. Too bad we can’t be with them.” She slowly exhaled as her eyes were dreamily watching over at them.

I hated that rule or better said law that was forced upon us, no mixing in between species.

Before things were different and no matter who you were you were free to date, go out with, even if your mate turned to be another species, you could freely accept each other, and live your fairy tale happily ever after. But now since the big terrifying war, which lasted for centuries, the Elders made a peace pact that one of the things, as a rule in it, stated that no mixing as pairs or mating between two different shifters communities is allowed.

That rule was a cause of one-to-many heartbreaks, as many fated mates got rejected because of it, as the heartbreak would cause them to slowly lose their minds or life itself.

“He is watching you.”

Turning back my head towards the entrance I saw the middle one, the most gorgeous of them all, looking at me as if he was in some deep thoughts.

“I think he likes you,” Mandy whispered into my ear, making me blush deeply.

I noticed he smirked at me as like he could have heard what she just said to me, which made my blush go even deeper if that was even possible.

Trying to get a grip and stop blushing, I couldn’t help but now and then take a peek at him again.

They took their trays and walked to a table that was not too far from our table.

He took a fry and pop it in his mouth, chewing slowly, which was oddly erotic to watch as I couldn’t look away.

His muscles flexed, drawing my eyes to his arms as my breath got caught in my throat. Following the movement of his arm as he picked another fry and put it in his mouth, I saw he smirked, and I noticed I got caught by him as I was ogling at him. He winked at me as I blush again purposively making me turn back towards my table.

I couldn’t help but wish for the ground to open and swallow me as to how embarrassed I felt.

What is wrong with me...?

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